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  1. Things have changed in that time though. Pre-the last referendum there was a build up of a big push for independence because the referendum was the goal. After the no vote there was nothing because we had our chance and blew it basically. Everywhere it was thought it had been put to bed with no more indyrefs anywhere on the horizon until last year's surprise result in the Brexit vote suddenly changed things again. That is how I see it anyway. All calls for independence had to be tempered after the deflating defeat somewhat and it was.
  2. I am ambivalent when it comes to Europe. But it cannot be denied that we strongly rely on EU workers to fill critical positions in the NHS and other key professions - that much cannot be denied. Doesn't change my ambivalence to the EO in/out etc but those facts can't be ignored.
  3. That is the problem with Brexiteers. They yell for a stop on immigrants getting into the country but that is purely one-dimensional thinking. They think stopping immigrants frees up jobs for Brits but this is simply fantasy. Many of those immigrants are skilled labourers in critical professions such as nurses, doctors, surgeons, teachers and such-like. Stop them coming into the country and the NHS already up shit creek would be finished. There are simply not enough Brits either skilled or have the real desire to get into those professions. It is sadly like when I worked in the railway industry for ScotRail. The Scots and other parts of UK staff who started couldn't stick it and left citing poor wages, hours that didn't suit their private lives and smacked of lack of dedication. Whereas a lot of Poles and other EU nationals would get jobs through agencies, stick the job and many have gone on to bigger and better things in the railway.
  4. Yes very true. I really am not too despondent as some seem to be this morning. For me I felt NS pressed the indyref2 button too soon anyway. After all she did say she wouldn't push the button until she was sure of a yes vote being returned. Well at present there is certainly no certainty of that - polls show a similar type of percentages to the last referendum so why waste an opportunity now. I always felt it better if we had sat tight, wait for the full effects of Brexit to be felt with Tories negotiating a deal with no input whatsoever from Scottish, Welsh or Northern Irish government. Let the Tories blow their own foot off with a sawn-off shotgun and then we should see how the polls lie and pounce. Laid out in any independence manifesto should be that Scotland will hold a referendum on whether to apply for EU membership and other such affairs - always let the public decide on such momentous decisions.
  5. Oh yes I definitely agree with that. But the big problem is that all the unionists will say is that what happened to wanting to remain in Europe and we were just using it as an excuse for another referendum. And you'd also risk alienating those Scots (some who may have been converted to yes because they desperately want to stay in Europe). It is a real tightrope walking job for sure.
  6. I see where you are coming from but SNP have been boxed somewhat into a corner on the EU. By that I mean that Salmond made it clear it was a once in a generation opportunity and the answer was no. Now that put the idea of independence to bed indefinitely but then came the Brexit vote and this opened up the possibility again of independence. The SNP (way before the vote) made it clear it backed staying in Europe and all the polls and such-like felt that was the safe route and would be what was returned. Now when it came out that Scotland had voted to remain but the UK on the whole voted to exit this was the golden opportunity to re-open the independence debate up. Now the SNP couldn't exactly call for independence on any other grounds than they were being taken out of Europe against their wishes so they had to snuggle up to the EU and make it clear the EU was the place to stay. If the SNP had distanced themselves totally from staying in the EU any call for independence in the near or distant future would have been greatly weakened. I mean can you imagine the rhetoric of unionists - it would have heard them saying well they never went for independence over the Brexit issue so why do they want it now (be that in 2020,2025,2030 etc etc).
  7. Definitely, the deal as good as throws the Good Friday agreement out of the window. Anyone who cannot admit that is either stubborn, stupid and blind. The British government acted as an arbitrer or go-between by parties in Northern Ireland but that is no longer the case as they have hooked up with one of those parties - the DUP. It is akin to a union rep being promoted to management - they stop being that union rep as they sit alongside those that workers are often in dispilute with.
  8. I am of the mindset that as long as there is as many as a million people (as I'd say there is at present) supporting independence it always should remain relevant. That is far too big a number of people wanting something to try to tell them to shut up and go away.
  9. He is still an odious toad, don't get me wrong on that, but here he is covered purely because this is a payment outwith the Barnett Formula.
  10. Yes and he says if money goes through the Barnett Formula but this money has not. It was a payment outside the realms of Barnett Formula.
  11. No actually I do see what he is saying. The money being paid is sod all to do with Barnett Formula payment so as such we can't have a gripe about it. It is a payment paid in another way. Imagine if Labour had won and needed a deal done with SNP then I am sure we'd be squeezing Labour for a payment of similart amount. The real wrong here is the deal has been done with the DUP - a distasteful party with links to terrorism.
  12. Can you view BBC Northern Ireland live Alan. They have announced they will be screening your Orange Men march in Belfast live.
  13. I do find May's wish for an independence referendum to be taken permanently off the table as ridiculous. Sturgeon's announcement earlier on suits me and is the course of action I'd sooner she had taken before asking for indyref2. Sit back and wait for the awfulness of the deal the Tories will get on Brexit and then start moving on with an indyref push after it becomes clear that Scotland's interests have been ignored.
  14. And I'd sooner see him at a team in the top flight where first team football is almost certainly guaranteed. I don't think that would have been the case at Liverpool for sure maybe less so at Newcastle.
  15. I'd heartily recommend ELO who are appearing at The Hydro in Glasgow this week. I saw them at Wembley and they were truly superb. Close your eyes and it sounded like you had a studio recording CD on that is how superb they were. Jeff Lynn is almost 70 but they must have put him in cryogenic status since the 1970s he still looks and sounds so good for his age. Best concert I have ever been to.