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  1. But the point is there could have been more but you and Stewarty would rather have Celtic fans in there than fellow Dons. I'm cool with that but do find it amusing, regardless of whether or not they're "deserving" Celtic fans or "undeserving" dons like me. im not after an argument btw, I just think that attitude is mental.
  2. Just to be clear, I knew exactly what I could've done to secure a ticket. However, im amused that you'd rather a Celtic fan was there instead of us taking up the extra tickets available to us. That's mental 😂
  3. So yes, you'd rather a Celtic fan got a ticket than an Aberdeen fan. You're either on the wind up or doing a good job of proving why us Aberdeen fans are the weirdest out there 😂
  4. "You have to earn the right to be there" you said. The only measurable criteria for "earning the right" was that laid down by AFC, including their decision not to take up the extra tickets available, which you said you agree with. Therefore I couldn't get a ticket, you support the reason why I couldn't, and therefore a Celtic fan gets it instead. To repeat my question; given that I couldn't meet the criteria set by AFC, are you happy that a Celtic fan will have that seat instead?
  5. No idea why it's making me quote this post but anyway, it's a very weird attitude from a fan to prefer the opposition to have more supporters there than their own team. Just so it's clear, are you really saying that because, for a variety of reasons, I haven't been to enough games in the past two years to have been able to get a ticket for myself through fair means or foul, you'd rather have a Celtic fan in the seat I would've gladly occupied?
  6. How do you know I've got anti rangers blinkers btw? Because I say they're wrong here? If McLaughlin isn't being treated the same as any other journo then you can call it a ban, revoking of pass or whatever, it all amounts to the same thing. Rangers won't allow him in to do his job on the same terms they allow all other media reps in and on that basis the BBC have got to back their man, otherwise it's open season on anyone who fails to toe the party line. If you can't see that or refuse to admit that's the case then that's your prerogative, but take football out of it and imagine a politician or government acting the same way. Would you think the media group should just bend over and do as its told as well?
  7. Nobody except you is twisting anything, or you're at least playing at semantics to try and avoid the point. Rangers have said McLaughlin isn't getting a press pass which is pretty much a ban if not in name. Journos don't just get a seat you know, they get internet access etc as well so it's not like he could do the same job sitting in amongst the rest of the fans. But I'm sure you knew that. As someone else (SBMFC?) said, and which was my point all along, removing a journo's privileges for publishing something you don't like sets a dangerous precedent. Remember, what he published wasn't lies or defamatory, Rangers just didn't like it. Defend that as much as you want but it really isn't the BBC who are at fault here.
  8. That's a pile of nonsense. Rangers and every other club benefit from the publicity they get from all media outlets - that's why sponsors pay money to have their name and logos everywhere - so why should they demand any journo buys a ticket because they don't like what he publishes? The David Murray succulent lamb days are gone I'm afraid.
  9. It isn't as easy as that. Why should any media outlet allow a club or any other organisation to dictate which journalist covers their activities? Surely that's the start of a very slippery slope which can only end in clubs allowing pet reporters who only publish the party line? the BBC are quite right in the stance they've taken.
  10. That doesn't annoy me nearly as much as "annual leave". You're on holiday, not annual leave!!
  11. Hope no-one minds a request for a bit of advice? I'm after a new running watch but don't do enough to really justify one of the top of the range devices. Instead, I've been looking at the kind of hybrid watches in between the basic fitbit and the proper watch. Ideally I'd like something with GPS which provides decent enough stats without having to spend a fortune. I've been looking at the Garmin Vivosmart HR+ but before I take the plunge I was wondering if anyone on here has any useful advice? Cheers!
  12. No doubt that's cos you've watched the replay of Rooney's penalty and see where the well players were when he hit it 😜
  13. Great call! £10 on that so cheers!
  14. Dons twitter says Logan has a knock so maybe not too mental a change.
  15. I'm guessing Russell Martin would be the stand-in right back if needed.