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  1. Hibs v Hearts

    Hahaha, never thought I'd see the day when Hibs & Hearts fans are "one upping" each other about who is NOT showing the game on Tuesday!   LOL.   J
  2. I've seen a gatso flash at me going towards it. It was flashing away like a bad yin. Must have been on the blink. Nothing in the post. I read that the forward closing cameras "pink eyes" aren't allowed to flash for the very reason the OP states, "you nearly crashed". J
  3. Wales V Scotland 6 Nations

    Anyone going, looks like there are "enhanced" security measures at the stadium and they are recommending getting into the ground earlier than usual. J
  4. Wales V Scotland 6 Nations

    Looking forward to the weekend. Not for any rugby reasons as I realised the last time I saw Scotland win in Cardiff was 17th February 1996 (I was 15). Missed the 2002 win, but since then, not a sausage. Closest we came was that defeat from the jaws of victory game in 2010. That all said, I love Cardiff on a rugby day. J
  5. Italy V Scotland In Malta

    Trying to get things lined up for Metz. My missus is away as well so I need my Mum to help out. J
  6. Andy Murray

    Dual nationality, would be entitled to a Scottish passport as her Dad is Scottish. J
  7. Italy V Scotland In Malta

    Malta in late May? Bizarre, shame we are going there in September, I'd have been up for that. Not going in May then back in September. J
  8. Beef and onion walkers or smokey bacon walkers sandwich. Mmmmmm J
  9. Hibs v ICT Pick of the round. J
  10. Piss up and brewery spring to mind.
  11. Nfl 15/16

  12. The comments have almost universally attacked the article. And a poster called Alan. J
  13. Scotland V England

    But the point was made that the SRU came out as no. It didn't. J
  14. Scotland V England

    Was just about to say as much as I clearly remembered the SRU keeping its mouth shut. J
  15. Scotland V England

    My takeaways - Handling was terrible, especially in contact. England's line speed, especially in the second half was frightening. Scrum was solid, struggled though when England made the changes. Lost a few line outs from non straight throwing. Schoolboy. Hogg looked deadly when having room to run. Positives, but you know when Scotland get the phases, we will inevitably knock on, or conceded a penalty (usually holding onto the ball after a tackle). It will be tough next week in Cardiff (our record there is nearly as bad as at Twickenham). Still can't wait for next weekend, love the craic in Cardiff. J