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  1. lets hope they pick them wisely .. Then again its BBC Question time
  2. And now for something completely different...
  3. Have you ever had the feeling that they are trying to throw this? All we need is them to say Bruce Grobbelaar has been draughted in as head of strategy..
  4. No orange juice for you..
  5. Didn't say it was this year,,,,
  6. Oh well another noisy Tory at the cappers..
  7. Looks like some people cannae recognise symbols.
  8. Is it not notes everywhere? as they have the "I promise to pay the bearer on demand" notification.
  9. Have they sent a feckin robot? Frankensteiess?
  10. Was just about to post similar. If they cannae fill a hall that holds 200 with Tories in Aberdeenshire then maybe we are in a better position than we think.