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  1. He makes me glad we've got Ash Taylor.
  2. The season hasnae started yet, but you're still may favourite six fingered, sister shagging, combine harvester driving farmer...
  3. Even with big Josh the Mighty, Killie are a stick on for relegation.
  4. I came up with that....
  5. Group stages finished (aside from Yinited v Pars tomorrow). Seeded teams for the next round are .... Celtic, Aberdeen, Hearts, Hibs, Rangers, Partick Thistle, Alloa (bizarrely) and Morton. Non-seeded are... East Fife, St Johnstone, Sneckie, Hamilton, QoS, Motherwell, Ayr, and either United or Dunfermline (if one wins). I think.
  6. I see the two of you have started the weekend early....
  7. Plenty of nutters posting shite like that. It fits in with their lunatic belief that the SNP = the Nazis. These people need psychiatric help.
  8. Seems like a lifetime ago that we had Miller, McLeish, Hegarty, Narey and Hansen available to us....all at the same time.
  9. It's the Scottish problem though, isn't it ? Good centre-halfs are like hen's teeth. There isn't a good one in the Scottish game, and as we've seen with the international side we can't even scrape one up at international level. It's a worry.
  10. Just watched the goals again. While Taylor should have been harder for the Maribor goal, the guy got a huge amount of luck with the break of the ball and then went and finished it off really well. It was Taylor's responsibility to get it clear, but it wasn't as massive a f*ck-up as I first thought. Good to see him get his head up afterwards and get the knock-down leading to Hayes' goal. He's either a famine or a feast, is Taylor. Obviously he's a confidence player, and when he's playing well it looks like nothing will get past him. But when he f*cks up it all goes downhill pretty quickly.
  11. Only 9 home wins in 29 Europa League games tonight.
  12. In a 4-4-2, and with Shinnie beside him instead of McLean or Flood , he looked excellent. We were much, much better balanced tonight. Let's hope McInnes has taken note of that.
  13. Of course it's not, dinnae be stupid. We should have scored 4 or 5. We've beaten better teams than this away from home in the last couple of years though.
  14. Finished 1-1. Thought Aberdeen were excellent tonight from start to finish. Let down only by the fact that we couldn't put the ball in the net and by Ash Taylor turning into Efe Ambrose again. We generally score away from home in Europe, I don't think this is over yet.