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  1. Ah fine. Just because I am not ass kissing a Scottish player's performance then I am making an erse of myself? Leipzig manager evidently doing likewise then as he hooked Burke after just over an hour. And no bias on those that compile the stats either so I have no idea what people wanted me to post. Perhaps Burke played out of his skin and proved himself the new Gareth Bale - eh no. I tell it as it is. He is not ready at present.
  2. My apologies. You are correct Orraloon as just had quick look at manifesto. It just goes to show what nonsense the STV news shows.
  3. Well it was reported on the Scottish news when they released the manifesto so am presuming it is true.
  4. Well give him his due. In the Labour manifesto he promises a second independence referendum which is far more than the Tories have done.
  5. I think the local elections a couple of weeks ago are a good indication of what will happen in the general election. The SNP vote share will hold firm though may lose around five seats. The mainstream media will jizz off swearing the Tories are on the march when in all reality all that will have happened is that the yoons are voting tactically throwing more votes behind Tories so whereas Labour and Tory used to cut each others throats taking votes off each other that will be less of the case this time.
  6. Not excited at all. It would be great if I could twist the facts and said he had a stormer but he didn't. Things are what they are. Clearly he needs time. Hopefully, next season will be different for him.
  7. No I wasn't. Stats don't lie nor does the fact he was subbed without even having a shot on goal with the lowest rating of any player in the team.
  8. No I was not. Followed it live online with rolling live player ratings and player stats and however you want to paint it they don't make good reading for Burke. Lowest rated player in Red Bull side when subbed. No shots on target, 3 dribbles attempted and one successful,8 tackles and 2 successful, 2 crosses and 1 successful.
  9. No not when he was lowest rated player on the pitch for Red Bull and was rated lower than half of the Eintracht Frankfurt side (even though they were losing 2-0 at that time).
  10. Perhaps but not on his performance today.
  11. Burke substituted after 66 minutes. He really must start taking these chances to show what he can do or these chances will stop coming.
  12. Sadly, another game passing him by with no great contribution. Live ratings have him the lowest rated played for RBL and lower than a number of players in the Eintracht Frankfurt side.
  13. Lets be honest here it should be no surprise that Labour so fear/hate the SNP. The rise of the SNP has coincided with the collapse of Labour in Scotland and with it goes any chance of forming a government in Westminster. If it means cosying up to the auld enemy (the Conservatives) then sobeit. They have to find a way to discredit the SNP in anyway and look to weaken them in anyway and if that means backing the Tories on anti-SNP stuff then they will do it.
  14. Plus look at how Labour councillors were so happy to jump into bed with the Tories to keep the SNP out of control in Aberdeenshire. That speaks volumes for how far detached they are from independence seekers.
  15. The Tories really are banking on a MASSIVE result in Scotland. They are claiming nobody in Scotland wants a referendum yet the SNP vote share held rock solid in the local elections despite a loud rallying call to vote against SNP to protect the union. That says the appetite is there. And the general election result I cannot see the SNP dipping below 45 seats and those that they do lose will be down to tactical voting from unionists and not a stand against a referendum. I'd accept it that it was a stand against a referendum if the SNP dropped to way below 40 seats but that isn't going to happen.