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  1. Somebody else unable to work with the SFA, so I fully expect the usual SFA lackey to come in and take over Billy Stark can't be happy as Albion assistant...
  2. Bannigan has been offered a deal, Brill having a medical before discussing a contract and McDonald to re-sign. Pearson has been offered silly money from an Indian club so he may be off and we'll get a decent fee for him into the bargain.
  3. Croatia have been (barrring a 15 spell of implosion) the best team I've watched in the tournament so far. A population of 4.2m doesn't seem to hold them back. The SFA and SPFL are the biggest barriers to the progression of football in this Country. The unfortunate thing is, it will never change change as there is too much apathy across the board. We won't be qualifying for a tournament for a very long time, if ever, under the current qualification systems. Poor coaching, poor facilities, nepotism, dinosaur attitudes, small mindedness, incompetence, social exclusion are amongst a long list of failings in our game and Scottish society in general.
  4. There is a roof top bar in Athens down the flea market, about 5 minutes from Monastiraki Square that was incredible. Views of the Acropolis and other landmarks as you're sitting getting scooped. Shebeen in St Pauli, Hamburg is an absolutely mental establishment. A few wild nights have been had in there.
  5. A fvcking w4nker of a man. A genuine waste of skin.
  6. He certainly seems to have screwed the nut has featured a bit more recently and is still very highly thought of at Elland Rd. He can definitely be in with a shout of Scotland honours in the future if he progresses.
  7. Lee Erwin gets a start in Leeds Utd's 2-1 win over Wolves.
  8. Aye. There will be uproar if they don't offer refunds for the European dates. Almost every response on social media is people seeking refunds for the London and Manchester shows with ticket outlets simply saying await further details.
  9. Scott Brown is rotten, absolutely rotten.
  10. Don't agree with Martin and Mulgrew playing at all. Both are dug shite. I like Bridcutt and think he is a useful addition to the squad and young Burke looks a player. I would have liked to have seen Jamie Murphy get a cap tonight, but hey ho. Tierney and McGinn impressed on their debuts. I'd take shite one nil wins in every qualifier.
  11. Good to see McHugh scoring. He is a decent wee player when he can stay fit.
  12. Routine win for Motherwell, having a decent end to season hopefully.
  13. Russel Martin is the only candidate in my eyes, if we were to replace Scott Brown. It remains to be seen whether D Fletcher is a first pick, and no other regular player particularly jumps out. Naismith and Marshall are probably the only others even in with a shout.
  14. Young lad (10) clipped by a copper and a policewoman indiscriminately swinging a baton at the suspect in the middle of the crowd. At least a dozen coppers trying from both sides to arrest a 14 year old boy for nothing, during play, with absolutely no concern for anyone's safety. The actions of the police could have caused a serious incident tonight, absolutely despicable behaviour from Police Scotland. The match commander must have been watching that through his fingers in horror. They won't be happy until there is no one in a football ground.
  15. I've learned the entire Let's Dance on drums recently. It was just a wee bit difficult, what an incredible album it is. Musically wise