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  1. 7. Pumped stupid
  2. Hanley and Fletcher score in tonight's Championship card. A few of Celtics Scotland players on the receiving end of a roasting in the Nou Camp.
  3. Strachan's assertion that no one knew who Luis Suarez was before Kenny Dal signed him for Liverpool is mental and worrying at the same time.
  4. Stop taking things to heart, you can't take offence at everything on the internet.
  5. As an aside, Rob Kiernan is one of the poorest players I've seen in a long time.
  6. I simply stated that I believed people wouldn't find offence with a particular flag if another side happened to use it(we can't factor in Rangers fans incredible sensitivity into normal conversation). A hypothetical situation. You have clearly taken real offence to that, used ludicrous and nonsensical comparisons which absolutely doesn't elaborate whatever warped point you were trying to make.
  7. Mope, truly a mope.
  8. Ninety-nine decision streetNinety-nine ministers meetTo worry, worry, super scurryCall the troops out in a hurryThis is what we've waited forThis is it, boys, this is warThe president is on the lineAs ninety-nine red balloons go by Read more: Nena - 99 Red Balloons Lyrics | MetroLyrics If I was a Celtic fan, that's the reasoning I'd be using. We all know how they enjoy 80's music at Celtic Park with Depeche Mode and Simple Minds being favourites...
  9. Not as ridiculous as that response. As stated, it referenced the banner people seem to be up in arms about and if that banner was reciprocated by Rangers towards Celtic, I doubt anyone would be bothered by it(I may be wrong). No one, not anyone, apart from you has mentioned murders and assaults justified because the other side have may have perpetrated such acts, that is the musings of mope who longs for such situations to happen so they can be offended by it. The Rangers statement is a mere smokescreen to cover the pumping they've just had, the indifferent start to the season they've had, the lack of proper investment in the squad, the questionable singing policy, dubious finances of the current BoD, complete lack of infrastructure modernisation and that the manager is able to manage the side Monday to Friday from London whilst looking for an out. Moving on, Nena of 99 Red Balloons fame; Aye or Naw?
  10. If Rangers hung a reciprocal banner saying "know your place Tim scum" I doubt people would be that bothered by it. I like this push of the "This is it bhoys, this is war" as some sort of call to arms in the Glaswegian Sectarian Wars, has no one ever heard 99 Red Balloons? Nena is in her mid 50's these days and would definitely be worth a ride.
  11. Hun isn't sectarian and it's straw clutching at its finest. I'm still waiting on the Daily Mash confirming they have written that statement.
  12. I'd say that would be a no brainer? If you're going to watch televised football on Saturday at lunchtime, you are almost certainly going to watch Man Utd v Man City.
  13. Excellent news