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  1. Phone Sky, give notice that you want to cancel (its a 28 day notice period), and as soon as you hang up the phone, log into your Sky account and there will be a 40%-50% off for a year offer to entice you to stay. If you dont accept that, they will phone you constantly during the 28 day notice period throwing offers at you begging you to stay. Brings the cost down to something much more reasonable.
  2. Alex Taylor was indeed a superb player - at Accies for only a year or two, but absolutely brilliant. Talking to people who knew him, he just didn't enjoy playing football and was more into triathlons. Football was just his job, which is probably why he eventually chucked it. Great pity.
  3. Another thing that might happen is this - my wee man is eight, has been going with me to Accies on and off for a couple of years, and has now decided that he doesn't want to go to home games anymore but wants to go to every away game. His reasoning is that home games are terrible and boring (which they usually are), but he loves the whole experience of travelling to away games wherever they happen to be - planning what trains to get, having some juice & crisps on the train (whilst daddy has some "grown up" juice), having lunch in a local pub at the away venue, and then the game is usually a better atmosphere as away fans often make more noise than home fans. He just loves the whole day out.
  4. I think that's the biggest issue. Glasgow has now become out of bounds on Hogmanay this year, which is a real shame.
  5. That's exactly what we'll be doing. Head over to Trafalgar Square, and if it seems inappropriate to be there, leave and head to a pub. The Sports Cafe on Haymarket is only a couple of mins walk from there, so that will probably be our plan B.
  6. Three of us on exactly the same route as you going home. Looking forward to that 4.30am alarm call the day after the game
  7. Ross McLaren was a promising defender, but had to give up the game as a young lad when Dougie Imrie (then at Clyde) accidentally stamped on his neck whilst they were both going in for a tackle. It was horrible watching the game get abandoned and an ambulance sitting parked on the pitch pumping his chest. He survived, but had to retire straight away. A real shame as he looked pretty decent. I think he made a comeback a few years later in the juniors, but couldnt be sure.
  8. Glasgow-Paris-Malta on the Friday, same again on the way back on Monday. Have a six hour layover in Paris on the way out, so will head down to the Auld Alliance on the Friday afternoon for a few, if anyone's about.
  9. You can't pick your seats on the mobile version, and switching to desktop mode doesn't work. Presumably it's flash based, or something archaic like that. Stop offering me seats down the front behind the goals, why the feck would any sane individual want to sit there ????? At least let me choose front, middle or back, if a seat map is beyond them on a mobile phone. Giving the SFA £500 of my money shouldn't be so hard.
  10. 29 minute queue on the website now. Fecks sake
  11. Hi Watershed - please remove our three from the reserve list, we've manage to make other arrangements. Thanks
  12. Hi Paul - could we have three seats on the bus please ? Thanks Scott
  13. Hi Watershed - could you add three of us to the waiting list please for your bus to the game ? Fingers crossed space opens up. Thanks
  14. Ziggy Gordon is a fine young right back, great prospect. Good in defence, excellent at bombing forward down the line. Rumours are that Poland want to cap him (he has a Polish mother), but because he plays for little old Hamilton Accies, he's not even mentioned.