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  1. Has matured big time. 4 or 5 years ago and it was a certainty he have been red carded in a game like yesterday's. But led the team superbly yesterday. I do hope he sees the campaign out
  2. Ten point rise in Tory vote. In areas like Clydebank?????
  3. Martin Docherty holds West Dunbarton
  4. Aye, but Tory vote up 12 per cent in Paisley? off
  5. Mhairi Black returned. That's better!
  6. As expected, Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk gone
  7. 12 per cent increase on Tory vote. Tactical voting to boot the SNP out Ill wager
  8. Rutherglen goes Labour. Fuxake
  9. Wondering in some areas that Fib Dem and Tory voters have cancelled each other out and letting the SNP through the middle
  10. P an J wifie saying Aberdeen South could remain SNP. Big Gus looking good so far as is Eck.
  11. Max of 7 I reckon. Three in the Borders, two in Perth and two in Aberdeen
  12. Newcastle Central declared first. Labour hold.
  13. Now saying that Labour gains in England. Small sub sample in Scotland. Still could be a bad night for Labour in Scotland.