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  1. Yes of course. Managed to get 9 tickets. The boycotters have come to a good use. Cheers.
  2. Sorted. Full house
  3. OK I stand corrected but they asked for my SSC number. I take it they would have still sold me then if no SSC number.
  4. It never went to a public sale as such. Never went by the members. When I got my extra tickets they wanted membership number and on line was through members site so no public sale.
  5. Did anyone else use the 0845 number? It said 40 mins to wait online when i got through on the phone.
  6. Whats the boycott plan ? Oops full house i see.
  7. Got 4 extra through the phone. Took me to about 10 to 1. Just made it i think as only South upper left then.
  8. Online sale I take it ?
  9. We seem to have a bottomless pit of potential superstars that end up at teams like Dunfermline and Albion Rovers at their peak.
  10. I am looking for spares also. I will transfer money strait away .
  11. Thats where i wanted originally.
  12. Did you notice if South Stand upper selling yet ?
  13. Aye possibly LOL
  14. Yes got mine ok. Just doing a nosey to see how sales are going.
  15. Certain full house. So much for the mighty boycott !