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  1. Yes great idea. They are the reason for the dismal state of our game
  2. No botherat all. Croy and Turra TA in West Stand B5
  3. I don't get all this hype for 2nd place. Surely its not that big a deal as 2nd and 3rd get the same prize of Europe.Dons and Gers have virtually booked their European places.
  4. Main thing is for team getting match practice for the Slovenia game. Its not about what the TA want and the attendance is irrelevant. we need a friendly badly. Slovenia getting plenty friendlys I see. Great believer in Fail to prepare then Prepare to fail.
  5. Won't affect us. Need to be 148 teams before we have chance of qualifying.
  6. I can quite believe that LOL.
  7. Heard it all now. A nawbag calling SNP voters sheep !!!!!!! Aye the Britnat media is all true of course. Your lot sing about being a nation again but then again you vote against it.Best for you lot is down south to be with your rulers and amsters, Feckn weirdos.
  8. Any suggestions ? Plenty decent managers out there but a decent manager won't take it. I am not happy with the way things are at the moment however i do believe we can beat Slovenia. That may be all it takes to turn things round but I could well be wrong. I apologise for being optimistic. Real fans boycott of course when times are hard.
  9. Not been the same recently for me either. Think the constant defeats may be getting to me. Will keep going though. No more away days this campaign though unless a very unlikely play off comes along.
  10. Worrying thing is Will we ever again ?
  11. At least you aren't making a big statement by announcing your retirement as a topic like some folk as though they are a big player retiring from International football.
  12. Have we another future Fleck or Burchill here ?
  13. So you are not boycotting then Scott just chucked it completely.
  14. Could well be Jimmy. That is about the level we are looking at.
  15. Will the boycott brigade be back when we appoint the next manager ? Bearing in mind we will be scraping the barrell . No decent manager will touch it with a barge pole. A sure way of ruining your managerial career.