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  1. ............and Chic Charnley of course.
  2. Adjusted for accuracy.
  3. Of course it is. It'd be like going to Rome and not visiting St Peter's square. Sent from my living room overlooking the mountains around Podgorica.
  4. He was in advanced discussion on Saturday night with Neil Lennon in a certain west end boozer.
  5. Decision was probably influenced by the yellows that Halliday got for taking out Roberts last Sunday, and Garner for taking out Imrie. In which case the SFA are at least being consistent. And before anyone misinterprets that view, in my opinion all three were straight reds.
  6. Difficult to see what Pedro can do with that current squad. It needs major upgrading. However admirably Kenny Miller has done this season, it does not stand up to serious scrutiny that an institution that prides itself on being a serious challenger has a 37-year old as its most potent striker.
  7. That's it. Today's game pretty much mirrored last month's league game. Gordon had three decent saves in the last twenty (two from Miller and one from Dodoo). Any one of those goes in and it's a different game. Celtic could and should have killed it long before those shots ever came in. Sevco's current staff are not good enough to offer serious competition to Celtic in my view.
  8. He certainly has a better barber than Moreno.
  9. Liam McLeod is an absolute tw@t of a commentator. He had Aberdeen in the semis after 12 seconds, creamed himself after the second goal and then shat himself for an hour before creaming himself again after the deflection. Aberdeen were damn lucky to win that game today. Credit to both sides for an excellent spectacle - very unusual for a semi-final. Anyone know the outcome of the boxing in the Clockwork?
  10. So hang about, you're telling us Rangers under Walter lost to a Kilmarnock team containing both Gary Locke and Grant Murray???
  11. Coalition of chaos
  12. Schalk's accepted a two match ban for diving. Anyone any idea what the referee and the linesman's incompetence got?? Oh right............
  13. Didn't realise that - seems to have been more to it than Sky pictures were showing then. Either way the guy that chucked the ball into ML's nuts needs outed - that just isn't on whatever the circumstances.
  14. Have a look at today's incident and you may wish to revise that opinion.