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  1. Sounds well tasty that! J
  2. Anyone had an update on collection venues and times? J
  3. Not Roma, but we went to the Lazio v Fiorentina game back in 2010 when we were over for the Scotland Rugby game. Had to go to the club shop the day before with id then pick up the tickets the next day. As has been said, ID essential. J
  4. Me and the old man have been randomly asked to collect. Further details to follow. intresting to see where the collection will be seeing as the fans will be spread out. Failing that it's collect at the stadium I guess. Anyone else get the email? J
  5. WTF have they done with the Unicorn?!? No need to remove the Unicorn and replace it with another English Lion! its annoying me more than it should. J
  6. Pretty accurate reflection of GBs constituent parts by population. The last Lions tour still rankles. Richie Gray coming on with 20 minutes to go in the third test. Was the first (and only) test Scot. That said IIRC the starting 15 in one of the tests had 10 Welshmen! J
  7. This. You are in Malta, and will be at the game. It's your business what you do with your official away end ticket. What would the SSC pull you up on anyway? It's not like you couldn't pick up anyway. My Dad Injured himself abroad at a game and couldn't attend (he was on crutches). I sold his ticket to a grateful Scotland fan. No danger I was giving it back to the SSC. Is he a harvester? Did I/he do wrong? J
  8. Yip, early morning taxi to casualty in a foreign country. Dad ended up on diasapan and crutches. Fenced his ticket (harvester! I think not), then met up with MadMurphy and left the old man in the pub opposite our hotel. Fringe benefit was the BA Heathrow cripple cart taking us from the air bridge, straight through passport control and out to our bus stop. J
  9. And my Dad ended up in hospital with ligament damage to his knee the night before from that TA Party. The floor of that place was like an ice-rink. Beer was great though! J
  10. Yip, in a nice hotel. Had a pint in the pub opposite. 11:00 and full of jakeys absolutely smashed. The Guinness was terrible, worst pint I've ever had in Dublin. Was full of TA though. Drank up and left. J
  11. Exactly, Ts not like Malta have thousands of buyers phoning up daily to see if there's any Scorland returns! Should have told the SFA that there is extra 4,000 tickets and please could you allocate them to your supporters. J
  12. I know, it's shide. Malta selling tickets to Scotland fans (at over double the price) is just a slap in the face. It also smacks of the SFA not trying their arse to do anything to help low pointers get on the ladder. Why would a home FA just disregard totally the allocation system is beyond me. J
  13. Saw a Facebook post that mentions the English are getting 1739 tickets for The Slovakia game. Would that be 6 points for a ticket or would it be more? Any points wizards out there? Cheers J
  14. I'm guessing the Georgia flight prices must have scared people off. Nearly £400 to get there and back to Tblisi. Compared to the £240 to get to Malta. Plus the fact that people can turn the trip this year into a Summer holiday. J
  15. I think where people are getting hung up on the who independent thing is their maintenance and development. In that sense they are dependent any on the Americans. Unlike the French who developed and created their own Nuclear weapons systems. But the launch and use of the British weapons (and the platforms that they launch from) are totally independent and at the control of the Prime Minister. J