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  1. 4034 tickets

    Haha. He'll love that. J
  2. 4034 tickets

    The old man bought our two this morning. J
  3. Or get Turkey to stop hindering/attacking the Kurds. Give the Kurds full military backing, Tactical Air Controls, supplies and the infrastructure. There is an Army waiting to destroy Daesh. Watching Ross Kemp the other day in Syria, a whole company of Kurds were pinned down by one IS sniper. Air support or artillery support and they would have moved on weeks ago. J
  4. Indeed, terrific result. I'm not that bothered, I'd say we had the moral victory (offside goal chalked off at ER and a team intent in booting Hibs off the park), yet we were a pish John McGinn penalty from sudden death. its all about the league, and on that performance against top opposition I'm feeling confident. Now we will see how a Lennon team squares up to 11 cloggers strung out and dug into trenches going for the draw. J
  5. Hope Bondby The Rangers it at the end. J
  6. New kit thread 16/17

    Agree. Have to also support the love in for Macron. The stuff that they are bringing out for the Scotland rugby team is great. Would love Hibs to move to Macron. Instead of the fake Nike template push we currently get. J
  7. Rio 2016

    Can't listen to that anthem without thinking of Rocky IV. J
  8. What's everyone's route.....

    Fly out Saturday on the 10:50 Air Malta flight from Heathrow getting in at 14:00. Return Monday on the 15:55, arriving back to London at 19:25. Staying at Hotel Valentina in St Julian's. 6 weeks Saturday! Just a long weekend in Edinburgh and 10 days in France to squeeze in with the family before then. J
  9. You are describing global Communism. "Imagine there's no countries It isn't hard to do Nothing to kill or die for And no religion, too". One World! J
  10. Turkey

    Seize the communications (Twitter and messenger) and the people can't organise resistance. Coup d'├ętat 101. J
  11. From what I heard the "goal" was a cutback, struggling to see how it was off side. Ho-hum, what to be done? J
  12. New kit thread 16/17

    It is easy to hate a football shirt. J
  13. May reiterating that the full name monger party is the Conservative and Unionist party. Marker put down almost immediately. J
  14. New kit thread 16/17

    Hearts produce what all Scotland fans have been wanting for years. I'm supposed to hate this shirt but would love it as a Scotland away shirt. I have read the article and am struggling with the connection to Hearts. Did he buy a pie or something in 1899? J