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  1. Given how bottom the barrel we are just now for with central defenders, and he has not had a sniff in the last two squads says to me Strachan has seen nothing that is better than what we already have.... and to be honest, I would not put it past Strachan given his history over over looking players that do not fit into his style of play.
  2. Yeah, they did seem to rush through the summer of 1998 and Rangers hourly big signing period when Advocaat arrived. From what I recall (and what Slasher said) I think it was something that had been bubbling away throughout the mid 90's when Celtic where not making the progress that the fans had hoped for.... Tommy Burns had got Celtic playing good football (domestically) and they were really unlucky in season 95-96 to miss out on the league by a couple of points.... with 1996-97 the make or break season to stop Rangers equaling 9-in-a-row, with some pretty impressive signing, but ultimately their season fizzled out about a 1/3 of the way through the season, with the fans pointing the finger at McCann for that happening and his treatment of Burns being the last straw.
  3. Think it was glossed over a bit that one..... yes he was notoriously prudent compared to Murray, but wasn't the summer of 1998 a bit of a shambles for Celtic? Won their first title in a decade and Wim Jasen had quit within hours, then they stalled on appointing a new manager and ended up appointing a relatively unknown Eastern European and had not signed a player all summer. while Rangers had signed VERY big and was clear that they would have the league wrapped up pretty fast that following season.
  4. I suspect Strachan wasn't impressed with Cooper before the Denmark games in training, as he was someone he spoke pretty highly of when first called up, yet seemed one of the only players he didn't use (fair enough if not enough time to use him in a game, then give him a chance in the next set of game...which he didn't). Matt Smith the boy who scored for Oldham against Liverpool(?) few years back.... I know he is eligible, and always struck me as the type of player that would interest Strachan, yet name has never been mentioned since it was first made aware he could play for us.
  5. Which makes McCormack exclusion seem somewhat bizarre, but I think he has covered himself with the inclusion of Burke in the squad and I should have mentioned Ritchie as well..... which just shows that there is no real room for Adam in Strachan's squad (he has a key group of 5/6 attacking and wide players, and only has room for 3, maybe 4, proper holding midfielders, which at the moment is McArthur, Fletcher and Morrison).
  6. Yeah, reading this morning that Hearts are guaranteed £350k for him regardless of getting a fee for him or not before his contract expires and want something closer to £1m for him.
  7. Adam I think hardly gets a sniff because he does simply not fit into Strachans style of play..... he was more suited to Levein's style of play by keep the ball and slowing the game down to a snail pace (also he lived on the crest of that wave for his performance v Spain for a long time).... while Strachan prefers a more passing game and keeping the ball constantly moving, by getting it to players like Maloney, Bannan, Anya, Snodgrass and Naismith, with players like Brown and Morrison keeping the midfield ticking over and interacting with the forward line on the attack. Saying that, if any player should fit into Strachans style of play, its McCormack.....
  8. Jack Ruddy (18 year old keeper who went out Spain when his folks moved there and signed Real Murcia, but returned to UK to sign for Bury) is on the verge of signing for Wolves, but Man United also sniffing around apparently.
  9. SSN saying Hearts have rejected a 2nd bid from Wigan for Callum Paterson that was a improvement on their bid last week for him.
  10. Squad as I expected..... Had a feeling Greer was going to be called up simply because lack of options (Mulgrew has no club and has not kicked a ball all summer...... and apart from Wilson I can not think of anyone, as Soutter is nowhere near ready).... Hutton I also expected, as he must be due his one good game in ten round about now where he goes from looking so-so to a glimpse of his form 8-9 years ago...... Midfield nothing really to complain about...... Up front, Fletcher was always going to be there, and I doubt Strachan will look at club form when he picks his team for Malta..... McCormack put in a good shift v Czech Republic, and really should have been well ahead of Martin and at the moment Rhodes. Team I would play v Malta, ......................Marshall Paterson....Martin....Hanley.....Robertson ...............McArthur..Morrison ....Snodgrass...Naismith...Ritchie ........................Griffiths Team I (mostly) expect, ......................Marshall Hutton....Berra....Hanley.....Tierney .....................Morrison Forrest....Snodgrass.....Ritchie....Anya ...................S Fletcher
  11. Was McBean not on trial with Hibs and a couple of other clubs a year or two ago and it came to nothing? When Levein sounded him out he was only 16 or something and the Yanks were doing their usual praising him to the high heavens as the next big thing, yet his career does not seem to have panned out the way it was expected.
  12. Jim Leighton captained the side for a couple of games in 1995 (Kirin Cup and I think Faroes away).
  13. Suspect Strachan will promote McArthur to Browns spot (with probably Flecther or Morrison getting the captains armband, as they have been given it in the past..... though I think Grant Hanley is a good outside bet for that) with McGinn and Mcleod probably getting McArthurs spot of in and out the team. To be honest though, this is not the major disaster it would have been 8-9 years ago, as it actually is the one spot we do have some major depth with (granted, bit thin on real quality)
  14. Shame so soon to the qualifiers (though I am sure him and Strachan have been discussing this over the summer). Think Jame McArthur is probably the most likely candidate as a replacement (and really should have been getting his chance for a while now).
  15. Yeah noticed that (also had a laugh when they printed "World Cup... EU Qualifiers") most likely had stubs left over from last campaign which they are just using up.