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  1. It goes unnoticed because it is in a land two time zones away. Attacks like last night you regularly see in busy areas in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. But not on your own doorstep.
  2. Worth remembering that in the likes of the 87 and 92 election Kinnock was leading in every opinion poll but things changed dramatically on polling day as the likes of Essex boy simply couldn't and wouldn't hold their noses and vote out an unpopular government. You'd like to think the same effect would happen up here when people wake up to what is in May's manifesto. And Scots do not like being lectured by Tories with no mandate up here to determine when indyref2 will take place.
  3. Fluffy blustering under pressure on Scotland Tonight
  4. Nuttall simply looks like the by product if Ade Edmondson and Al Murrray - Pub Landlord had copped off
  5. We took 1900 yesterday
  6. Oh it was. That last 5 minutes was utter torture. What a rollercoaster. You'd have thought it was our title party given the scenes in the Saints end. What at a day!
  7. Flora's nae a Tory
  8. Still trying to get my head round a Tory being elected in Feegie. Had to just check the calendar to make sure it wasn't April Fools Day. And Ravenscraig for that matter. Auld Tommy Brennan must be turning in his grave
  9. Wonder if these OP's were conducted before Davidson showed her true colours over the abhorrent Rape Clause.
  10. By whom? Delicious to see she got a roasting at FMQs on the issue. I'm beginning to wonder if folk are starting to see through the caring, centrist Tory facade for the nasty, uncaring xenophobic that she is. For me, this is an open goal for the SNP. An opportunity to demonise her on a scale that is reserved for the likes of Foot, Kinnock and Corby by the right wing media
  11. Have a look at the electoral calculus website. Predictions of increased SNP majorities in the Central belt in particular and a further diminishing of the Labour vote
  12. Says it all when Tank Commander's share of the vote is less than that of Maggie. And she screeches about mandates! The list vote system has a lot to answer for when it returns screaming fat harpies like her. Not to mention Turdo and Annie Wells
  13. Should check out some of the comments on the BBC website. Some of the bile is beyond belief. How some of these weapons are ever allowed near a keyboard is staggering
  14. Would even include Kuenssberg in that as well. Would never buy it, but a barometer would be the Record. Be interested in Crichton and Clegg's thoughts now that the House of Wigs has formally rubber stamped Brexit.
  15. Michael Kelly - offspring of Beelzebub