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  1. 'There will be an enhanced random ticket collection in place for this game.'
  2. 'There will be an enhanced random ticket collection in place for this game.' That's a new one............................
  3. Right on both counts. Jimmy signed in 2005. Billy arrived as a right back/right midfielder.
  4. The player in this instance was Billy Gibson who went from Rangers to Partick Thistle in 2004. Jimmy Gibson whoc was born in 1980, was eighteen months older than Billy.
  5. Wouldn't normally have bothered, but in the absence of the confirmation of my car insurance I watched Arsenal - Liverpool today and it was pretty damn tasty!!
  6. Wasn't Logan Bailly supposed to do that?
  7. B I agree with your overall point, however are you denying that Craig Thomson applied the rules inconsistently today?
  8. Come on - you've admitted yourself he should have been off. What's paranoid about wanting referees to implement the rules consistently?
  9. Seemed to have a pull at Forrester's jersey off the ball. It was a good spot by Craig Thomson. Which makes his cowardice in the face of Forrester's two late challenges even more bemusing. But then he's got plenty of previous over the years for absolute ##### decisions. Just ask Schalke 04 supporters.
  10. Warburton doing what Craig Thomson was too feart to do with Harry Forrester.
  11. I understand what you are saying, Angus. However the reason a player is being deemed to have cheated is because the referee made the wrong call in the first place!!!!
  12. The referee is the one who gives the decision, so how can any point about him be irrelevant? He's the one who called the decision, and he called it wrong.
  13. Because it clearly wasn't a penalty - there was no contact - not even close to it. Looked to me as though Walker wasn't even claiming it either. So why did the referee give it? He awarded the penalty, not Walker.
  14. While Rangers consider playing a Fanni and a Dodoo, after being Rothen for a while, it's fair to say that Celtic have been completely Scheidt during the same period.