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  1. Better bin your calendar then. Today's the 29th September.
  2. Great game to watch. Both sides having a real go to win it. And praise to the ref too for handling it brilliantly and keeping his cards in his pocket all night.
  3. I thought you did beat Motherwell??
  4. That was a great scrap. Well done to both teams for putting on a spectacle.
  5. It's nothing other than common sense to move this dog of a fixture from the 31st December. Sky don't realise that 99.9% of the Scottish public have more interest in having a decent Hogmanay than being subjected to the ugly sisters and their turgid aftermath. This is one case when we would all be quite happy if they took the game to Dubai, Beijing, Outer Mongolia or Belfast to have their bigotfest. So why hasn't it happened?? Oh no, they would rather have Dundee v Celtic in Detroit or somewhere instead, yeah I forgot. What the f*** are 'Police Scotland' playing at here in signing up to this?? Are Sky contributing to the shortfall in the pension fund or something? This has got bad juju written all over it.
  6. Depends what you mean by 'craft' beer. Tennents in Byres Road is the business. If you want to try beer that you have never heard of and still see the sport, then Munro on Great Western Road which is 50m fron St George's Cross Underground is your shout. Just my opinion.
  7. Ah FFS not again. One in four years followed by 4 in 8 months...............
  8. Not quite. Hibs were playing Ayr in the Scottish Cup on the Sunday (17th February). Best was billeted in the Caledonian Hotel, same as the visiting French rugby team was who were playing at Murrayfield on the Saturday (Scotland won 22-14). Said French team arrived back from the game and 'persuaded' George to join them in the bar, and the rest as they say...................
  9. Gazza looks more like Ginger Baker these days.
  10. What he said. Beat Lithuania first and if we do that, start thinking about Slovakia. Anything else is way too premature.
  11. IIRC any proposal required a minimum of 11-1 to be passed. The routemap to preserving the cosy cartel was - innovative proposal gets tabled, the ugly sisters cuddle up to each other for the vote, and hey presto, innovative proposal is consigned to the bin.
  12. Sinclair and Gamboa have been absolutely honking tonight.
  13. Yup, double telegraphed where he was putting it with the short and stuttered run-up.
  14. Can't seem to add friends/family to my order - get it fixed SFA!!!