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  1. I have looked and cannot find any reference to alcohol not being sold on 1st September - where did you get that 'little gem' from?
  2. Home team gets to keep their 1st choice kit but colour of kit is the least of out problems I think
  3. Booked Easyjet direct to Ljubljana from Gatwick and booked an apartment for three nights in city centre. Great place to visit and very friendly locals, 'dead rubber' or not - this is one away game not to miss
  4. More than a 75% chance game will be in Kaunas and despite thoughts on the standard of the stadium it is still far better than the one in Vilnius and will have a much larger capacity. As for Kaunas itself, yes it is not as nice a town as Vilnius but the 'old town' part of Kaunas has some fantastic bars and restaurants too. This will be my third trip there and I like the place, gambled for this occasion by flying in direct from Luton and have an apartment booked Thursday to Sunday in old town. Still time for a wee train journey on the Saturday to Vilnius and back that night so all good as far as I am concerned
  5. Me and son in law booked from Gatwick to Ljubljana Friday to Monday with Easyjet @ £143 each and a beautiful town centre apartment in Ljubljana for 3 nights @ £240, even got a King Size and Queen sized bed! (and naw, I'm not sharing with any of you . . . . unless there are any lingerie models out there needing somewhere )
  6. Booked flights into Kaunas with Wizz Air from Luton - Thursday to Sunday. Booked an apartment for 3 nights from the Thursday in Kaunas but also booked 2 nights in Vilnius for the Thursday and Friday to cover both potential venues and can cancel as appropriate.
  7. I started this topic because I was really annoyed at the kick off time for a Sunday as travelling up from Kent for games is always a 'pain' without added aggravation of a late Sunday night kick off. Following the last few games that problem has now gone as I will not now be making the journey due to a total lack of enthusiasm and have cancelled my time off from work for the Monday which would have been my travelling time home. Due to the combination of results / performances & Kick off time I can see this being the smallest Hampden crowd since the 70's. I will still be attending the England game in June but only because I am already going to be up in Scotland for a holiday but it is not a game I can look forward to at the moment although I am sure my enthusiasm will eventually return. I am still going to Lithuania and Slovenia but only because I have friends there and had already booked. I have not felt this despondent about a Scotland team since I first started going back in 1967 and can't see any real light at the end of the tunnel . . . especially as we don't seem to have any 'up and coming' central defenders anywhere in sight which is the heart of our problem
  8. Barbarians v South Africa at Wembley on Friday 5th November. I'm going so will give you all a first hand update afterwards
  9. Unless 'football politics' are sorted out between Kaunas FC and Lithuanian FA then it is odds on to be Vilnius and the most we will get is 700 tickets Considering they have been in dispute for over 2 years now it is highly unlikely they will resolve their problems
  10. Nope, 100% 1945 Kick off, confirmed on every site I have seen (including SKY). Return match in Slovenia is also on a Sunday and that is 1700 kick off
  11. Yes, sorry. Found it on a site headed FIFA -Wiki and wrongly assumed it was official - so possibly not as accurate as I thought but they do give venues for some games and not others so would not be surprised if it turns out to be correct. They do like playing games in Maribor
  12. Odds on it will be Vilnius which means at best we will get 700 tickets
  13. FIFA Site says game is being played in Maribor with an 1800 kick off. Capacity is 4,000 less than Ljubljana stadium at only 12,000
  14. Our next home game v Slovenia has a 1945 kick off on a Sunday! I know FIFA have set the kick off times but surely the home association should have an input as to this. Different countries have different football cultures and surely FIFA should take account of this. For some this is not unusual but Saturday and Sunday nights have never been kick off times in Scotland and I dread to think of the crowd for this one. It will be a hard game against a very good team but I think we will struggle to get more than 25,000 in for that particularly if we don't get a result against England. FIFA don't give a s**t about fans
  15. Buy it online paying the full price but ask for delivery to your local JD Sports shop and then collect from there. They can then see your membership card and will deduct the 15% discount which will then be refunded to your credit card (also saves you the cost of postage) I live in Kent and had to do that with my local JD store. You may find they will initially give you some blank looks but they will then phone head office who will confirm it is correct + just before Christmas an e-mail was sent to all stores in England confirming the discount deal so they may still remember anyway . . . 'simples' !