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  1. Goals for Griffiths and Forrest.
  2. Everything Sutton said about Celtic (and Rangers) has been spot on this season. Has any Scottish player had a better season than Forrest so far?!
  3. Sutton is the best pundit involved with Scottish football at the moment.
  4. Aitchison does look good. Middleton is the stand-out player in this squad. Watt is at Wolves, not PNE.
  5. Great goal by Forrest
  6. Ryan Fraser played right-back last night v PNE before going off injured. 🙈
  7. He's English.
  8. Whilst the idea me might be good, a smaller squad at Celtic wouldn't have meant Mark Burchill would have become Thierry Henry.
  9. Looks more like a 'look, it's Rossy' thread. Embarrassing.
  10. It's only going to get worse. The rise of the super teams means that the best teams have all the best players. Celtic will never have another player like Larsson again. The best we can hope for is getting a top player at the start of their career for a year or two but even that is very difficult as the teams Hoover up all the best talent. I'd let the top 16 teams break away and tell them where to go once they are sick of the sight of each other.
  11. Important programme for me work wise. Moving to C4 will help with product placement. BBC currently tapes over our logo whenever our products are used. I actually quite like the programme although I've only recently started watching it. For work purposes only.
  12. I would agree. However the gap between the team's in the 9-0 game was smaller than the gap between the 2 teams tonight.
  13. Top of the league without dropping a point and in the group stages of the Champions League. Exactly what we hoped for
  14. It wasn't playing against some of the greatest footballers of all time either. Stokes, McGinn, McCourt, Rogne...