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  1. "Rangers are above Celtic and Aberdeen if you look at the table this way".
  2. I've not seen a sub have that big an impact on a match for a long time. Addison was woeful.
  3. The manager does and that's good enough for me
  4. There is no doubt that these supplements will be helping. Most people would benefit from taking a good multi-vitamin ever day. Lots of people do benefit from taking different supplements to help different needs that they have. One bit of advice, Krill Oil might be a better option that CLO. Much less after-taste and more effective too.
  5. Does someone else want to talk about how good James Forrest was yesterday? Give me a week off like?
  6. They didn't. 6 changes from last week.
  7. Killie have won the lotto getting rid of him and getting some money at the same time.
  8. Forrest is on fire 🔥
  9. Has he walked away or not?!
  10. We were lucky. Neither was the one St J called for a minute earlier. The difference when Dembele came on was great. It helped that Sinclair moved to his best position and GMS to his too. Swanson was good in the first half.
  11. Shall we not wait to see how he does in the Championship first?
  12. Goal for Ross Wallace. He really should have won more caps than he did.
  13. I know but you were actually closer to being right than you'd have known.
  14. Maybe more. Have you seen unbreakable?
  15. I watched Split yesterday and really enjoyed it.