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  1. Its nothing new, is happened for decades - Denis Law, Jimmy Johnstone, Kenny Dalglish, Gary McAllister, Brian McClair and plenty others all been booed whilst playing for Scotland. And just look at the hatred on here towards certain current players
  2. And who is this man? If its Griffiths? - he couldn't score from six yards out with a free header (and with his eyes open)
  3. I assume you are right and it is the roll of honour the OP is referring to - and that is different from the hall of fame. If he looks at the actual hall of fame, he'd realise the number of great Scottish players who didn't manage 50 caps (or in some cases even 25) - McFadden can take his place alongside them as I'm sure he will be inducted into that within the next couple of years
  4. You don't need 50 caps to get into the SFA hall of fame. The hall of fame is full of players with less than 50 caps.
  5. i think that's a very fair assessment. Dont know the answer for the defence - Robertson and Paterson are better going forward than defensively - ok for tonight but you'd suspect the other sides will fancy their chances attacking down our flanks. The central defence is two players that are struggling to get into championship sides but who is better?
  6. I've no problem with that. They probably are the amongst the best we have at the 21 year old level. But i dont think we should get that excited about them, because if they were that special they'd be playing first team football at a decent level. And sadly they are not. And i would hope anyone that was at Pittodrie last season -as i depressingly was - for the under-21 international against France would agree with me. A Scotland under-21 side with so many great hopes of ours - Gauld, Christie, Paterson, McGInn, Kingsley, Nicholson, Cummings, Hamilton - were given the runaround. And before people say yes but it was France - it was a weakened France U-21 side as six of their players were selected for their full squad.
  7. You seriously getting excited about a 21 year-old that cant get a game for Celtic and another player who is 21 this year that is so far away from the Sporting Lisbon first team he has been loaned out for the season. They were both in the under-21 team last year that were out-played by France at Pittodrie - and looked seriously out of their depth. I was at that game, it was embarrassing - i would temper that excitement and enthusiasm, If i was you. Plus If they were as good as you think they are they'd surely be playing first team football at aa decent level at 21 years of age.
  8. I agree with you - however there is no reason why young Scots (as Kieran Freeman has shown in the past couple of days) cant move to academies in the rest of Britain - assuming they have some potential. Also - there are many posters on here argue that the best Scottish youngsters shouldn't leave Scotland at a young age for those considerably better academies outside of Scotland. Claiming they should learn their 'trade' and then move on in their 20s. Plus correct me if I'm wrong but isn't there at least five young Scots at Swansea? I was glad to see Kingsley get called up after a handful of premier league games for Swansea but plenty on here were not.
  9. not just Rossy - there are a number of posters on this board who have argued that the current Scotland team are better than Wales or 'Bales' as they have ridiculously preferred to call them. Hopefully they might finally accept that more than half of that Wales would walk into the current Scotland team and - dare i say - half of the Ireland team too
  10. Well played Wales. yes hopefully the buffoons on this board who called them Bales for the past couple of years will now accept they are more than a one-man team. Ramsey, Allen, Williams and his fellow premier league defenders would walk into our side. Well played Wales and shows how far behind, Scotland is, of that tiny country (with football as their second sport)
  11. Agree with you 100% We need our young players to leave Scotland and the poor facilities, poor diet, their mates and the drink culture behind. And test themselves against the best youngsters from elsewhere and become professional footballers. And realise what it takes to become really top players
  12. Very true, we will always have the Kirin Cup to cherish. My point as I'm sure you are aware was more regarding Mox's quote about Ferguson You could easily (Kirin Cup win allowing!?!?!) replace Ferguson with McFadden and Rangers, Blackburn.. then Rangers again with Motherwell, Everton, Birmingham then Motherwell again and make sarcastic comments about cherishing memories of McFadden shining a light on the world stage. Whats the difference - McFadden worshipped and Ferguson ridiculed?
  13. I think Ferguson played in the same number of tournaments as McFadden
  14. And conveniently forgotten European Cup winner Paul Lambert?
  15. But you wouldn't be dreading the campaign if we were playing a Celtic reserve and a Sporting Lisbon B team player in the team? Or selecting someone playing in the Scottish championship where some of the opposition is part-time? I'm all for bringing in young players if they are proving their worth - reserve football and scottish championship level of play is not proving their worth. These young players have to prove themselves at a decent level.