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  1. The Aaron Ramsey celebrity death goal strikes again, last 3 times he scored, osama bin ladan, gaddafi and now whitney houston all died a few hours later........

  2. Anyone looking for Noel Gallagher tickets for AECC givs a shout, I know of someone selling some

  3. Get pumpin in...........................

  4. I see david weir is leaving rangers, 2nd captain this week to leave a sinking ship....

    1. Tartan Tammy 1314

      Tartan Tammy 1314

      Can Lewis McGuigan play for us then?Has he got a Scottish Grand Parent in the wood work somewhere?What about calling Chris Humphrie up for the Slovenia game?He has been in the Jamaica squad,but has not been capped.He is lightning fast,and could hurt teams even if it was off the bench for twenty mins.Think its his Mum he can play for us through,who is from Kilmarnock.Shelvey and Phillips will no doubt be in.Fair enough we are to small,not to use the rules in our favour.We need all the players...

  5. Natasha giggs has entered big brother....makes a change from big brother entering her

  6. So glad transferred Jones out my dream

  7. Happy boxing day

  8. to all those getting excited cos they have a few extra days off just now in the middle of the winter, I'll be thinking of you when i have one of my 12 weeks off when the weather is much better :-)

  9. Never in doubt........O_O

  10. Can we have a minutes silence at the sad loss of champions league football in Manchester this season

  11. Hopefully United will struggle in Europe again tonight. Even though they are in the easiest group to get out of since 'The Sugababes'

  12. A small boy has a school home work question to answer, so he asks his father " Hey Dad, what's the difference between 'theoretically' and 'realistically'?" His Dad thinks for a while and then says "Right-o son.....go and ask your mother if she'd sleep with David Beckham for a million quid." The boy trots off and comes back saying "Dad, dad, she said she would! She would sleep with David Beckham for a million pounds." "OK son," says his dad. "Now go and ask your sister the same question." The ...

  13. Just bought a Jehovah's Witness advent calendar, Every time you open a door, someone tells you to pump off.

  14. I see the gary speed jokes have started, sick pumpers