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  1. Arf, if you are so skilled in his welfare why ask the crazies on here how to prepare? Wee brag the wee man is off to the match with his da maybe? Good to teach him to leave early anyway, he'll break your heart eventually and start supporting Rangers and he needs to get away early "to avoid the traffic" like 30% of rangers fans... Honestly not having a dig at you now, but sitting at a match is different from being out and about at the beach, even for adults, at least we can drink watery bovril and try and convince ourselves its making a difference. Brrr. My daughter was about 6 and was only interested in the hot dogs and probably forgot she was there within a year We missed the first 5 mins, a goal, a red card and left at half time, 15 euro each well spent. At least we went to see a team on a summers night beside the seaside, so we went for chips and a walk on the beach afterwards. At least she enjoyed it at the time, I think if you went to a winter match there is a risk you could sicken them off it for a good while.
  2. Want yer arse kicked taking a wean out in the middle of winter to watch their first match. You wouldn't sit them on a park bench for 2 hours in this weather - but at least you'll have something to brag about in the office on Monday Kids haven't the attention span to get past half time or the second round of snacks and he'll be too worried about disappointing daddy to ask to take his frozen body back home. Poor show sir! Better waiting for a summer's day or evening and watching a match you don't care about missing most of.
  3. I liked how they just made up fairytales about what was happening in orkney and Chris Packham basically pointed out that it was difficult to know what people were thinking based on archaeological evidence you could find. That was the end of that conversation. Flouncy ##### trying to steal other peoples hard work as if he had dug it all up himself himself.
  4. So we have to arrange world football because you are fed up watching it on tv? Just get rid of your Sky package or turn it over and watch bake off!
  5. Viva scotland was part of our school's around the world music extravaganza, there was a picture in the advertiser of the boys singing it in scotland strips. Mr Abie was a dj on clyde 2 or something, think he played sixties tunes.
  6. At least if you are a fat kid you will know how it will look on you. Quite thoughtful that.
  7. Saltire nipples, should have got her with the thistle strip to wear it
  8. I assume it is so they can see that 20K mugs joined even when 90% don't expect to qualify. So they can keep prices the same or higher in the future, knowing a bad run won't result in lower membership numbers. The cash cows will keep mooing to get milked. It helps the marketing department plan the holidays they will take with their bonuses for the next few years.
  9. Always been annoyed by this, I can't see why Andy Cameron could use the phrase in a record (I assume it was copyrighted) then have it trade marked by someone else. Greedy Bastards pretending to be protecting the name in my opinion. Now excuse me I'm just going to TM orange army, azzuri and barmy army before someone tries to protect them with a Trademarked scarf collection, available at reasonable prices. Get yer hats and scarfs!
  10. mmmmmm bunnets
  11. They're organised, good at set pieces and Evra's a liability, I reckon France have plenty to worry about...
  12. Iceland are pish, if they beat France I'll eat ma bunnet
  13. This again!
  14. Nobby nae bunnets
  15. Ok maybe this is ridiculous, but Belgian fans were singing dj otzy and the italians were singing the white stripes tunes. Surely these were inspired by our glorious travelling expeditions to Brussels and Bari. We're the best! Yes I know how desperately sad this post is....