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  1. None that I know of Thomson Sport were supposed to be taking over where passport travel left I booked with them once and then they cancelled the trip Never found out why passport stopped ?
  2. I just took someones word for it when I was ranting about him on twitter. My fault for not checking it out. My apologies orraloon for misleading
  3. I concur I assume you know "John from Aberdeen" (on GMS speed dial) is apparently John from Peterhead ?. A tory councillor no less
  4. Thanks stocky you knew what I was on about. My fault for not being clearer. She had her postal vote already sealed in the given envelope. When she handed it to the guy in the polling station. He put it in a big envelope. I thought I had read somewhere that it should be in a sealed box. Like I say. I Should have been clearer. Sorry
  5. Cheers Clyde That's why I was asking. I was in the polling station voting and my GF was handing in her postal vote. The guy just stuck it in an envelope ?. Didn't think that was very secure
  6. Should it be put in a sealed box or is a BIG envelope allowed ?
  7. Launch it oot the upstairs windae. Then stick yir heid oot and say " Cannae stand that ##### Murphy !" Neighbours will never mess with you after that !
  8. I'm with you Alba but I don't even think that many. Anything under 50 and creepy jim will be seen as a hero !
  9. Elementary about to start again series 3. Johnny Lee Miller brilliant as Sherlock
  10. Cheers shed TA
  11. Thanks for that Seen that hotel on booking.com
  12. Again Been there but no idea where I stayed. Anyone with any suggestions I would appreciate it. Apologies to everyone who answered the Paris thread but apparently " we can go to Paris another time "
  13. All changed K. Going to Madrid noo Thank you everybody for your help though