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  1. Do we all agree that UEFA are hypocritical, corrupt, dishonest and inept ? Yes we do. Is nobody though looking at the bigger picture to see why a ban on member clubs making political statements is in place ? It's to stop extremists using football as a vehicle for poisoned views. As pointed out earlier, one man's freedom fighter is another man's terrorist, and if you allow fans of one club to make a political statement, where do you stop ? I'll guarantee you that if certain other clubs were making certain 'political' statements, those on this thread being so vociferous about supporting the right of Celtic fans to do this would be the first to be offended and would be the loudest shouting it down. It's not a feckin personal vendetta against Celtic or their fans. It's a rule that's in place for a reason.
  2. Doesn't bare thinking about, to be honest.
  3. Again. There is absolutely no evidence at all that this is the case. Celtic (or Rangers) being in the CL...or CL qualifiers and Europa League....every season for the last 20 has not produced a better standard of Scottish player.
  4. You (and others) have said that 'it's a good thing for the national team'. There's no evidence at all that this is the case. If anything, we've regressed considerably ability-wise over the last 20 years. Qualification wise, Scotland were a better team with Brian Irvine playing for them than we have been with all these Old Firm superkids who supposedly become better players because of the Champions League.
  5. No. One of Scottish football's great urban myths. There's no evidence at all to suggest that over the last 20 years, Scottish players playing in the Champions League have somehow become better, skilled, accomplished international players. I've no idea why people keep on repeating this lie.
  6. You're trying to use an argument that I'm not trying to make. I'm only pointing out facts, not offering solutions that aren't in my power. I don't want Scottish teams not to qualify for Europe. I want them to get there, do well, and bring through top class footballers that help the international side be succesful. But that's not happening at all, and the reasoning that 'Scottish players playing in the Champions League benefits Scottish football', simply doesn't hold water in the slightest.....and yet people continue to make it, in the face of reality.
  7. I only stated the absolute fact that having Scottish players playing for Celtic or Rangers in the Champions League has proved to be of absolutely no benefit to Scottish football as a whole. I wish it was, but it isn't. As pointed out above, the sole benefit of Champions League football is of financial gain for the business. Football wise, it's done nothing for Scotland.
  8. I think all of these clubs would be more succesful than Celtic in Europe, given the same finances. None of us have lost to a team from Gibraltar, for a start...
  9. I don't think you saw the part about going on to 'better things with top European clubs, and become international stars'.
  10. This is a straw man argument that has been banded about for 20 years now but has no basis in reality. I refer to my post above. Tell me which Scottish players have benefitted from playing 'elite European football' with the OF in the last 20 years, and have went on to be top international players because of it ? At various times we've had loads of OF youngsters being banded around as the new superstar.....Danny Crainey, Danny Wilson, Tony Watt, Mark Burchill, James Forrest...that's just a list of names I can think of in 10 seconds, and there are countless more. All of them apparently going to benefit from top level football...except that none of them do. So what's the benefit for Scottish football in Celtic scooping up another £22 million or whatever for scraping past a few weak teams ? Where's this benefit to the international side that everyone keeps going on about ? I'm still waiting.
  11. Celtic and Rangers (as they were) have been scraping into the Champions League for years and years now, enduring various levels of humiliation but scooping up the cash at the same time. Tell me again what good this has done Scottish football as a whole, and the international side in particular ? What 'young Scottish players' have benefitted from the experience....maybe going on to bigger and better things with top European clubs, and become international stars ?
  12. Aye, because Celtic being handed 22 million because they had the luck to just scrape past 3 of the worst teams in the draw is great for the Scottish game as a whole...
  13. Have you forgotten Gibraltar already ?
  14. Nah, he's a complete dick anyway. We all knew that. Goes with the territory when you're a Celtic fan.