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  1. Shorpe. Apparently the swear filter doesn't allow S.c.unthorpe United
  2. I wouldn't disagree. Bain is the best of those listed previously by a distance. Woods of Accies? He's English...
  3. Turgid, turgid shite.
  4. Really top defending there by Wallace, twice.
  5. He does raise some very valid, interesting points. He came across very well and he's certainly passionate about his work.
  6. Been at the Ibis in the centre for a couple of weeks which was ideal for getting to and from Zoetermeer on the tram. Due to a booking arse up, I'm at the Movenpick in Voorburg this week which is also decent. The Den Haag area has some great restaurants(2 Greek ones have been tremendous) which I've been enjoying.
  7. Had to happen. The team look thoroughly devoid of confidence, structure, balance and fight. There are good enough players in that squad to be performing way above the level they have been.
  8. Zoetermeer, but there isn't much happening there. Been looking at a few places, Novotel, NH, Ibis, Mercure etc... I've yet to make up my mind though.
  9. Imagine having patter as good as that? I'm sure when you're in Kilmarnock you must be a show stopper.
  10. Just looking for some recommendations folks I'm looking to stay in a decent hotel around Den Haag Centraal station ( I'll be commuting to work on the tram 20 minutes away and travelling up to Amsterdam regularly) for around 6 weeks, maybe longer. I know the Den Haag/Rotterdam area pretty well, but haven't had to use a hotel in Den Haag before. Any advice would be appreciated.
  11. Really poor game, good goal for Aberdeen to clinch it. Tackle on Shinnie is poor and should've seen a red. Madden is a holocaust of a referee for everyone.
  12. He evened it up which is worse
  13. Rooney is a filthy cheating .