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  1. I see the reputation of Bristol as a big weed town still goes on
  2. i see this thread has taken a predictable route
  3. Salt & Vinegar crisps with a few slices of a decent cheddar on the piece (heavily buttered)
  4. Cruises

    A cruise is my idea of Holiday Hell That or any all inclusive pish
  5. Budapest

    Excellent post which deserves a sticky Like Toepoke I used to work there and his post is spot on
  6. it's like history repeating itself
  7. Gers were honking. Barely deserved the 3 points. Still a good win against a stubborn side.
  8. Mostly Rangers then Motherwell then Celtic
  9. Delighted Haggerty has been punted
  10. Played there a few times in my youth. It is a big natural amphitheater so you could imagine a good few thousand there no problem. Also played against McDonald a good few times as we are the same age. Good to see that he carried on his "greeting wee fud" persona right through his career.
  11. Parkhead with 15000 in the 2 away pens was always good H & J under the roof for a big game was always bouncing at Hampden Liked the terracing at Tynecastle as well. Hated Tannadice