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  1. Just shout my name out. That's how I'm known as. I don't hide behind various cowards usernames.
  2. Nothing against spotty faced, ginger headed warriors in general. Only the cowards that think that the internet gives them anonymity to fire out abuse any way they want.
  3. I'm sure you will be, ya wee fuqking coward.
  4. By the way. I'll be in the Clockwork from 11.00 next Saturday. Pop in. I'll sure I'll recognise you as a spotty face, ginger headed internet warrior. Remember and bring yer mum.
  5. Sorry Brendan. What school are you at so that I come along and have a ride at yer mum while you're out, you pathetic wee khqunt ? After that I'll meet you anytime ya wee tit. Just PM me
  6. Agreed. She's a awful looking woman though, even for a complete bitch.
  7. Horiffically ugly Tory witch with teeth that would make Neil Lennon shudder. Why has nobody pointed this out before ?
  8. Of course it will. The Tories want an Ulster-lite Scotland where anyone who hates the SNP will vote for them because they hate the SNP as well. Have the braindead fishermen in the north-east realised yet that it's not the fault of the EU/SNP that they simply can't go out and fish to their hearts content ?
  9. I've got no doubt at all that the same utterly bizarre rules that allow popcorn teeth to sign Ambrose as a...cough....'emergency loan' despite having by far the biggest squad in the division and having at least 3 centre backs available, will allow Celtic to appeal Brown's stick on red card and allow him to play in the semi final. No that it'll matter a f*ck.
  10. I just miss popcorn teeth still being Celtic manager. That would have been hilarious the day....
  11. Cannae beat a team of teuchters fae the smallest town in the Highlands. Rogers looks like a man under pressure with his paranoid, ranting interview. Thank God it wisnae a big European game against a team from Gibraltar.
  12. Hilarious last couple of minutes....
  13. About time some home truths were printed about Davidson. People need to see what kind of politician she really is. In the meantime, The Scotsman (sic) has led in their online edition with around 7 or 8 anti-SNP stories in the last day and a half.
  14. No idea what's going on in the heads of the people who made that banner. English was entirely innocent in the incident involving Thomson and was exonerated by all parties. By all accounts it destroyed him as a player and as a man. There's not the slightest shred of evidence that he was a 'proud young protestant' in the sense that this banner obviously suggests. As a side note, Thomson himself was also a protestant.
  15. Rangers forward, was involved in the death of John Thomson.