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  1. Griffiths and Forrest for Celtic
  2. Marshall Paterson...Martin...Hanley...Tierney Fletcher...McArthur...Bannan Forrest...Griffiths...Snodgrass
  3. Just got back after a fantastic few days. We got a good deal which meant all the food we ate was free. The kids had a wonderful time, the weather was stunning and id certainly recommend it as a family holiday.
  4. Does that 18 include and Champions League group stage matches?
  5. Worst group we could have got. So close to group B which was about as good as we could have hoped for.
  6. He will score goals but not enough to get you near a title challenge. Fans will like him.
  7. He was a fans favourite at Preston. He is a Preston fan, worked hard, scored some cracking goals and helped them get promoted to the Championship. He's not good enough for the Championship but fans like him for other reasons. As a part-time PNE fan, I'm glad he is away because he can't cut it at this level but there is pressure from fans to include him.
  8. I think it's worth mentioning that Celtic often drop points before and after Champions League matches. This gives teams a chance to get ahead / keep up with Celtic. The longer we are in Europe, the more competitive the league will be. It will be good to see how Tierney and Griffiths get on at this level.
  9. Greer and Martin are the only 2 players that I really can't understand the inclusion of. I'd rather bring a young centre-back in with no long term future (Findlay maybe?) with the hope they gain something from it. I don't really rate McCormack but I'd have him ahead of Martin. Again, I'd be tempted to try a younger player like McBurnie.
  10. McBurnie is the player to watch in that squad in my opinion.
  11. He's a quality player.
  12. Gordon, Tierney, McGregor, Brown, Forrest and Griffiths all starting for Celtic. Christie and Henderson on the bench.
  13. Please do tell me the whole list.
  14. What you dragging this up for? FFS!