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  1. Tartan Army Boat (Vienna/Bratislava)

    cheers for that Slasher. Going to ring the Hungarian tourist board in London next week.
  2. Tartan Army Boat (Vienna/Bratislava)

    Slasher. Is this possible o do this from Budapest as well ? Have you got contact details as we are coming from there and I think there may be plenty others. I could look into it and do one from Budapest,
  3. Glasgow to Heathrow

    Flying on BA to Heathrow Thurs 10 Nov 8 20 pm. Anyone else on this flight?
  4. Glasgow to Stansted Thurs 10

    OOPS Just checked Its Heathrow !!!!
  5. Season tickets

    Poor Euros from England. May help our case for more tickets if interest is low. Depends on their new manager now I suppose.
  6. The pain goes on and on. Being Scottish just now is embarrasing .Thought voting no was an all time low but it gets worse !!! We ae a nation of losers full stop
  7. The SFA

    This euros are torture. I am at an all time low as a Scotland fan. Anyone else feel like this ? Something needs to be done and soon !!! Terrible state of affairs.
  8. Strachan..out...poll

    He must stay. We have no one else who would touch the job and are looking at levein types again.Not the manager ee have no quality players
  9. Where's everyone staying

    Hilton Kensington 3 nights Thursday to Sunday. £290 for the two of us.
  10. Evening flight 8 20 Glasgow to Stanstead just booked BA £89 Thurs 10th return back Sunday evening. Anyone else on this one ? Hotels not booked yet
  11. Did I hear a new song ?

    Did I hear a new song been sung last night by the TA ? Surely not !!!!!
  12. Looks like we have a genuine title race. Good to see.
  13. Difference between Hearts and Hibs. Hearts never bothered chasing cups last season and threw everything into promotion.

    Whats the capacity ? How many points we looking at ?
  15. PM'd you Zander. Can we have 4 seats please ?