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  1. In the latest wordl rankings, Knox (18th) is the sixth highest European so you've got to hope that's in his favour as well. I agree that Westwood and Kaymer will be guaranteed and I think the last pick will come down to Knox or Graeme McDowell. Out of those two you've got to say that Knox is in better form, however if he gets the pick it'll mean six rookies in the team which could swing things in favour of G Mac.
  2. Ryan Giggs was pretty dreich during the Euros as well.
  3. Lewis in as no1 with Alexander back up and Rogers out on loan again would be understandable.
  4. Machrihanish. Get a cottage at www.machrihanishdunes.com and play both the original Machrihanish and the new Mach Dunes course.
  5. Crazy talk. McLean's a great player who will only get better. Not so fussed about Reynolds mind you.
  6. All drams are free once you're in as they wont be full measures, just tasting samples. if you're interested in whisky id recommend it as there aren't many better opportunities to try so many different things in one afternoon. tickets sell ridiculously quickly once they go on sale so you'll need to be quick.
  7. Same old story, doesn't seem to matter who the manager is. Guy playing consistently well over 2-3 seasons, even captaining his team to a trophy, gets left out for the latest Celtic five minute wonder.
  8. Took me two hours but got in eventually. Very poor from the web hosts.
  9. Entries for the Mull of Kintyre half and 10k open tmrw. Regularly lauded as one of the most picturesque half marathons in the uk 👍🏻
  10. Udi

    Probably because the approximate (at this stage only based on polls) 50% of the population who still aren't convinved to vote Yes in a referendum wouldn't be too keen on having it unilaterally forced upon them. As others have said, the 2014 referendum set the precedent and that's how we'll eventually get independence.
  11. Udi

    Pro-independence parties may be polling at 60% but support for independence itself is only just pushing 50%.
  12. Reminds me of a boy I used to play football with, who came out with the classic: "See you ya prik, you're a fanny".
  13. Teams have sussed out that the way to beat the Dons is to sit in and invite them on, be strong and phyiscal and eventually Aberdeen resort to trying to hump the ball into the box but don't have the forwards to play like that. County got it spot on tonight, whereas teams earlier in the season weren't quite so well organised and compact. Aberdeen really rely on Jonny Hayes to be creative and when it doesn't come off for him the whole team struggles.
  14. In terms of Strachan, I just wish he'd be a wee bit more positive. Maybe it's just his personality but he never seems all that enthusiastic in interviews, whether talking about his own future or anything to do with the players. Surely the constant downplaying of ability that we get from in interviews has an effect on players? I'd rather read my manager telling the press and public that I was a great player - even if the message in private is different - than to hear him tell the world that me and my team mates aren't good enough.