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  1. Scotland Players In Action

    Gets an assist to put them 1-0 up. 
  2. Scotland Players In Action

    Great goal by Fletcher!
  3. The Decline Of Scots In The English Top Flight

    Dailly (West Ham), Weir, Naysmith (Everton), Cameron, Miller (Wolves), McCann (Southampton), Dickov (Blackburn?) We did have a few more than just Faddy and Fletch.
  4. Scottland Player Transfer Gossip

    He needs to be playing competitive football.
  5. Scottland Player Transfer Gossip

    Ryan Gauld to Huddersfield. Depressing.
  6. Friendlies - Long Term Or Short Term

    It's all about the money. I'm happy to play the better sides and see how we get on. We need to learn a way to get results against teams that are better than us.
  7. Scotland Players In Action

    There might not be much difference between the bottom of the EPL and the top of the Championship but there is a massive difference between the top of the EPL and the bottom of the Championship. By your logic, we'd be better filling the team full of Celtic, Aberdeen, Rangers and Hibs players than picking players from West Brom and Norwich. I just don't think it is that simple.
  8. Ssc Renewal Information

    A combination of the new crap fixtures dates, our continued underachiving and price increase was always going to turn fans away. The SFA got away with it last time because it was an exciting group with a realistic chance of qualifying. The finals being in France meant plenty would make it had we qualified. The England game is the only home game which will be a struggle to get tickets for in the next campaign, so no point joining if you don't go away. Finals in Russia, Qatar and all of Europe coming up mean fans won't be going in big numbers even if we do somehow make it. A tough draw with little glamour in the next campaign could see numbers plummet even more.
  9. Ssc Renewal Information

    Sad to see so many quitting. I think this will be my last campaign unless something dramatically improves.
  10. Scotland Players In Action

    Maybe not, but do you think the Championship does? Preston are a pretty average Championship side and their best player is a Scottish player with 1 cap. There some some poor sides in that division, particularly, when you compare it to international football. Playing against the likes of Chelsea, Man City and Arsenal will prepare you much better for international football than any game in the Championship. Anyone that can't see that is kidding themselves on.
  11. Scotland Players In Action

    Spot on.It's good to see Bannan, Bridcutt and others having good seasons in the Championship but I won't be gettiing too excited until they step back up a division and continue to impress.
  12. Scotland Players In Action

    Are they not the same players? Last year Anya was a top Championship player, this year he is a struggling EPL player. Bridcutt and Bannan have gone from struggling EPL players to good championship players. What you are saying sounds like you'd drop them after they take a step up. That is madness and encourages players to sit in their comfort zones.
  13. Scotland Players In Action

    It's not that simple.
  14. Leicester aren't a newly promoted team. It's a great story. I hope they win it.