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  1. Can it be a bad article with good points? J
  2. Interesting take from a Rangers fan. Remarkably sensible. J
  3. Luxembourg Internation to Metz

    Just had a wee look myself. Flying from Heathrow to Lux with BA. Both flights running tomorrow (on a strike day). Out of curiously looked up Heathrow to both Paris airports tomorrow. Out of 11 flights only two cancelled. I think BA have it managed as best they can. Marseilles had 1 out of 3 binned off and the same to Lyon. J
  4. Luxembourg Internation to Metz

    Just re read that. Hopefully it's Union bluster. However with the French Unions they are mental. Only crumb of hope is the TGV only has 1/4 effected and mostly in areas that is not Metz to Luxembourg. Regarding Luxembourg not in France, I'd imagine on a normal day flights would overfly France. Guessing BA could re-route over Belgium. We'll see what happens. J
  5. Luxembourg Internation to Metz

    Feck me, just seen French Air Traffic Control are on strike 2nd to the 5th June! J
  6. Luxembourg Internation to Metz

    Just reading through IMHO it means indefinite Wednesday-Thursday strikes. As I said before, little point striking on the weekend. J
  7. Is that Armed Forces Day or Remembrance Day, I forget? J
  8. Metz ticket arrived

    My two arrived today. Pretty sure I paid for Special Delivery (they just came through the post). I shall be looking to get that refunded. J
  9. No tickets

    This guys selling a ticket. That said, looks like they are back on sale. J
  10. We arra peepul!
  11. Just to get things back on topic. Hibernian FC - Scottish Football Association Cup Winners 2016. GGTTH J
  12. Trains

    Getting the 11:00 Flibco bus from Luxembourg Airport to Metz on Saturday morning. Returning back to Luxembourg 1st class on the 12:08 TGV. Bizarrely cheaper then the normal train and 15 minutes quicker. J
  13. Started drinking that and I love it. Was drinking it with ginger ale and a twist of lime. Was playing round with mixing it with Irn Bru last weekend. An amazing drink. I Christened it the "Kracken Bru". Give it a try. J
  14. Why not call it the offensive and sectarian/racist/bigoted/homophobic act? That way it qualifies the type of offensive behaviour. That said, if it gives powers to lift some toerag for being a tw@ who is swearing and acting an anti-social caant, I'm all for that. J