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  1. Evening Having a clear out and Selling two signed tops on Ebay... Aberdeen League cup winning season Framed 2014 Signed Scotland top won on Twitter from Vauxhall Thanks for looking
  2. Scottland Player Transfer Gossip

    A loan move from United was on the cards before the WBA deal but I think his wife was pregnant or had just had kids at the time and didn't want to be away. It's Possible that the board might already know who the new manager will be and he's top of the list. As above he has stated that he's a Celtic fan( season ticket holder when younger).
  3. Scottland Player Transfer Gossip

    Darren Fletcher to Celtic has raised its head again.
  4. Gms Video

    Million miles away from the squad in my eyes but I didn't pick him.
  5. Liam Henderson

    Great Move for the boy, Celtic have 5/6 players that I Would say are at a similar stage of development. Hopefully regular first tea, action will push him on. Calvin Miller and Joe Thomson are my two tips to make an appearance before the end of the season.
  6. Gms Video

    First video is Skills I would expect to see from any attacking player in our top league. 2nd video showed he has so,e nice tricks and more importantly an awareness of where/when to try them. Boy has ability but need to see more consistency before he is called up.
  7. Coupon

    Fecking Bristol City
  8. Nah fat thumbs on the Iphone and If I only do one then it turns into a comma.
  9. I've seen half The folk posting in here in a lot worse condition :-) Footballers are held in to high esteem!!! Went out got drunk, knocked back from an establishment and had a chippy! I would guess most will experience 2/3 this weekend!! If you are using a footballer as a role model for your kids you shouldn't have kids!!!
  10. Scotland Players In Action

    Donald Love playing for Man Utd 21s tonight. Looks decent on the ball, have seen him playing right back but in the middle as Rafael is playing right back.
  11. U16S

  12. U16S

  13. U17S Vs Romania

    From what Ive seen I think Joe Thomson will be the next big star at Celtic Park... Totally agree that Miller is an outstanding talent but I think he might might be busy off the field for a while. His girlfriend is pregnant and due soon.
  14. Hijacking the thread....do you go to Cheltenham games? Keep an eye on Denny Johnstone...had his Gh hopes for him at Celtic but he turned down a new deal in the hope of getting first team football at Birmingham...just been shipped out on loan to Cheltenham ..big laddie with a lot of skill.
  15. Sfa Chiefs Visit Qatar

    Here's the link for the Celtic players http://www.celticfc.net/news/7518 And some info on the aspire academy http://www.aspire.qa/Football/FootballProgram/Pages/Philosophy.aspx There was a bit on trans world sport a few hrs ago....there was 6 Brazilian youngsters at the school, don't appear to have played for Qatar at any level yet but I'm Sure the plan will be to pick the best youngsters from the poorest countries, give them a free education and a passport.