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      ATAC produced a guide to Bratislava and Trnava prior to our recent visit. If you saw this, did you use it? Was it of any help?
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  1. Have to say, I have been to the Jags v Bills game last year and the Jags v Colts this year and both cracking games. Only one score in it for both of them. The Chiefs v Lions game was terrible (Chiefs absolutely dominated) and this weekends Rams v Giants game wasn't a classic either. You are right, Jags have signed up for the long term to come to London every year, and I believe as part of the quid pro quo for the Rams moving to LA was two London games while their stadium is being built. J
  2. Meanwhile in Scotland we just get on with the pardoning and ignore Westmonsters filibustering. Thank feck for a seperate legal system. http://www.heraldscotland.com/politics/14822185.Gay_men_convicted_under__discriminatory__sex_laws_to_receive_pardon_in_Scotland/?ref=rss J
  3. Or the many guys standing outside the Wembley Park steps right behind the cops looking to buy or sell any tickets. J
  4. Haha, could you imaging a 100% in London? There would be a riot. J
  5. Train tickets bought. 51 sheets to get to Wiltshire and back was a bit steep though. Great Western Railway know how to pinch their customers. The old man being over 60 got his from Bath for £30 so at least he's got a good deal. J
  6. Anyone off to Twickenham tomorrow? Taking my two lads, I'm hoping they will behave. Both teams 3-3. Fancy the Rams, purely because I watched them on Hard Knocks and I was in LA a couple of years ago on holiday. J
  7. GIllingham play Northampton in League One. Colchester play Leyton Orient, Luton v Accrington Stanley and Wycombe v Morcombe in League Two. All doable from London. Lad in the office is a Gills fan and doesn't drive. He trains from Bristol to Paddington, then hacks across London to get a train to Gillingham and back every second week. Fair play to the man. Ill ask about tickets and trains, etc. J
  8. Gluwine, wheat beer and bratwursts it is then. J
  9. Day trip for me now. The missus is off out early and I am required for Dad duties with the kids. So it's the 23:30 from Paddington to Chippenham for me. Just need to stay awake on the train! J
  10. Seriously guys, I reckon there are a few pubs in London, going by its size. Its going to be cold and raining, I'll be in one of the afore mentioned pubs. Keeping my Wembley das to the last minute as there is feck all in the surrounding area. J
  11. If other people are getting paid, then Ryanair are goosed and must pay all passengers. J
  12. Kilt on traveling Monday. Jeans for breakfast Tuesday, back to hotel for a lie down, kilt on for match day. Jeans on for travelling home. J
  13. This is worse than the Rupiblicans during the Spanish civil war. J
  14. They are the guys in charge of the Scotland Supporters Club. Not sure what they could have done in this instance. Giving them the benefit of the doubt they must have asked about trains, and maybe a special train. Not the SFAs fault that the Slovaks didn't get back to us until 2 days before KO. J