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  1. "The top price tickets apply to the best seats in the stadium, with prices for members in the North and South stands priced at £27 for Malta, £37 for Lithuania, Slovenia and Slovakia and £57 for England. If you are not a member, adult tickets will cost £3 more per ticket. If you are a season ticket holder the average ticket price is £25 per match in the East and West stands and £36 in the North and South stands." Malta- £27. Hmm.
  2. £180 on 11th July.
  3. Cornwall can be very wet. One year it seemed to rain non-stop for two years! What's been said above- all true- depends where you are based. Don' t rule out Kingsand/Cawsand, and Fowey is lovely too. St Mawes/St Just-in -Roseland- these are all on the quieter, greener south coast and well worth a visit. Plenty of places to eat, depends what you want to pay, how far you want to drive. If you're interested in plants the Eden is a given, but you might find the Lost Gardens of Heligan a much better, less-touristy experience. Get down a tin mine at Geevor, fascinating tours conducted by former miners. Walking boots on and walk from Sennen Cove- round Lands End (avoiding the cack) and up to Porthcurno- magic. Coffee in the MInack Theatre cafe/museum then catch the open-topped double decker bus back to Sennen Cove.
  4. I'm done. Out of here, don't like the 'feel' of the boards, can't be arsed. 'Flounces'.
  5. So I can't answer 'he was telling the truth'? Nor can I answer 'he was lying?'. Ah well, I'm out.
  6. He's made a great start to his Argyle career- already some have him down as a Luggy-esque legend. 3rd at Christmas would be great after the last few years battling demotion.
  7. He wrote the best review I've ever read of a Dylan gig- at the SECC. Despite the venue's horrid acoustics, and Bob's, ahem, idiosyncrasies, it was magical, and Ian's review nailed it. He was never less than interesting, and mostly rivetting, thoughtful and insightful. A good man gone.
  8. Pancho's villa. Bell St.
  9. I loved the area round the Arsenale (steady there), and Cannaregio. We were up at 6 in the morning to see things before the hordes, such a treat, then back for breakfast. The secret tour of the Palazzo Ducale is worth the extra dosh.
  10. Does nobody proof read their guff? 'Singing your heart out in the pouring rain and showing the players on that pitch that it means as much to us and it does to them'
  11. Flicking the finger at the fans, hardly a surprise.
  12. I guess you weren't wearing a suicide belt
  13. and the non-black players? The non-black manager?
  14. I heard a game from Easter Road on the radio, AEK Athens I think, and at half time the crowd singing this was magnificent, unsurpassed.