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  1. I'm normally against this at football but this event is desperately sad and we do have an ex-Man City player and another on loan.
  2. Could Berra be the first of many Scottish players coming back to Scotland? In the last week alone I've read rumours of McGregor, Gauld, Maloney, Naismith, Whittaker, Broadfoot, Arfield (I know), and a couple from Sheff Utd all moving back. Good for the league if true?
  3. No idea where he will go from here. 3 bad jobs in a row since leaving Everton.
  4. Snodgrass is massively over-rated and shouldn't be near the starting XI.
  5. It was better before the edit. I think Shinnie does deserve a call-up but not more than the likes of Tierney, Brown and Armstrong.
  6. Should be a cracking game. Aberdeen are in excellent form too.
  7. He's had a good season but talk of an international re-call is crazy.
  8. 2 goals for Christie. Aberdeen fans, is he worth a call up for England?
  9. Inverness relegated. Hamilton v Dundee Utd in the play-off. I'd like United to win. It will be a better league next season for having Hibs and Dundee Utd back.
  10. I want to win and we've a much better chance with Griffiths.
  11. Tips for tonight? 3 home wins?
  12. Michael Johnston might have been worth a call up. Recently made his Celtic debut and signed a 3-year contract.
  13. Wolves will annouce their 4th manager in 10 months. Basketcase club that could struggle again next season. The problem Lambert has is that he keeps going to these kind of clubs. Villa and Blackburn (both done worse since Lambert left) and now Wolves are all clubs to avoid as a manager and Lambert has jumped in. He'll be a Blackpool next!