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  1. Assistant at Albion Rovers. i do not think Strachan and Stark are pals as I think Strachan was out the door just as Stark was arriving at Aberdeen and can not think of any other interaction the two have had since
  2. This was on VERY late at night IIRC? Seem to recall it was very much in the OAE? area of comedy, and did have its moments with Jim White effectively playing his characterture from OAE? (Seem to recall Donald Findlay was on it and gave him the silly masons knuckle counting handshake as a joke) but grew old very fast with the second series extremely poor. also, seem to recall it was shown during the school summer holidays.
  3. Yes it was the Franchise for the McD's restaurant that Grant owns. Did McDougall not try get involved with the 2014 World Cup and now runs a football school in Brazil? Lee Wilkie works/ed for a music label in Dundee (Riverman Music who have Placebo on their books) when I spoke with him a few months ago.
  4. WC 98 campaign was when it started, but everyone seems to recall fondly the one campaign where we got lucky and every game was 3pm on a Saturday....any time we got a mid week qualifier the attendances dropped. Personally I did not mind the week of football at first (I thought it would effect more than it really has) but have come to dislike it recently. Can see why the FA's like it..... as many live games as possible, with all the money going into one pot to be distributed to the FA's, rather than trying to get tv deals here and there. In the eyes of UEFA they will view it as a success, and unfortunatly it is here to stay I feel.
  5. Given we have a qualifier a few days later, honestly do not think his squad will differ that much from his last one (except where no choice due to injury). Will probably (re)call up 2 or 3 players at the most, but its not going to be all that many (most likely likes of Ryan Frazer and Matt Phillips, but very unlikely to be the likes of Cairney and Palmer)
  6. Headliners for this new Glasgow Green version announced last night. Friday - Radiohead, Belle & Sebastian, Rag N' Boneman Sat - Kasabian, Catfish and the Bottleman, Kooks Sunday - Biffy Clyro, Twin Atlantic, Two Door Cinema Club and Blossoms. Already getting panned by the hardcore TiTP crowd..... Have to say I really like it, as its a good mixture that will appeal to a different rage of festival go'er (Friday will appeal more to your Wickerman/Electric Fields Style festival go'er who got fed up with TiTP years ago, while Sunday will attract your more hardcore TiTP/Ned/Bam festival go'er). Really considering about going on the Friday myself.
  7. Said also that that they knocked back approaches from England to take him on loan, and that his whole family are moving out to the area to support him.
  8. Last few hours to make sure you have your tickets purchased to be in with a chance of winning this great prize
  9. He has been used mostly as a sub who came on for the last 10-20 minutes of games. Certainly not started many games, so could be the case.
  10. Think Ritchie is a good player and certainly offers us something good in the team (he is one of the few players in the squad capable of getting a goal out of nothing) only thing is I do not think he is suited to Strachans style of play, as he does not have the pace to play wide and link up with the forward player we will use (while I think Ritchie is the much better player, Anya is the more suited to Strachans style of play).
  11. Not many in recent times but was used when Hampden was out of action in the late 90's (3-2 against Estonia) and a friendly v New Zealand under Vogts. Given construction work on the new main stand has started, I doubt it will be a option at the moment, and most likely between ER and Pittodrie.
  12. Allan McGregor joining Cardiff City on loan for the rest of the season according to Sky
  13. Used a number of different brands and makes over the years, and never stuck with any of them, but have used a Philips AquaTouch for the last 3/4 years now and by miles the best one and now my preferred option every time (also use King of Shaves Alphaoil Shave Oil every time and does the business!)
  14. Probably cup tied with Chelsea, as wasn't that the season you dropped down into the UEFA Cup and put out by Kaiserslautern round about Christmas time?
  15. Something like 1 in 2 IIRC, but I think he was ultimately signed for doing the business in Europe (which at the time seemed to take on greater emphasis than trying to win the SPL Title), where I think his record is very poor.