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      ATAC produced a guide to Bratislava and Trnava prior to our recent visit. If you saw this, did you use it? Was it of any help?
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  1. If he hasn't played that much, and particularly not since his Hearts days, then I don't reckon he's much use there at international level and it's a pretty tenuous excuse for having him in the squad. I actually think he's a decent full back and if he hadn't dropped down the leagues he'd be Scotland's first choice left back by now with plenty caps but centre back cover? Nah.
  2. I must have missed Wallace playing centre back, although admittedly I didn't really follow his progress from div 3 up to the premier. Did he ever play centre back before dropping down the leagues?
  3. If the content of this is true, Saunders is a total w@nker: https://www.theguardian.com/football/2016/sep/07/brian-clough-dean-saunders-nottingham-forest
  4. Playing for a draw is one thing but it's the symbolism of putting out a team with no-one up front that people don't understand. That suggests you're not even going to attempt to win the game. Even the Faroes, San Marino etc play with at least one centre forward, regardless of who they play against. Starting a game with no-one up front, not even trying to score a goal (which is kinda the whole point of football), is the ultimate admission of thinking your team isn't good enough to compete properly. The embarrassment of having a manager who starts a game against the Czech Republic, who weren't exactly Brazil, with such a mindset is probably why people were/are so outraged.
  5. Did my first Parkrun the other week while visiting family down in Ipswich. Love the idea and it seemed very sociable with a kind of community feel to it. Roasting hot at about 19C at 9am so was delighted to get round in 23.54.
  6. In the latest wordl rankings, Knox (18th) is the sixth highest European so you've got to hope that's in his favour as well. I agree that Westwood and Kaymer will be guaranteed and I think the last pick will come down to Knox or Graeme McDowell. Out of those two you've got to say that Knox is in better form, however if he gets the pick it'll mean six rookies in the team which could swing things in favour of G Mac.
  7. Ryan Giggs was pretty dreich during the Euros as well.
  8. Lewis in as no1 with Alexander back up and Rogers out on loan again would be understandable.
  9. Machrihanish. Get a cottage at www.machrihanishdunes.com and play both the original Machrihanish and the new Mach Dunes course.
  10. Crazy talk. McLean's a great player who will only get better. Not so fussed about Reynolds mind you.
  11. All drams are free once you're in as they wont be full measures, just tasting samples. if you're interested in whisky id recommend it as there aren't many better opportunities to try so many different things in one afternoon. tickets sell ridiculously quickly once they go on sale so you'll need to be quick.
  12. Same old story, doesn't seem to matter who the manager is. Guy playing consistently well over 2-3 seasons, even captaining his team to a trophy, gets left out for the latest Celtic five minute wonder.
  13. Took me two hours but got in eventually. Very poor from the web hosts.
  14. Entries for the Mull of Kintyre half and 10k open tmrw. Regularly lauded as one of the most picturesque half marathons in the uk 👍🏻