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  1. The Tories, to a certain extent, are protected by a right-wing, anti-EU press who will simply refuse to publish any story that suggests that Brexit was the biggest act of economic and political stupidity in British history. And even when things go tits up, the blame will be fairly and squarely placed on the shoulders of these damn foreigners.....'they're stopping us taking back control, innit'...
  2. Predicted 4 or 5-0 to Hibs when the draw was made. I see no reason to change my mind. Cathro isn't big enough for a game like this....Hearts are mingin.
  3. I feel dirty doing this, but I had to look at the Daily Fascist's comments to see the garbage posted. They haven't let me down...
  4. It must be a good idea, because the nutcase Yoons are frothing about it on forums like 'The Scotsman' (sic). Anything that supports a sense of 'Scottishness', they're against. I wonder who on here posts on these forums ?
  5. There will no longer be a 'BBC1 Scotland or BBC2 Scotland'. As I understand it, these channels will be replaced by 'BBC Scotland'. There'll still be a 'BBC1' and 'BBC2' available.....and I'd imagine there will be an overlap of programmes...EastEnders etc....but all of Scotland's 'independent' BBC coverage will now be on one channel.
  6. As I understand it, 'BBC Scotland' will begin at 19.00 nightly, with a dedicated 'Scottish 9', reflecting international and domestic news. As Aaid says, on the face of it, it looks positive. But indeed the small budget is a worry. Will it simply have some news, a few niche programmes, and then simply 'copy' over programmes from mainstream BBC ? I also wonder if this means that more time and funds will be dedicated to Scottish sports coverage. Maybe now we'll get coverage of Scottish cup games on our own channel, instead of having programmes dropped so we can be shown Leicester v Derby live.
  7. I reckon the sole reason(s) for Dons fans preferring United over Killie are closeness, boozers and huge travelling support with corresponding atmosphere. My personal preference is get rid of Hamilton. I like The Howard in KIlmarnock. Good boozer.
  8. Yeap. A story which was instantly relegated to the small print in The Scotsman, who led this morning with the Yoon rally cry of 'Scotland will be like Greece'.... Ho hum.
  9. That's not what I said, and you know it. You're better than that.
  10. Thought Killie did what they set out to do very well. Not a great deal of attacking intent, but they were organised and efficient. Aberdeen had loads of possession but simply couldn't create any real chances due to Killie loading their box and stifling McGinn and Hayes. I wouldn't have complained about a draw. The substitutions (from both sides) changed the game.
  11. There's a guy that posts on the indy thread on the other forum called 'Freeedom' or something. I suspect it's Ron. I'll ask him when I'm oot drinking Bacardi breezers with him the next time I'm back...
  12. Absolutely. I'm well aware that the next disappointment in football is just around the corner. I'm not an OF fan.