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  1. f it was the one by the bridge at Bewick, it was Tessa Hartmann and Pat Kane that were on. They did a live vote of the audience and Yes came out on top by a large margin.
  2. Yeah, that's the one. Was an outdoor broadcast (well in a marquee anyway) if I remember rightly. I'd put money on it being the same guy.
  3. I'm sure I've seen him before. Possibly QT or might have been Newsnight pre Indy Ref. Whatever it was, he was giving it the same big man, chest beating, no surrender routine.
  4. Can see where you are coming from but would advise against it. Kings Cross & st Pancras are major travel hubs and therefore security is always a big concern. Can't see the police being too keen with crowds of people drinking outside the station. Granary Square has lots of bars and restaurants but not pubs. Really nice places and some are among our best customers someouldnusually recommend them but doubt they will be keen on welcoming large groups of football fans.
  5. Porterhouse in Covent Garden was one we were talking about earlier as well. Good size and space to overflow outside if it is rammed. Sure they heat the outdoor area as well if I remember rightly. If busy I think would be good for atmosphere. So many good pubs around though but Covent Garden/Soho area seems like a good bet to easily find somewhere with a good atmosphere.
  6. Excellent. Cheers. Journeys weren't showing when I checked them out before.
  7. Quoted £80 for a 6 seater with private hire firm. Cheapest train route is £7.60 up to £23 if using gatwick express.
  8. I'll get a quote for a 6 or 7 seater. Can also look at uber when we land as that will be the cheapest by far. Failing that we can hop on the trains.
  9. Bump. If anyone is on this flight and if it is indeed a +90 minute wait for a bus to Bratislava then drop me a PM if you fancy sharing a cab. Also, we are on the 11:05 BA flight from Glasgow to London City. Just two of us so will probably just transfer to Gatwick on public transport (4 trains). Again, if others doing the same then may be worth sharing a taxi.
  10. Those that know me will confirm that I am never funny. I probably wouldn't wear heels though like Dave does. Accident waiting to happen on the cobbled streets of old town Bratislava. So, if the national dress is what you were talking about, what are you talking about now?
  11. What about tight denim hot pants like those worn by Dave in the Moneysupermarket ads? Would they constitute jeans or are the ok as there are bare legs on show? If not then I might just not bother making the trip. I want my point though. Shit, run the gauntlet of the fashion police or risk punishment for harvesting?
  12. Have just cancelled two x twin rooms at Holiday Inn Trnava (Sun to Wed) so if anyone is looking to stay there but can't find rooms then may be able to nab these.
  13. I think they may well be. The flixbus.com service is pretty regular but after a long day travelling, I wasn't keen on the 90 minute wait for the next service after we land. May be other services but possibly the timetables haven't been posted yet. To be fair, I haven't spent long searching. Still, if there are 8 of us on the same flight then a taxi would make sense at 10 euro each.
  14. Two of us on the Gatwick to Vienna flight on the Sunday. Departing 15:40, arriving 18:50. Were planning on taking a bus to Bratislava but on flix.com just now and we'd have to wait until 20:45 for the next departure. SUre there are other options but if there is anyone on the same flight who'd be up for taking a taxi then PM me. Two more and a standard taxi would be 50 to 60 Euros or an 8 seater would be 79 Euros. Bigger options available with price on inquiry. Cheers Russell
  15. Cheers Scott. Plenty to choose from there but couldn't see any 10-11 or 11-12 years old sizes. Will have a proper look through later.