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  1. That is the thing, the practice and the theory of this proposal are not really as clear as people think. Granted, a number of people who travel to away games on 5+ points, will mostly all still attend home games (maybe missing the odd qualifier on a Tuesday night, or a friendly here and there up at Aberdeen or through at Easter Road etc) but will still attend high steak matches like England, Germany, Poland, Ireland etc etc... so the points they lose on the grand scale of things is minimal (especially with the large amount of games we have had over the last 3 or 4 years that have went down to zero points) As you said, when you start getting into games that go down to 2/3 points, this is maybe where it can get a bit unfair, but again, you would assume with the new system that would entice people to come along to get that extra point to give them a wee boost.
  2. I have always felt that Burke was maybe over hyped a tad by Strachan to start with...... came on far to late in his debut v Denmark to really make a impact, but he made one bursting run that made everyone take note that there was something there (which there clearly is). He was then used pretty sparingly in friendlies up to the first qualifier, and this is where I felt there was a break down..... Strachan almost seemed to want to tell Burke how he should play in his style/formation, rather than adapt a formation/style to suit Burke.... in Malta you could see that Burke was getting fed up chasing long balls and knock downs all day, and was only when the ball was given to his feet and allowed a degree of freedom did he seem to properly get into the game. Then he just seemed to be one of the fall guys for the dismal performance against Lithuania, before pretty much being sounded out by Starchan in Slovakia without even kicking a ball. At the minute I think he has a eagerness which is suited to club level, but a mixture of mismanagement and not quite ready/mature for international football has hindered him with Scotland.
  3. I think Strachan calls Fletcher up more for his behind the scenes presence than to actually use him in his match plans (plus it does give him a strong option to bring off the bench in games), but I think this will be Darrens last campaign.
  4. I think if May had signed for Aberdeen much earlier in the summer and had been involved in the European games, he might have sneaked in, but I think the move just came a month to late for him to find his way into Strachans squad plans. If he continues with his early form, good chance he will be there or there about's for the next squad or any games in November.
  5. Stephen Kingsley going to Hull as part of the deal to take Sam Clucas to Swansea.
  6. He damaged his knee ligaments in the England game and has been out all summer
  7. I would imagine Burke will be back in the U21's for their game against the Netherlands next month (so he will still get a good test). Think Burke was maybe pushed a little to far by Strachan before he was fully ready (though I put it more down to Strachan not using him right in his tactics)
  8. Good to see Archer get a chance, as he was really good with the U21's a few years back, and has been pretty consistent with Millwall last few seasons. Whittaker raised a eyebrow, but I do not expect the defence for these two games to differ much from the last few games..... Tierney, Robertson and Mulgrew have the shirts just now, and a case of does he reintroduce Russell Martin for these games or not. Midfield looks really strong, and while I would have liked to have seen MacGregor called up, it would have probably came at the expense of Snodgrass, Fletcher or Bannan (who regardless of form or game time, seem to always find their way into Strachans squads). Apart from that, pretty much as you were and no real surprises.
  9. 12:30 according to a Tweet the SFA sent out 2 hours ago
  10. Every time I have been to Hungary, the locals have something of a chip on their shoulder I found (been told its mainly down to they were once a power-house of Europe, and now nothing). Currently reading "The Greatest Comeback" about the Hungarian coach Béla Guttmann (born in Budapest to a Jewish family and somehow managed to survive the horrors of WW2) which has been written by David Bolchover, who is using a football story to get a history of Jews in Hungary across in the first half of the book (it does seem to go off in large tangents at points)
  11. Not a monument as such, but apparently the Stadion Górnika Zabrze in Poland when it was first built was called the "Adolf Hitler Kampfbahn", and though it was changed post war, it was actually discovered in 2014 that the owners of the stadium never actually officially changed the name of the stadium, so while it was formally known as Stadion Górnika Zabrze, in the paper work Hitler was still officially the patron of the stadium.
  12. My guide in Budapest last year took me there, first question was "what do you think this is a monument of?".... naturally with all the Star of David symbols, I said about the Holocaust, only to be told that it wasn't and was for all victims of the Nazi occupation in Hungary, but the Jews of the city have kind of made it their own. Ukraine tore down the last of their Lenin statues last month (bar one's inside Crimea and the Donbass War Zone) with a strict de-Soviet law passed 2 years ago (which has seen Dnipropetrovsk have its name changed to Dnipro due to the city baring the name of Grigory Petrovsky, who was instrumental in the Holodomor famine in Ukraine in the 1930). Seems to be a mixed bag out there, as a lot of people have wanted them all gone since independence, and now they are, a lot of people feel they should have a park similar to what Lithuania and Hungary have. While Lithuania as a whole banned Soviet statues in 1991, Vilnius only started tearing them down last year.
  13. There is a couple Swiss based guys on here, and I think most of them meet in Big Ben Pub. Bar the name, its a bit of a Tartan Tat Scottish Pub.... ie pictures of Eilean Donan Castle on the wall, bit of Tartan Wallpaper here and there... owner seems to be a tad eccentric on his Scottish history and has pictures of himself and his wife in kilts all over the place
  14. Apart from a supposed attitude problem (Ardley does like bring players like that to the club....................) whats he like?