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  1. Keep your PM's to yourselves, no one else is interested.
  2. Norway also play on that day but much later. Google sports bar Bergen, would imagine that somewhere like Fotballpuben will be showing it.
  3. No double standards. As sbcmfc mentions it's not FTP or FTQ, and never has been.
  4. Not sure why anyone would be crying out for Steven Fletcher, since he wasn't even on the bench!
  5. Scott Fox was also called up whilst at Thistle.
  6. Outwith the old firm? Sevco obviously.
  7. I've received 3, 2 "from" the SSC, one "from" the National Team. Is a phishing exercise and looks like the SSC database of members E-Mail details has been hacked.
  8. Was living in China a couple of years back, and for a couple of private trips had flown in and out of Sheremetyevo with Aeroflot. eg Shanghai => Sheremetyevo => Warsaw Hanover => Sheremetyevo => Shanghai Shanghai => Sheremetyevo => London => Sheremetyevo => Shanghai Aeroflot (Skyteam) use the 3 South terminals (D-E-F), amd never had an issue in going between those 3 Terminals. Never had a transit visa for any of these trips. As mentioned was 2-4 years ago. Things may have changed since then.
  9. Driving is just over 2 hours, although if someone is planning on driving then flying into Trieste would be a better option.
  10. Some stuff had been released-
  11. Thought it was good and had some good information. Slightly higher definition with the maps/street plans would be better, as would an easier to read font colour & background combination.
  12. Strachan & Smith had blank cheque-books in the SPL. Berti Vogts took Bayer Leverkusen to a Champions League spot. Not exactly the glowing, sorry impressive CV's you keep going on about.
  13. Took this on Saturday from the South stand. Wasn't aware that was a hospitality section, had always presumed press etc.
  14. 20 to go for 2nd sending off! Take it you mean seconds.