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      ATAC produced a guide to Bratislava and Trnava prior to our recent visit. If you saw this, did you use it? Was it of any help?
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    Football = Supporting Scotland - Rangers, Neilston Juniors, Sittingbourne FC - Ryman League South. Scotland Rugby team & Glasgow Warriors. Rock music particularly 70's style - Deep Purple, Zeppelin, Status Quo, Jethro Tull but also Traditional music, Dougie McLean,Runrig & Coast.

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  1. Unless 'football politics' are sorted out between Kaunas FC and Lithuanian FA then it is odds on to be Vilnius and the most we will get is 700 tickets Considering they have been in dispute for over 2 years now it is highly unlikely they will resolve their problems
  2. Nope, 100% 1945 Kick off, confirmed on every site I have seen (including SKY). Return match in Slovenia is also on a Sunday and that is 1700 kick off
  3. Yes, sorry. Found it on a site headed FIFA -Wiki and wrongly assumed it was official - so possibly not as accurate as I thought but they do give venues for some games and not others so would not be surprised if it turns out to be correct. They do like playing games in Maribor
  4. Odds on it will be Vilnius which means at best we will get 700 tickets
  5. FIFA Site says game is being played in Maribor with an 1800 kick off. Capacity is 4,000 less than Ljubljana stadium at only 12,000
  6. Our next home game v Slovenia has a 1945 kick off on a Sunday! I know FIFA have set the kick off times but surely the home association should have an input as to this. Different countries have different football cultures and surely FIFA should take account of this. For some this is not unusual but Saturday and Sunday nights have never been kick off times in Scotland and I dread to think of the crowd for this one. It will be a hard game against a very good team but I think we will struggle to get more than 25,000 in for that particularly if we don't get a result against England. FIFA don't give a s**t about fans
  7. Buy it online paying the full price but ask for delivery to your local JD Sports shop and then collect from there. They can then see your membership card and will deduct the 15% discount which will then be refunded to your credit card (also saves you the cost of postage) I live in Kent and had to do that with my local JD store. You may find they will initially give you some blank looks but they will then phone head office who will confirm it is correct + just before Christmas an e-mail was sent to all stores in England confirming the discount deal so they may still remember anyway . . . 'simples' !
  8. Padre, if you are intent on going by bus. Megabus is showing as 4 euro return at the moment. Bus journey is over 4 hrs. 30 mins though and train only takes 95 minutes albeit a bit more expensive at around £45 - 60 depending on time of travel
  9. I was at that game as well and had similar feelings. Great to see my old mate Peter Weir again (haven't seen him in years), he was all over that game and caused Celtic problems all night. My brother was the person who told 'Fergie' about Peter when he was still playing at Neilston Juniors and then a combination of his dad, me and my brother convinced him to sign for Saints. The rest is history!
  10. Watershed, Sorry to be a nuisance but I booked two seats on your bus (which you somehow later multiplied to 4 for Bus 1 - we're big lads but that is just taking the p**s ) Can you please cancel my booking as we are now going to be leaving from elsewhere, I have no doubt you will fill my two seats easily enough but if not let me know. Sorry for any inconvenience John Lyons
  11. There is a 'bus stance' in Paceville with quite a few bus stop 'laybys' which I am sure could be utilised (Paceville is just an extension of St Julians on the Sliema side - up behind Intercontinental Hotel) Put me down for 2​ places please
  12. Unfortunately the SFA only recently signed a 2 year extension to the JD contract so we are stuck with the useless tossers
  13. Deerus, Once again you come to the rescue. Can I please have TWO seats please - seating for the entire Sittingbourne TA. Staying in St Julians but like your prices
  14. FFS !
  15. Started in 1974 World Cup in Germany (not counting several Wembley visits and a few to Wales) and never stopped since. SSC Member number is only three figures having joined almost at inception. Been to the 74, 90 and 98 World Cups and the 96 Euro Championship in England so I am not even going to try and count how much. I now live in the South of England so even 'home games' cost me a fair bit. Germany game costing me £70 flight, £35 parking, £15 petrol, £32 match ticket then local transport and obviously refreshments' So a simple home game is at least £200 I could probably have a large mansion and a Bentley with money I saved if I didn't follow Scotland but look at all the fun I would have missed out on and all the people I would never have met. Given the choice again, I would still do it all again France here we come (I can do the Euros in France cheaper than a home game )