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  1. Ally McCoist has a topiary business.
  2. I assume it was that special handshake wi the trooser leg rolled up...
  3. Nathan Lowndes is a Polis in Perth. Kevin McGowan has his own tiling business.
  4. was he not the franchise owner?
  5. Jason Lee of Corby Hat doffed..
  6. Feck me the pitch at the PBS ... excellent condition for passing fitba..
  7. Whaurs Chick Young?
  8. So looks like Jabba Traynor dropped a chip and in his panic to get it sent a pre loaded tweet ...
  9. May have done in his last gig..
  10. Jordan Rhodes for the OWLS...
  11. . Will they be dancing on the streets of Raith?
  12. Just had a phone call from Sky. Had cancelled everything bar Broadband and phone.. Offered me £10 a month for what i was paying £45... Also have a contract with which gives me all the Sky movies n sport for $35 a year.