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  1. Agree 100% Especially pointless if you're already living together, and have all the shite already. For my (waste of time) wedding, we spent about £1500 in all, and had 80 folks to the reception – a BBQ.
  2. Dead right there. Its not funny now for a lot of folk. The worst are the English Labour folk who campaigned for "Please don't go" types who are really finding a consience issue.
  3. Problem hes the MD, he's the top man that complaints escalate to.
  4. I'm more a lurker in here these days, but still feel that the TAMB is the best banter of all the forums i contribute to and folk speak from the heart. No more so than on political matters. Folk call it like it is so I thought i'd post this and share it with you. Went into work yesterday morning, nothing soecial, just a regular Friday, alas having just heard David Cameron's resignation speech on the radio on the way into work. Not many of my workmates really discuss politics, even less so with me as I'm pretty on the ball, but folk do ask my opinion genuinely on issues now and again, I'm known for my views on IndyRef and it pops up in lighthearted banter occasionally still. Was walking through office reception where we have the radio on, Radio 4 had a piece on the possibility of IndyRef2 and the consequences of Brexit. Senior manager chucked some banter about "you guys will be out then" to which I replied "Definatly looking that way". The company MD launched into a epic rant merely yards away. "We're supposed to be a United Kingdom", "You've been here (England) all your life and call yourself Scottish, and you've barely ever lived there, if you don't like it down here then why don't you just go home" could hear a pin drop. Everyone in the room scuttled off. Now...I'm pretty thick skinned. But this really shook me all day. It wasnt banter. It was properly abusive in tone and in delivery and I'm not happy about it. Not happy one bit. This is the company MD, my employer. So guessing theres a choice. Remain or Leave. Am I missing soemthing.
  5. Can't believe you havnae seen them. Every other bugger appeared to!
  6. You hit the nail bang on the head. If you don't laugh about it.... there no hope really. Laugh at the irony, despair at the situation. Kids first always.
  7. Yep...the plot involved one of my neighbours, my mechanic and a work colleague. God knows how she found the spare time to '4-time me' LOL I oughta serialise it for the TAMB, its a much better script than any crap from Corrie or Emmerdale!
  8. I got told by one of the other recipients of some 'inappropriate' photos he was sent...(more my friend than hers so he felt duty bound to tell me) The same pics went a few different places too, she confessed when she was confronted with the evidence.
  9. Udi

    UDI would totally create a scorched earth reaction from the rUK. Not that a indy vote going yes would be much better, but rUK relations would be full on hell with UDI. Its not worth the bother unless things got so bad and there was no other option
  10. Nah...thats already happened, they're on his phone,i i've seen them already. 'tis old news that! hahahaha!
  11. Actually he's right I'm afraid...she is / was LOLOLOL
  12. I had a great laugh checking out the miserable state my exwife's new beau lives in as his house is up for sale on Rightmove across the street from me, and I couldn't stop myself having a you do. What i found particularly creepy was some ­frame­d prints of my daughter who is about 1 or 2 years old in the prints (she's 5 now), that I guess he'd took on days out, etc, which would have been taken before our separation/divorce. Does anyone else find that rather odd, having photos up in your house of another mans child? No pics of the ex-wife or anyone else of family or friends of any significance, just my wee one. Whaddya think?
  13. Ahh, there is a small, bucket-sized tank further up the wall which is in there too, Its all a bit new fangled shizzle this. Heating wise, ive got 'on demand' heaters rather than storage heaters, which i'm not sure are that good an idea.
  14. Thought this might be the worlds best forum for asking random stuff – the quality of replies on here is un-rivalled so heres one. I've moved into a flat which is all electric, which is new to me and i've got an huge electirc boiler with an economy 7 programming box thingymajig. Now, I get the idea that between 0000 and 0700, its cheaper rate electricty, and it can be programmed to heat up in the wee hours, that bit I'm ok with, but as I'm a single bloke, and I only have showers, not baths, the huge 210 litre tank would take days to get through so here's my thinking. Hope any of you folks who own one and know the strategy to keep costs down can follow this.... • Theres this 'boost' button, which gives a one hour blast. Is this length of time enough to heat a full tank? • If I'm using say 50 litres a day in the shower, dishwashing, etc, this oughta last 4 days or so technically, but cold water being added to the tank at one end to top it up whilst the hot stuff is coming out the other (so im cooling a smaller amount of hot water) .....what determines this? Is there some sensors which stop the tank running dry and feed from the cold (like a kettle) • Does it really need all seven hours of running through the night to heat a full tank? Can I save a few £££'s by programming a 5, 4, or 3 hours of running? Any other ideas welcomed...the more I think about it, the more confused my two brain cells get.
  15. Hope someone here knows something about Glasgow buses... I'm coming up for the GE2015 in a few weeks and arriving by plane ( you do) and I've got to end up in Clydebank with a friend. I see the 500 bus heads into town and the 2 heads out where I want to be according to the bus website, but can I use an all day ticket or some saver ticket for that journey? I know a lot of the airport buses its a seperate service, so any advice welcomed for those in the know... Edit....Is the 747 a regular bus?