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  1. 4034 tickets

    Yep, that equates to €1.11 to the £...............converted on 17th July (a Sunday) when the actual rate was €1.196 to the £. Another nice little earner for them.
  2. League Cup 2016/17

    In which case you would have 20 penalties a game if that rule was being implemented stringently.
  3. League Cup 2016/17

    Can anyone enlighten me as to why the Perthmen were awarded th third penalty?
  4. Well that was fun. Just back in from the Buducnost Podgorica v Racing Genk game, which I got dragged to by my Belgian colleague. Here's what we got for our 3 Euros. Genk, 2-0 up from the first leg, and featuring the 35 year old Thomas Buffel as their captain, promptly lost a goal in the first minute. Lost a second goal after 40 minutes. Had their centre back sent off after 65 for a last man foul. Survived the rest of the game and extra time having never turned up. Won the penalty shootout 4-2, with the winning penalty being scored by one Sandy Walsh who is apparently Dutch. Very entertaining evening, given that I thought we were turning up for a Genk run-through to the next round.
  5. He had two seasons at the Jags. Excellent for the second half of the first season and that was a major reason why we stayed up that year. Second season he was less effective mainly due to a couple of injuries before he took the Killie shilling.
  6. I'll start you all off with: Joni Mitchell - Hissing of Summer Lawns. Bought it on the basis of a positive review in the NME at the time, and thought most of it was crap at the time. It ain't crap now - it's excellent.
  7. Davis Cup Tennis

    Maybe..........but the only British Davis Cup victory in recent times was heavily influenced by Andy and Jamie. And remind me when was the last time an Englishman won Wimbledon? A valid opportunity (or two) to poke it right up them.
  8. Wembley 2016

    Anyone else apprehensive about this fixture for non-football reasons?
  9. Americans (as a society) are the most irresponsible gun owners in the world. Why on earth are they still given such easy access to firearms?
  10. Davis Cup Tennis

    According to the twat Sports Editor on Sky News 'England' just won the tennis...................
  11. Andy Watson replaces McCall

    What's his recent CV? Where has he been?
  12. Actually didn't you guys lose the first leg to Welsh amateurs a couple of years ago?
  13. And John Sutton missed a penalty!!
  14. Well, we've had two of the worst ever results in the last week, that's incontrovertible. Motherwell losing to Flamurtari Vlora in 2009 was up there too. We're now at a different sea level from when getting beaten by MyPai in the mid 90s was considered to be shameful.