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  1. Listening to a guy who was there on the Beeb. He was waiting for his wife and daughter when the explosion happened, he was blown off his feet. He ran in and saw about 20-30 people lying on the floor. Clearly some of them dead. Sounds fecking horrific. J
  2. Tories ruling Indy Ref 2 until after "The Brexit process has played out" in their manifesto today. J
  3. Levis
  4. What were the other options? (I like when clubs do this BTW). J
  5. A lot of design time went into that bad boy. What is it? 50 sheets for an adult top? J
  6. Certainly the Summer. J
  7. Surely the rate should be the same, no? Say 10% of Academy players aged 15 sign professional contracts. Suppose if the rate is different that could mean that our academies are under performing. They would just have more of them. What may be more interesting is number of academy's per 1000 boys ratio. That would then set the baseline for the start of the pipeline. J
  8. Two brilliant games of rugby. A credit to the sport. Glad Gloucester lost (Bath fan), abviously jealous that we didn't manage to finish Stade off in the semi. Annoyed that Saracens won. Show offs that they are. They are fast becoming the Man U of the 90s to modern rugby. J
  9. Just on the Fisherman subject. Even a blind man can see that they will be sold down the river as part of a deal to protect passporting in the City of London. Their stance seems more like straw clutching. If they believe the London Conservatives offer them the best defence of their industry, then god help them. J
  10. Just booked our flights Bristol to Rome for the Italy game. £92 return is a total bargain! No dicking about this year. I'll ask forgiveness rather than permission from the missus. Spring in Rome.....Yes please. J
  11. Yes, I did, still not many. J
  12. It won't really matter as only about 50 SSC members will get points. First to say, if it's only 50 tickets then 100% collection. J