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  1. Eligibility

    Not qualified. Sadly it will be my grandchildren's position, (I was born in Bath), but not my brothers grandchildren (he was born in Edinburgh). Anyway, a long time before I get into that situation. J
  2. Coach Travel On Match Day

    Hiya, Still after my two seats. Is there anymoredetails? Deposit, etc? Cheers J
  3. 1,200

    Yip back in the game. I ended up phoning the SSC, turns out that when you got binned out (for whatever reason) your tickets in the basket were not released back into the system. When the system went down everyone with tickets in the basket lost them, but they weren't released back in. Hence it showing a sell out. There were 100-ish tickets that got swallowed up this way. Good luck guys. J
  4. 1,200

    Indeed, could the system be fecked? J
  5. 1,200

    Have we really sold 500 tickets in 4 minutes? J
  6. 1,200

    Can't see how they went so feckin quickly! J
  7. 1,200

    My Dad had them in his basket, fecked about with his card getting bounced then lost them both. Enormously frustrated! J
  8. SSC Customer Service (Non Existant?)

    Because he didn't get the ticket and wanted to see the game (nowt wrong with that plan of action). The problem seems to be that the SSC went to (some) effort to get it cancelled then reprinted in Prague, then for some unknown reason didn'tcommunicate an update tothe friend. Going on face value this is pish poor, if you are going to the effort of getting a members ticket reissued, then you also take on the responsibility to tell that person the plan. As another poster has said, I'd have been a bit proactive, but as our Clubs administrators, if they promised to contact him then didn't, that's poor customer service. Would have been easier for them to say tough titties. IMO they did the hard work then forgot the simple communication part. (Email, phone, Twitter, etc). J
  9. 1,200

    You've got to assume that the bulk of 10-7 pointers will have bought by now. J
  10. 1,200

    I love how the e-mail states "No reminders will be sent". Cheers guys, a wee update on sales and poke too much for our £50 membership fee? J
  11. Home section tickets

    Ahhhhh. Got it. Cheers. I presume youwere just testing the system. I've registered using my Metz hotel, I presume the billing address will be different from my "home" address? Hopefully come Friday at 12:00 I won't need the home end. J
  12. Home section tickets

    So mine is just saying can get an alert, nothing to buy a ticket. All the other games you can buy for. J
  13. 1,200

    Pretty slack that we are in late April and had a game last month and no update on our members website. Kinda wonder what our membership fees goes on, cause it ain't a 10 minute job updating the website. J
  14. 1,200

    I'm sure it's been done before but are thesethe last 10 away games? 1. Czech Rep 2. Gibraltar 3. Georgia 4. Ireland 5. Poland 6. Germany 7. Nigeria 8. Poland 9. Norway 10. Macedonia Meaning I'm on 6. Bugger! I thought I was on 7. Czech Rep knocked England off. All the €20 tickets will be gone. J
  15. Haha. Obviously us! J