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  1. 1. Your team ? Rangers 2. Rating for the season ? 7/10 3. High point(s) ? Securing the title, beating Celtic in SCSF 4. Low points(s) ? Last Saturday, The St Johnstone Game 5. Your manager.....Sir Alex or Jackie Mac ? 7.5/10. Refreshing change in style an substance. Needs a Plan B and needs to get a new Central Defence. 6. Top man....sell the family silver to keep him ? Lee Wallace - solid all year. Kenny Miller - wish he was 10 years younger. Barrie McKay progressing well. 7. Useless haddie....where's the list of taxi companies ? Nicky Clark - it's like watching a baby foal with mouldies on in a frozen pitch 8. What/who do we need ? - A new Centre Half pairing. Less reliance on loanees. 9. Hopes for next season ? - European Qualification via the league. A cup.
  2. Considering the Rangers end is 80% empty you are incorrect
  3. To be fair the location is wrong for Hibs fans against today's opposition. Every chance there would have been bother and I reckon the Police will have had something to do with the decision.
  4. Were Slasher's kids ok in this horror movie?
  6. Not very good sadly
  7. Great video
  8. The Gary Locke rant is quality
  9. Kilmarnock v Falkirk will be a decent game
  10. Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink fits the bill
  11. David Moyes was a Rangers fan growing up