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  1. Strangely enough, I'm actually driving from Podgorica to Tirana tomorrow morning. I've been based in Podgorica for the last 2 years after 7 in Tirana, so it's a route I've done regularly over the last few years. From Podgorica, easily the best route is through Hani i Hotit. From there to Shkodra is motorway all the way (Podgorica to Shkodra is 60km and easily easily doable in 75 minutes allowing 10 minutes for the border crossing). I've done fthrough Ulcinj too, but that route through the border is much more..........rustic shall we say.There are no trains that cross the border, but there are a few coaches each day from Podgorica through the border to Tirana. Lake Shkodra is stunning, and you'll get great views of it on the drive down through Hani i Hotit. Shkodra itself is worth a pit-stop and a walk around, but if your itinerary allows, I'd recommend Tirana every time. As for driving, it's perfectly safe in Montenegro, but once over the border the Albanian style is a bit more unruly with more two lane roads. Nothing to be fearful of though.
  2. That was the second time that season that Alex Taylor scored late on for a 1-1 draw against Deadco. The first was in the New Year fixture after Colin Scott fumbled a cross about 3 minutes after Peter Huistra had scored for them.
  3. It's normal to finish with the weather forecast, isn't it?
  4. Brilliant stuff!! Thanks for posting that Ormond. So sad to see Fernando Ricksen there = a lad that is 25 years younger than me, and look what's happened. Sometimes - maybe all the time - we should be grateful for the health we have.
  5. Serious question - who scored for Saints that day?
  6. I remember Roddy the Jambo scoring 3 in a 4-1 win against Andy Rhodes at Firhill. Alex Taylor (now that was a football player) scored the other one.
  7. He's just about on a prayer mat now!!
  8. McLeish doing a terrible job of covering up that he's the next Rangers manager on Sky.
  9. Not one of you called the Jags victory today..............
  10. Pan breid.
  11. That would certainly be a surprise given that they went bust a few years ago!!
  12. Fixed it for you, sorry.
  13. Football forums are wonderful, aren't they? I'm sure we'll be at it together again next weekend!!!
  14. When did you become EK Saint?
  15. Wow - I didn't realse Celtic had been so poor this season.