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  1. Have just cancelled two x twin rooms at Holiday Inn Trnava (Sun to Wed) so if anyone is looking to stay there but can't find rooms then may be able to nab these.
  2. I think they may well be. The flixbus.com service is pretty regular but after a long day travelling, I wasn't keen on the 90 minute wait for the next service after we land. May be other services but possibly the timetables haven't been posted yet. To be fair, I haven't spent long searching. Still, if there are 8 of us on the same flight then a taxi would make sense at 10 euro each.
  3. Two of us on the Gatwick to Vienna flight on the Sunday. Departing 15:40, arriving 18:50. Were planning on taking a bus to Bratislava but on flix.com just now and we'd have to wait until 20:45 for the next departure. SUre there are other options but if there is anyone on the same flight who'd be up for taking a taxi then PM me. Two more and a standard taxi would be 50 to 60 Euros or an 8 seater would be 79 Euros. Bigger options available with price on inquiry. Cheers Russell
  4. Cheers Scott. Plenty to choose from there but couldn't see any 10-11 or 11-12 years old sizes. Will have a proper look through later.
  5. Any tips on where to find decent Scotland tops/t-shirts for kids, other than the official stuff on JD? My 10 year-old daughter fancied the last away shirt but only stock left is going to be too big. Haven't been able to find any on ebay. She's not keen on the current tops or the training ones with Vauxhall on the front. Doesn't need to be official gear. Cheers
  6. Just sent you a PM
  7. Was chatting with someone tonight who was really upset about his passing. Turns out that when she was 14 she was diagnosed with the same rare kidney disease. She went through a tough time with initial treatment. Her dad met Lomu at a rugby dinner around that time. Couple of days later, she received a letter and a card from him, saying he knew what she was going thought and to stay strong. As many have said today, a genuinely good person and an inspiration to many. That 30 seconds of action against England alone must have inspired countless kids to take up the sport.
  8. If I'm in the wrong fair enough. I'm certainly not proud of how it all unfurled but I wouldn't have had an issue if someone else had been in my shoes and, obviously wrongly, assumed others would have seen it the same way. I definitely didn't expect the reaction of some and didn't take kindly to being shoved around and people screaming in my face over such a minor thing. Especially as It was all well meaning. Parklife, just so that you can sleep easily tonight, I'm not more or less of a fan than anyone else and I've never owned a Glengarry or a feather although I did borrow a Boa once for a fancy dress party. That really has nothing to do with this though. A bit like your comment.
  9. I said "reasonable" people. We traveled together and arrived at the station together. Common sense for me to join the queue and wait for them. I explained this to those next to me. Not, as you suggest, they happened to spot me and jump in. Can see why people reading this are having a laugh so not sure why I am even explaining this. Been a few years since I have taken your bait on here.
  10. Wrong situation I think. My mates were surprised to be given a hard time. One of them stayed quiet and of the other said anything like that then he was wrong I agree. However, what went from a bit of intended banter (albeit mis-guided on my part) turned into over the top jostling by a few guys who started shoving and screaming abuse in my face. Too close for comfort as far as I was concerned which led to me raising my hand to keep whoever it was back. Agreed, wrong thing to do on my part but I stand by the fact that I was provoked as was a totally needless response by a few people, especially when I let those around me know that I was in the queue while friends were in the toilet. I think most reasonable people wouldn't have an issue with that.
  11. Perhaps the mods can close to thread as is pretty pointless to be honest. Those that know me have kindly said their piece. Those that don't I suppose have every right to see it one way or another. Wish it hadn't happened and wish I hadn't bothered letting off steam on here although having ventured off to find a taxi I was still pretty pissed off at the thought of missing the start of he game due to some narrow minded arseholes. Rant(s) over,
  12. And if I had assaulted anyone then the police would have had something g to say about it. How many fellow fans gets hands on with people for no reason. As I said, I did what I did defending a friend when a couple of s set on me and them for no reason.
  13. Cheers Kumnio. I'm not a hard man and would never profess to be. To be fair, my op doesn't read too well. Was just so pissed off with what happened. Absolutely no need for some folk to react the way they did and, other than the match, put a real downer on what had been a great day catching up with friends.
  14. Ok then. Didn't occur to you I was letting off steam? And what the hell does "ya weapon" mean?
  15. If it was so boring then why fxcking bother replying? I posted because for the first time following I felt the need to resort to violence defending my friends. Not proud of it but even less proud that it was my fellow supporters that provoked me.