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  1. 4034 tickets

    I'd guess these will be sold out before those on 2 points are finished with them.
  2. Roberts is a terrific player. Easily our most exciting player and he could be a top player.
  3. Oliver Burke

    Ritchie doesn't keep possession well. In fact, I'd say he gives it away more than any Scotland regular that I can remember. I'd still have him in and around the team because he has other strengths but keeping the ball isn't one of them.
  4. St Juliens To Stadium Return

    Hi, I've sent money over for 2 seats. Thanks for all your efforts
  5. Manchester flights

    Who with?
  6. Strachan..out...poll

    Ireland, Germany and Poland all through to the last 16. Any of the other groups done so well? Also, Wales, Belgium and Croatia (WC14 group) have reached the last 16 too. There is an argument that we've had a couple of tough draws recently. Of course England and Slovakia (WC18 group) have made the last 16 too. There are teams in that last 16 that we are a similar level to. I don't think we are too far away but lack the bottle that other teams seen to have. We'd have drawn with Italy tonight.
  7. Transfer gossip

    Hendrie has joined Blackburn on a season long loan from West Ham.
  8. The SFA

    The fans falling over themselves to buy the overpriced season ticket for the last campaign showed that the SFA don't even need to worry about customer satisfaction. We are part of the problem.
  9. Slovakia

    I'm more positive about our chances after watching that game.
  10. Wanyama is a good player too. He'll get plenty of games.
  11. Hopefully a bit of money coming to Celtic for that deal.
  12. Average weekly shop

    Do you want me to fish it out for you?
  13. Average weekly shop

    Jesus wept. Some of the numbers on here are mental!! Blended family of 8 and we spend approx. £4-500 a month. A decent freezer shop at the start (£200) and an Aldi shop (£50-75) every week. And we still throw too much away. There is a pineapple in the bin today. Who buys a pineapple?!
  14. I like the format. Some new teams, most teams have something to play for in every match and whilst the quality has been slightly diluted there are still some good teams that haven't made it - Netherlands being the obvious example.