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  1. Metz A No Go

    Last paragraph 9pm local in France 8:45pm local in Malta
  2. Hamburg

  3. Hamburg

    All BL2 games on the final game day are at 3:30.
  4. Hamburg

    Hannover are away to Ingolstadt that weekend. Wolfsburg at home to Augsburg is also an option. In the BL2, Bielefeld are at home to Fürth.
  5. Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus in Mumbai.
  6. Sliema To Stadium Return

    Could I please get two seats. Thanks
  7. New Strip Launch

    Presumably you're referring to Mike Ashley who owns Sports Direct. SFA contract is with JD Sports. Two completely seperate companies.
  8. Hertha Berlin

    There are Europa league games (last 16) on on the 7th April. So any German teams (Augsburg, Dortmund, Leverkusen & Schalke are in the last 32) still involved will have their games for that weekend on the Sunday.
  9. Hertha Berlin

    In the away sections at some German grounds there is only zero alcohol beer available. ( Wolfsburg & Hoffenheim for example). In the home end in Berlin will be regular Warsteiner (I think) on sale. You'll need to get a stadium/payment card, since they now operate a cashless payment system.
  10. Babylon is now called Tantra. Not sure if it still has the barrier outside, which was put in place after someone ram raided it some years ago.
  11. Chartered Train

    Copied from the FTA magazine FB page
  12. Hertha Berlin

    Getting tickets will be easy. The Olympia Stadion is only ever sold out for Hertha games when Munich or Dortmund come calling. Date will likely get fixed ca. end of February. Is usually one game on a Friday, 5 on a Saturday at 3:30pm, 1 on the Saturday at 5:30pm then 2 on the Sunday (3:30pm & 5:30pm). I will also be in attendance but in the H96 end.
  13. Signed New Scotland Top Raffle

    One entry sent.
  14. Paris

    Why weird? In a lot of countries, being able to show ID (either passport or id card), is compulsory.
  15. China / Beijing Area

    Plenty of information here at Seat61:- Beijing => Xian or Shanghai is between 4½ and 5½ hours. Xian => Shanghai is a sleeper job and is probably better to fly, ca 2 hrs.