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  1. 4034 tickets

    1954 Malta tickets sold going by SSC latest tweet.
  2. scotland retro shirts

    Copa still do a couple..... but you can buy the 67 and 78 shirts in JD Sports. There is also a Spanish retro shirt makers who do a rather good Scotland shirt (name of company escapes me just now)
  3. Scottish Players Summer Transfer Rumours

    Part of the reason I have always felt why Hanley comes in for stick is because people think he is older than he really is..... most people will probably think he is 26/27ish, when actually he is only 24 (probably because he was capped so young, so feels like he has been around for a long time, plus he was made Blackburn Captain at such a early age). Newcastle I think will be a good move for him and probably see his performances step up a gear, and we will (hopefully) see a better player when he does reach his peak at 26/27-ish..... just wish we had a partner to play beside him (Hanley and Martin do play well together, but it has always felt like they were put together with no real long term plans to keep them together, yet there has not been a reason to drop either...even though Strachan has tried other idea's in friendlies).
  4. Jack Harper

    Certainly played up front for Scotland in games I have seen him in (also think I caught a Real Madrid NextGen game on Eurosport where he played front them)..... Maybe Brighton have moved him into a more wide position of late. Given Brighton's form last season (sure towards the end of the season they scored something like 14 goals in 3 games at one point) missing half the season through injury was never going to help. Expect to start seeing him on the bench for the 1st team a lot more next season
  5. Jack Harper

    He missed half of last season through injury (think he had a back operation last summer, so would have been in the same position no matter if he stayed with Real or not). Suspect he will get his chance this season now he is getting a full pre-season.... only thing is Chris Hughton is notorious for being faithful to players who are holding on to the shirts there and then (that is part of the reason Greer spent a lot of the time on the bench last season when he was their captain after he came back from injury) so if Brightons first choice strikers get off to a good start, he may have a long wait before he gets a long run in the first team (to be honest though, Brighton made no secret that Harper was signed as one for the future).
  6. Yeah, the Estonian team was the one I had my eye on, but they had to get past a team from Israel first, so this is probably the best all round from the options.
  7. Think the draw has been about as kind as it could be to Aberdeen, as there was a lot of teams I wanted to avoid, but not many I would say were better than what we got..... certainly on paper no worse than we have had in this round in previous years (plus no trip almost a 1/3 of the way around the World for us). Not a great chance of play off round, but certainly the best chance out of all the Scottish teams in Europa League.
  8. Belgrade/Chisnau

    Belgrade is really nice with a lot to see and do (good city for walking around in).... great place to go for something to eat is "Sta Je Tu Je" which is a back street local tavern type place that does great and cheap food. Chisnau I only spent 24 hours in back in 2004...... its errrrrrmmmmmmm, nice. It suffers some what that it was just a back water provincial Soviet city, so there is not a lot to see and do there (it certainly does not have the charm or interest as places like Riga, Vilnius, Tallinn, Kyiv, Yerevan and Tbilisi have, and I have been in small cities in Western Ukraine that have more to do and more pleasing on the eye.... But I still hold it higher up than the likes of Minsk), but it is/was ridiculously cheap!!! We went to a small restaurant on the main drag through the city center.... 6 of us for 3-4 hours drinking beer and wine on a loop, 4 course meal that consisted of the whole leg of the cow... mate asks for the bill, which the waitress brings across.... Glenn suddenly has a look of shock on his face and we think "feck! we have went over board....", and he says to the waitress "no, the bill for the whole table, not just me....."... turns out our combined bill came to something like £5 each!. While there, maybe look into a trip to the unofficial republic of Transnistria and its capital Tiraspol (it seems to get a better reputation for the tourist stuff than Chisinau does).
  9. Andy Watson replaces McCall

    Apparently he has been working as technical director at a Northern Conference team (where Gordon Strachan son was manager) after getting sack from Notts County (does not look like he followed Eck to Egypt recently).
  10. Andy Watson replaces McCall

    Sfa just confirmed that Andy Watson will be joining Strachans coaching set up as a replacement for McCall for the World Cup campaign
  11. New Hamilton Accies kit (also the new shirt sponsor get the name rights to NDP for something like £700k)
  12. Hampden store

    They do have the mobile shops on match day (but unsure if they sell Adidas kits though.....) Queens Park shop is just a little broom cupboard in the south stand beside on the pie stalls.
  13. Hampden store

    The tat JD Sports sell on their website (water bottles, key rings, dolls, pencil kits, badges etc....) which can only get online and not in store? The shop used to actually be good as you could get some things in their during the Diadora days that you could not pick up in the shops.
  14. Kanous Or Villnias ?

    Lithuania v Malta to be played in Vilnius, with tickets €16-30 (or a 15% discount if buy as part of a package with a friendly v Latvia) and purchased through a ticket master site.
  15. Think after the Riga game a couple of years back, everyone seems to think that its just canon fodder in this round of Europe..... certainly was not the case last year against the Macedonian team, and Floa Esch have been able to get draws away from home against the likes of Dinamo Zagreb and IFK Gotenburg, hardly our worst every result in Europe (certainly no worse than Zalgiris Vilnius 3-1 at home or Skonto Riga.....). Speaking to friends in Latvia, they all say we should beat Ventspils no problem (probably not on same scale as Daugava) as they are a bit behind Liepāja in terms of quality.