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  1. Bus From Paris To Metz

    Hi mate, 2 of us here that wanted those flights but we're stuck for travel options back from Metz so would be right up for this.  Maybe a few more of us, 
  2. Been a week now and nothing through in the post - I'm I in the clear ?
  3. Getting a fine in the post - was 40 mins over - should I pay it? Im sure I've read somewhere that if they cant prove you were driving your not liable.
  4. Wembeleeyy

    Are there any hospitality options for those unlikely to get a Scotlsnd end ticket? Anyone do this in 2013?
  5. The Dark Side - A Scotland Room 101

    The Ian Black cap.....
  6. New Strip Launch

    3 Stripes on the side - adidas rate you 3 Stripes on the sleeve - standard customer I think I know what we'll get!
  7. Scotland Players In Action

    Hutton was awarded man of the match today (on talk sports coverage)
  8. Steven Fletcher

    Sometimes it just become fashionable to pick on a player - media start it and people, too lazy to think for themselves, just jump on the bandwagon - easier to go with the flow than fight a tide of opinion Gary McAllister got it towards the end of his time with Scotland, Gary Caldwell too
  9. South Stand Upper - cost £45 but happy to take £40 for it. PM if interested - can meet up in Glasgow tomorrow afternoon.
  10. Jd Sports

    New training gear on JD website this morning - lot better looking now we have a 'normal' badge and not the silver effort.
  11. Ticket Sales

    I had Hen Broon standing in the row in front of me at the Germany game, total nightmare
  12. Starting Line-Up Prediction

    Marshall Hutton, Hanley, Martin, Whittaker Ritchie, Brown, McArthur, Anya Maloney Fletcher Down the flanks could be our biggest threat, particularly on the right,
  13. North Stand ticket has been snapped up - South Stand ticket still going - PMs welcome
  14. A couple of call offs so got the following going spare - 1 x North Stand £40 1 x South Stand Upper £45 PM if interested in one (or both) i can maybe meet up tomorrow if your near Stirling or can meet up in Glasgow Thursday afternoon, thanks
  15. Ticket Sales

    It'll be a full house,