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  1. Actually was very good and a real decent watch. Was expecting Rangers to get an utter hammering but it was actually very balanced considering the majority of the pundits in it. Looking forward to the next episode. I take it the national team part will be for about 15 minutes at the end of the last episode...
  2. The original Only A Game was a masterpiece. A celebration of the game up to 1985 where we could generally hold our head up regarding our achievements in the game. Nothing much to crow about since then to be fair. It will be full of nostalgic "we wuz robbed" rot with rockets like Cosgrove talking pish.
  3. i thought yer man mcmanus was excellent today. my man of the match. we probably just shaded it. there is a worrying lack of incision despite a shitload of possession.
  4. Looking forward to the Kurdistan, West Papua & East Turkistan flag demonstrations in the next 3 CL games
  5. Not been at the races for a few years now with the national team. The worry is who can step up and fill the role.
  6. Will shed no tears at this news. He set the precedent for the sleaze that followed in World Football's governing bodies,
  7. Interesting thread to bring him up
  8. http://m.fanchants.com/media/chants/full/download/niall-quinns-disco-pants-fanchants-free.mp3
  9. People like Willie McStay, Jimmy Quinn, Jimmy McMenemy etc all got double figure caps in the early days coming from Celtic / a likely Irish background. I wonder why they managed to get multiple caps and folk like McGrory / Gallacher etc struggled. Scotland had a glut of strikers and McGrory was up against McPhail domestically (who was Rangers record scorer up to Ally McCoist), Hughie Gallacher, Alex Jackson and all the expatriate Scots in top level English football at the time. Not denying there would have been some committee members with an agenda and wouldn't have wanted McGrory in for purely sectarian and nationalist reasons.
  10. My apologies, I misinterpreted your " His goalscoring record was phenomenal and as demonstrated was better than all mentioned. " as meaning he was better than all of the players that Silverbear mentioned.
  11. So you think this guy was better than Gallacher, Morton, Jackson etc? I doubt that very much. There were a lot of players who scored for fun domestically that had not many caps. Bob McPhail scored over 300 goals for Airdrie and Rangers yet only got 17 caps. There were just not that many internationals in those days. Your point on McGrory though regarding sectarianism is probably partly true though.