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      ATAC produced a guide to Bratislava and Trnava prior to our recent visit. If you saw this, did you use it? Was it of any help?
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  1. Usually at weekends in winter, with blueberries and Agave Nectar (honey substitute, as I do not have much of a sweet tooth, but I do like this stuff in my porridge). Only thing me and the wife disagree on is texture.... she likes a sloppy, soup like texture, while I prefer it thick to the point that I can use it as mortar for building a wall
  2. First episode seemed to be all over the place and was ready to give up on it there and then..... 2nd episode it started to come together but still really confusing what it is actually all about, but actually starting to get really into it. Going to watch the 3rd episode tonight before the 4th one is on tv this week.
  3. a good (a do mean A GOOD!!!!) 5 minute walk to Norbiton station. The station is in the middle of a housing estate which you have to wind your way through to get to the main road.... there you have a couple of places (Fat Boy's Cafe is a good place to grab something to eat) and the ground is just down the road a little bit. Its totally different than when Wimbledon play, as Kingstonian only play to crowds of 150-250ish (probably be a slightly bigger attendance at this match with Dulwich (someone was once telling me that apparently they keep a swear jar in their section and anyone who uses fowl or offensive words or chants has to pay a fine )
  4. It is very easy to get the bug once you get that first article published. Friend of mine said I should write something, but was always a case of "what?" and if it would be good/interesting enough....... For the next edition of The Football Pink I have written a 1000 word article on the Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal (which I knocked off in about 45 minutes) and (though not many) has already opened a couple of other doors and some other things in the pipeline for further down the road.
  5. Reports from Macedonia that they have made enquiries to us for a game in November (but same article says they have also asked Turkey and Norway).
  6. No, anyone can contribute..... they have a section on their website where you just email the editor with your proposal and if they like it then they ask you to submit something. Given it was their first edition, almost all the contributions made are from people who are pretty well known on the independent football writing circuit (their names appear from time and time in things like Blizzard and WSC)
  7. NZS still have it up as TBC on their website
  8. Dulwich are the non-league team that have a pretty hard core Ultra's section (in a good way) who are developing a kind of old school St Pauli reputation? Not much around the ground (couple of cafe's and a restaurant, but no pubs) but one of the two bars in the main stand should be open.... when I go down for AFC Wimbledon games and coming in from Central London I usually get off at Wimbledon for a pint in the Prince of Wales and meet up with mates, then train down to Norbiton for a few pre-match and at h/t in the main stand bar.
  9. End of the day its all about making money and no doubt the SFA/UEFA will have put it out to tender, so its naturally they will go with the highest bidder (someone on one of the Facebook groups got a letter back from STV basically saying they can not compete with Sky for the rights to show the matches)
  10. Yeah, guy who has done the article on Tartan Army Fundraising Feats sounds a right shady character
  11. For anyone interested in this kind of thing, the latest edition of The Football Pink is all about Scottish football. https://footballpink.net/2016/10/19/7530/
  12. Think that boat has long gone..... he took the Iceland job on as a long term project, and at 68 I really doubt he would be up for another one involving us.
  13. Sod that! Brno-Yerevan double header
  14. After the recent results I doubt very much there will be a game around the England game. If we are beat next month, then I would have my doubts that there will even be a game in March also around the Slovenia game (let the new manager come in and focus solely on that), with probably our next friendly most likely at the end of May before we go into the England at Hampden game. 2016 has been a bit of over kill for away games, so I suspect 2017 will see mostly home friendlies (just a case of do we get one in March depending on the ,manager situation, but I fully expect one in May).
  15. Very much doubt there will be any trouble, and with it being remembrance weekend probably find security in central London might be a slightly bit higher than it usually is. Last few visits to Wembley (and London) have been no problem (odd scrap here and there, but that could happen anywhere we travel)..... its the last couple of games in Glasgow that have had the more poisonous atmosphere that felt like it could kick off at the drop of a hat (while Wembley has actually been very enjoyable). Heard a number of folk say avoid the bars around Baker Street, as this is where the hard core of the English support drink pre-match. Also need to remember for after the game that this will be English pub laws, so most places will be shut by time you get back into central London.