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  1. Must be out soon though. Doing some long range planning. J
  2. Incidently, when are the fixtures out for next season? Its usually about now? Cheers J
  3. They have a whiff of entitlement that is surpassed only by England. Speaking as someone who has been watching Scotland lose in Cardiff every two years since I was 16. J
  4. However that does "scare the horses". For a soft no or a fence sitter last time. That could have been the decider. "What happens to my real term pay and pension with a new currency?" Not saying it's not the right issue, but a better and more compelling answer is required. Including a transition plan to move to our own currency, as we know what's good for the goose is t necessarily good for the gander. We need case studies of countries that have launched their own currencies and made a success of it. These then need to be so well known to everyone come Indy Ref 2. J
  5. Terrible news
  6. The scrum is a big worry. As has been said Nel and Dickenson in and we would have won that game, no doubt. France were there for the taking. Still, onto the Welsh. J
  7. Or just adding them. Cut back on the autum internationals by one game and your sorted. J
  8. Was the Ibrox website password guessed? Must have been a significant date from the seventeenth century. J
  9. Worried about our scrum (as has been said). Losing Nel was a massive loss. Anywho, you can only piss with the cock you've got. Nothing to lose, the pressure will be squarely on the home team. If we can get decent ball from rucks, line outs we have a devastating set of backs. in the league predictor at work I've plumbed for Scotland by 3. The office is split down the middle with this one. (Same with the Wales V England game BTW). In a bout of optimism I've just bought a ticket for the Italy game and a flight from Bristol in March. J
  10. Everything bar movies for £30! How so? Did you have line rental, broadband, etc with them? Cheers J
  11. Anne Widicombe was goving me a migraine last night. I had to turn off. Seeing that woman reveling in the Brexit victory made me boak. J
  12. NHS

    Pay more I meant. Its like stamping on an Opera singers throat then wondering why she can't sing anymore. Efficiencies will only scratch the surface, (not saying that they shouldn't be chased at every opportunity). But the system is chronically underfunded, people live longer, survive things that would have killed them 50 years ago, and the treatments are more complex and expensive as medicine moves forward. Not to mention research funding, that should be just as important as front line treatment. Cures for Cancer, heart disease, gene therapy, don't just happen. If that meant a percentage increase in taxes, so be it. Otherwise we will all see our friends and family be failed and suffer at the time they need the NHS most. J
  13. NHS

    Fact of the matter is, if we want a modern effective NHS, we will have to pay for it through taxes. The clues in the name, a Service. Good Services cost money. No point skirting around the issue. And any party of low taxation are lying. J
  14. Unfortunately if it's happening somewhere hot and sandy, and the guy killed is deemed a "traitor" then the US of A ain't interested. J
  15. Fell asleep at half time, was trying to avoid the score. Fat chance FB. Unbelievable. WTF happened? i thought they were setting the stones in the Falcons rings at HT. J