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  1. Fake. Umbro did a retro range relaunch of tracksuit tops and t-shirts about 2008ish (loads of people here purchased blue ones and got iron on Scotland patches purchased to make them).
  2. McBurnie seems to come with a lot of praise, but every time I see him he does not live up to the hype (couple of touches here and there, but as said above, he is built like a needle!). I do not think he will be the long term answer to our goal scoring problem, but if a future manager wants to use him in a similar style to how Strachan uses Steven Fletcher, I think he would be suited for that role.
  3. To be fair, almost all the ones born in England have went right through the system with Scotland. Sheppard, Sammut (IIRC his dad is from Malta, but his mum is Scottish) and McBurnie have certainly been around for a few years now on a regular basis, plus Cameron, Jules and Fulton have been there about as well.... James Jones is a name I have seen a few times over the years, but never a regular (think he was in the Victory Shield winning squad, but again, was not a regular).
  4. At first glance, not all that impressive of a squad, yet on closer inspection a fair chunk of that team is Gemmills U17 championship final team from 2014. Kyle Cameron looked really good at that level (in one of the qualifing games (v Belgium I think) he bossed the defense and recall Zak Jules looked a bit of bomb scare, and looked like he was only in the squad due to the fact he was 16 yet built like Mike Tyson in his prime (saying that, I think he was involved with Reading's first team during the preseason)....Jake Sheppard also looked pretty useful at that level. Heard good things on Alex Iacovitti, and with Jordan McGhee there also, maybe it is not all doom and gloom on the defensive front (even if 2 of them above mentioned can step up, that would be encouraging).
  5. Hearing is not until this afternoon, but the bookies seem to be changing their odd's by the minute (again, not a great indicator as that is based on what way the public are betting). Would imagine FA would have to promote from within (in the short term) so most likely Southgate.
  6. I think it was set up as a joke by someone who got banned on here (Ron?) and Robert took over the running of it after the guys that set it up got bored of it.
  7. Another shout out for the Raven (meets all the requirements in your original post). Hootenanny near St Enochs also, and maybe Stereo (but do not think it has screens in its bar area)
  8. Seem to recall SSC said 28th in one of their emails
  9. Group of us booked Jet2 Edinburgh-Vienna day after Slovakia home game.... Gets in about 6pm and a train to Graz a hour later for a night there before hopping across the border to Slovakia. Yeaterday I got Jet2 Dubrovnik-Stansted and Ryanair Stansted-Glasgow for £60.... Got 3 days to get from Ljublijana to Dubrovnik and got my eye on 3 or 4 routes going deeper into the former Yugoslavia to do so.
  10. Is there no also a story about him missing a game as a result of going on a bender with Blonde (the band) after a gig they did in Edinburgh?
  11. Usually I just head to Queens Park station, but last few times I have found myself walking to Pollokshaws Road and just jumping on a bus that will drop me off at Central Station, then just grab a pint there before train home (when there is a 25k+ crowd at Hampden, its certainly a lot faster doing it this way).
  12. Remember a mate stumbled across this phone number in the Ayrshire phone book in the 90's and we got him to phone him up as a dare, but think he got his wife who barely spoke a word of English
  13. Think he joined as a favor for Steve Archibald after he signed for St Mirren.
  14. Think he only played a hand full of games before his contract was terminated, and think his only goals came against Cyde in the cup.
  15. I think the bit that is getting folks backs up is that he has not actually said all the profits will be going to charity, just a donation from the profits will be made (no indication if that is 10-30-50-90-100% of them)