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  1. Venue

    There's a thread ca. 7 threads below this one, discussing the venue as being confirmed. Thread contains this link from the Slovak FA https://www.futbalsfz.sk/sfz/oficialne-spravy/novinka/prezident-sfz-sa-stretol-s-britskym-velvyslancom.html
  2. ticket pickup

    http://www.scottishfa.co.uk/resources/documents/Scotland/TravelSecurityGuidelines180516.pdf Details in the above link
  3. Where's showing the Italy game?

    Unsurprisingly it's also on RAI 1 / RAI 1 HD. Maybe worth checking programme guides on cable / satellite to see if available.
  4. Kosovo

    The Europa Point stadium has received a lot of criticism due to potential environmental impact. Latest talk is of a smaller (4-5000) stadium elsewhere, being funded by UEFA. http://www.gbc.gi/news/uefa-will-fund-100-new-national-stadium-says-beiso-32220
  5. They will not vote to leave due to the fact that they don't have a vote in the referendum.
  6. A2 is the away section. With TT being 40 - 45 rows up. http://www.hampdenpark.co.uk/assets/uploads/downloads/hampden-park-stadium-plan.gif
  7. Denmark at hampden prices

    12.189 acc. to Wiki / rssf.
  8. Hertha Berlin

    Sale starts at 10am on Monday 14th March.
  9. Hertha Berlin

    Date now set as Friday 8th April. K/O @ 20:30
  10. Denmark at hampden prices

    Starts 4pm on Thursday 4th.
  11. Metz A No Go

    Last paragraph 9pm local in France 8:45pm local in Malta
  12. Hamburg

  13. Hamburg

    All BL2 games on the final game day are at 3:30.
  14. Hamburg

    Hannover are away to Ingolstadt that weekend. Wolfsburg at home to Augsburg is also an option. In the BL2, Bielefeld are at home to F├╝rth.