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  1. Luxembourg Internation to Metz

    Should be plenty of bikes sitting around
  2. Yes, I'll pm you
  3. Luxembourg Internation to Metz

    Hi, I will be getting the train from Charleroi to Metz with changes at Namur and Luxemburg. Did you book your tickets on the day of travel and would it be worth buying a ticket to Luxemburg then another to Metz? I know that it's much cheaper buying tickets at the station on the day when traveling in eastern Europe but not sure about Belgium/France
  4. Do you have a space available on the return trip? I'm on the 21:55 flight back to Edinburgh on Sunday
  5. Hello again,

    I've booked my flights to Malta for the Italy game. Can you let me know how to pay for the booze cruise & coach if it's still available,



  6. Brussels Airport

    Jet 2 flying from Prague on Sunday depart 20:50 arrive in Edinburgh 22:30 £73
  7. Brussels Airport

    Just had a look. Ryanair on Sunday, Depart Prague 10:05, arrive London Stanstead 11:05, £49 Ryanair Stanstead depart 12:30 to Edinburgh arrive13:15, £55. This may be a bit tight. Two friends missed connection out to Prague due to problems going through security at Stanstead. Better option might be to spend a few hours at Stanstead then fly Easyjet to Edinburgh departing 16:05, £56