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  1. Probably more to do with all the better options we have playing in England but don't let that stop you.
  2. Scotland Players In Action

    Have you seen Chris Martin lately?
  3. Snodgrass

    There is no doubt it. The Championship is a very good league and the standard is higher that the Scottish Premier League in pretty much every measure.
  4. Football Aid 2016 - Play for Scotland vs England!

    What year was that?
  5. Agree. Mike is one of my favourite TV characters from any programme I've watched. I'm really enjoying BCS now. It took a while. I enjoyed BB but feel it was a bit overrated.
  6. Two assists not good enough? Today was the first big mistake I can remember him making. He's probably been our 2nd best player since he came into the side.
  7. grand national

    Me too. So the deal is pretty much double the odds.
  8. Whenever the league starts tolooks interesting, Aberdeen play.
  9. Just back from a match at Fleetwood. Its a really small set-up in a small town full of numpties. It is utterly depressing if players are picking to play there instead of thelikes of Hibs, Aberdeen and Motherwell.
  10. Team against Malta

    McGregor or Gordon Hutton...Martin...Hanley...Tierney Snodgrass...Fletcher...Brown...Anya Fletcher...Griffiths
  11. Strachan spot on with his 2 squads ?

    It worked well. It gave more players a chance of a game and the opportunity to try different tactics. We were able to give a number of debuts without making the team look like a 'B' team. The big disappointmentfor me was Mulgrew playing left-back in both matches when we have so many other better options that are actually left-backs. Chris Martin is never going to be good enough and should probably be binned now.
  12. Under 21s & Under 19 Squads

    2-0 down
  13. Under 21s & Under 19 Squads

    I'm not sure that is quite right. England want him. He's playing for us.
  14. Czech Republic Vs Scotland On TV

    McGregor was outstanding and the main reason we win the match. Our defence is still our big weakness. We have lots of decent midfielders and it was good to see Snodgrass back. I thought Phillips looked good when he came on. McCormack did well for the goal but he's not really a lone forward. Good to see folk starting to see how good Watt could be for us.
  15. I saw Neil Ruddock and his classy wife on Can't Pay We'll Take It Away.