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  1. Hmmmmm, the game that most harvesterers would harvest for is the game to try and catch harvesters. Doesn't make sense to me. J
  2. Here's a little known trick from Paddington to Wembley. My Londoner brother-in-law put me onto it and use it all the time for the NFL games as I live in Wiltshire. (Going next weekend). I agree get the Heathrow express to Paddington. Then Paddington to Marylebone on the Bakerloo (Heading South away from Wembley Central), swap to the overland train at Marylebone heading North to Wembley Stadium. All in train travel time is 16 minutes, chuck in 10 minutes faffing about and it's really quick and IMHO much less busy as people naturally head towards Wembley Central. You do have to give up the Wembley Way walk experience and photo opp, but that's a small price to pay. J
  3. And their inevitable booing of our anthem? J
  4. Hell, you don't need to even phone. Send an e-mail marked "Slovakia waiting list", with your name and SSC number by Sunday 18th at Midnight. Monday morning, input numbers into database and sort by points. Allocate spares to 5 pointers, then 4, etc. J
  5. Was it me or did Hugo not own half of Paceville? Hugos Bar Hugos Terrace Hugos Longue Hugos Burgers Hugos Pizza & Pasta J
  6. Yes, that has not been clear. A two day window would have made sense. Its not like they are selling tickets anymore. J
  7. So I guess the answer is empty seats just incase you are late. TBH it Shouldn't be a hard and fast rule. If my plane got cancelled and it meant turning up just before KO. A wee call to the SSC explaining this and then they don't resell your ticket, as you have got in touch and let them know. Youve got to agree that seeing Scotland fans locked out of a sell out because somebody may be late is wrong. Anyway, I'd be more annoyed that there isn't a points ranked waiting list. Perhaps something that could be raised for the next ATAC meeting with the SSC. J
  8. As I outlined, it's not difficult to run a spreadsheet with some underlying details to filter this by points and time called. Really isn't difficult at all. It's a bit off if you just missed out on 5 points and somebody on 0 pips you to a ticket. At worse it should be all 5 pointers to the top of the list. 10-6, there's no excuse, you had your chance. J
  9. That's daft though. Let's say 15 minutes into the game, you definitely haven't turned up. Make it a condition of collection. Ie if it's a 19:45 KO, by 20:00 if not collected all tickets if possible will be resold. J
  10. Should do, however that's not how I heard Malta was going. IMHO they should open a waiting list, say for two days to take names and log the time of the call/email. After two days the list is ranked by points and time phoned. You then go down the list until the SSC leave for Slovakia. On the day, at 15 KO if nobody has collected anyone in the club outside the ground can purchase left over tickets. J
  11. Was just about to ask the same question. Would be great to know the timings/details. Cheers J
  12. Handful for 5 pointers then? J
  13. Ordered at 2 at 14:00 and I'm at about 0670. This is cool, didn't know you could do this. J
  14. Haha, it's the Gatwick lounge for us going out this time! J
  15. Just got the email. Ticket sale starts this Monday at noon for 10-7 pointers. J