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  1. I agree. I think the only really bad tackle was Garner on Hayes. It was actually a very restrained Dons - Rangers game.
  2. Rangers had lots of possession and there were excellent performances from Halliday and Mckay. As often happens, they look good with the ball without having a real cutting edge. However, I don't think they have really dangerous players in their side the way that Aberdeen have with Hayes, McGinn, Rooney etc.......they also have a soft centre in defence. I think Anthony O'Connor could well turn out to be the bargain buy of the season. He was superb again today.
  3. Probably our worst performance of the season.
  4. As ever, some deluded Tim being told what the truth is accuses someone of 'bitterness' . Mope
  5. Eh ? I think he is. I'm only saying that his record.....so far......as an internationalist, is awful. Scoring goals for fun against Hamilton means nothing if you can't perform at a higher level.
  6. I'm not suggesting anyone else. I'm only stating that Griffiths in a Scotland shirt has done absolutely nothing to suggest he's an international footballer. If you can prove otherwise at this moment, please do
  7. Don't be stupid. Aberdeen have been in countless semi-finals in their 113 year history, and never once have we taken 20k fans to a game (within the boundaries of statistics.....I've no idea about 1937 etc) What on earth makes you think that we should take 20.000 fans to a televised 12.15 KO against Morton in Glasgow ? Are you actually suggesting that every single person in Aberdeen city and Aberdeenshire is a Dons fan, and should therefore be made to travel 150 miles to Glasgow to support the club on a Saturday morning against Morton ?
  8. Against Kilmarnock ? Ricky Foster was fantastic against Kilmarnock once.
  9. No. I never rage. I only state realities.
  10. There's not one single thing that Griffiths has shown yet that suggests that he's an international footballer.
  11. You sound like you think that's important....