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  1. You are asking fans who voted for a late 90's Ned anthem to be used as goal celebration music to pick a shirt?...............
  2. The Republic of Ireland have just announced a new kit deal with New Balance that will start this summer, replacing their existing deal with Umbro. That is effectively Umbro's last major international shirt maker now gone (only other team I can think that they do is Serbia) so they will be looking for someone to wear their kits on the international stage soon............
  3. The Mexican Liga MX is designed in such a way that players do not need to look abroad (its pretty competitive and even teams that are bottom of the league are getting crowds of 20,000) plus the Mexico national team play a ridiculous amount of games over a year, so there is no real desire for the players to chase money from Europe (plus if money is a issue, the MLS is on their door step).
  4. I never said anything about being regulars, you just said that none of them would get near the first team as it was all part of a bung to some agent. Wild claims like? Only "wild claims" I have made over the years are Burke, Tom Crainey and Stuart Armstrong, plus Jordan Archer (who still has time on his hands), the rest have all progressed the way I expect (odd cap wonder's or fall from the picture completely).
  5. Were you not saying all the Falkirk boys who went to Swansea were all part of some bung to a agent and that none of them would get near the first team? As for Findlay, certainly doing no worse than if he had stayed at Celtic.
  6. Celtic heading out to Austria for 3 games (one v Strum Graz)
  7. Stuart Findlay? To be fair, he is now a regular fixture in Newcastles U23 squad that finished 3rd in their League and lost a play-off to Aston Villa the other week, plus did get some first team action during the season.
  8. No, because at the time he had just scored a cracker of a goal in a pre-season friendly and had be training with the first team out in Spain, and when I went on a Notts Forest forum to see if there was anything in this guy they were all raving about him (at the same time Kenny Millar in the Sun had also done a report on him, and he had been talking up Burke for 2 full years before anyone else had been). Seems to be his move to Mansfield after getting game time for Forest and the appointment of Steve Evans really hampered his season after a promising start.
  9. Just after Burke had signed for Leipzig I made a comment on Facebook about the transfer and NottsBankie came on and gave dissertation sized analysis of Lacovitti was the real one to look out for from Forest.
  10. Its one of those cases where you scoff it at first, but at the back of your mind you are thinking "actually would take him ahead of Moyes!".... but end of the day its would be walking on very thin ice for the SFA and one of those cases that it would take a very brave man from them to even go down that road.
  11. Sky Sports were actually saying last night Sunderland are using Smith as a adviser for their next manager
  12. Not sure if its worse, but Guardian asking the question about Big Sam for Scotland (or Wales....) https://www.theguardian.com/football/blog/2017/may/24/sam-allardyce-retired-crystal-palace-scotland-wales
  13. I think it would take a major hammering off England for Strachan to walk (ie 5-0....). If he was going to do it, he would have done it after Wembley, but after the Slovenia result he has got himself until the end of the campaign. Article seems to be based on the assumption that if Strachan was to walk after the England game, then Moyes would get the job based on him being the biggest name available at the moment and fact his stock in England is rock bottom just now, would not read anything to much into it (now, if he is still available in October, then there might be some truth to this)
  14. Hull City have offered Shaun Maloney a new 1 year deal, so probably end talk of Aberdeen and Hibs after him.
  15. They have tried a number of times to reintroduce them over the years, but never worked.......... in the late 90's (the salmon pink kit had them) and in the mid 00's.... this Everton kit is very reminiscent of their late 90's attempt at it. Was hearing yesterday that Killie might be getting hoops or that kit Morton fans kick up about last summer that forced the club to change their plans (though I have always thought that was a bit of a PR stunt to grab some headlines).... bit of a come down from this seasons kit which was a bit smart.