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  1. #yewtree Aljay beat me to it
  2. Going to my first rugby international on June 10 in Singapore. 8pm kick off then the England game at midnight. Could be messy. Anyone else in the region going?
  3. Absolutely horrific. Targeting weans at a pop concert ffs.
  4. I put the best part of a Litre of The Botanist away last night. My stomach is making noises like an auld twin tub washing machine.
  5. Much of a crowd there?
  6. This post is proudly sponsored by The Village Tavern
  7. I think St. Roch's are 3 points behind the Jags with a game in hand (v Greenock).
  8. i think folk are using "Orange" as a convenient bogeyman word non-indy folk just switched from Labour to Tory ffs
  9. Not sure I'm a fan of all of these NOC councils. I don't think that's too healthy to be honest.
  10. The irony here is that he shares the same name as the company who made the Stuka Dive Bomber