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  1. Fulton and 2 for McBurnie for Swansea,
  2. Whit a strike fae Snods !
  3. Snodgrass / Robertson starting for Hull - both playing well so far
  4. No thanks - give it our best shot every time, every game. Northern Ireland finished their 2014 WC qualifiers by losing away to Azerbaijan and Luxembourg- then drawing away to Israel. They didn't 'write off' Euro 2016 qualifying and won their group. We have an easier group than last time,
  5. Dundee United's Kieran Freeman going to Southampton,
  6. Sunday 8th May Portugal U17 v Scotland U17 UEFA Under-17 Championship Group Stage 12:30 British Eurosport 2 / British Eurosport 2 HD
  7. Our current captain paying thousands for a haircut transplant then shaving it all off?
  8. Currently 20% off everything just now with code FSF20
  9. I cringe at nearly every comment he comes out with,
  10. Couldn't agree more, the printed badges are a joke - cheap looking and as you say, will only get worse with ever wash. Shame as I usually buy a few bits for each training range but not touch any of this. Poor what we get from adidas compared to the like of Real Madrid, Chelsea, Bayern Munich (appreciate they may sell more shirts than us) - would love to see some Scotland adidas 'originals' gear but can't see it happening. Happy see us move to a new supplier
  11. Been a week now and nothing through in the post - I'm I in the clear ?
  12. Getting a fine in the post - was 40 mins over - should I pay it? Im sure I've read somewhere that if they cant prove you were driving your not liable.
  13. Are there any hospitality options for those unlikely to get a Scotlsnd end ticket? Anyone do this in 2013?
  14. The Ian Black cap.....
  15. 3 Stripes on the side - adidas rate you 3 Stripes on the sleeve - standard customer I think I know what we'll get!