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  1. Confirmed bookings with all payments now received. Solway TA x 14 Expat x 2 mariokempes x 1 delboy x 3 Fraser Smith x 2 Thacker x 2 Bob the Builder x 2 BayernBru x 6 Gary Burst Ballons x 2 kumnio x 5 Colin Wheatley x 3 Ed Murray x 1 C Mc x 3 Mike Macdonald x 3 Departure point will be posted around 1 week before the game. Bus is now full.
  2. Bus now full. Thanks for all the interest. Cat
  3. Thanks for the information. I shall investigate! Cat
  4. In addition to the quote above. Colin Wheatley x 3 Ed Murray x 1 C Mc x 3 (pending) 3 seats still available.
  5. Updated confirmed bookings with 10 seats still available. Solway TA x 14 Expat x 2 mariokempes x 1 delboy x 3 Fraser Smith x 2 Thacker x 2 bobthebuilder x 2 BayernBru x 6 Gary Burst Balloons x 2 kumnio x 5
  6. Money received. Thanks. Pick up point will be posted a week before the game. Apparently, there are Presidential elections taking place on match day. The bus company aren't sure what roads will be open during this period. Pick up point should/will be close to the Old Town. Cat
  7. Pay via PayPal. See original post for details. Can you let me know when the transfer has taken place. I'll then confirm your booking.



  8. Update on bookings so far. Solway TA x 14 Expat x 2 mariokempes x 1 delboy x 3 Fraser Smith x 2 BayernBru x 6 (pending)
  9. The Solway Tartan Army are running a match day bus from Bratislava to Trnava and return journey. 1. Tuesday 11 October 16. 2. Departing at 1200 from Old Town. Exact location TBC nearer the time. 3. Return immediately after the match. 4. £9 for return journey. 5. Pay via PayPal to mikeewilson@hotmail.com or PM me for alternative method. 6. 35 seats available. Add name to list. Booking only confirmed after payment has been received. Solway Tartan Army x 14 Regards, Cat
  10. The Scotch Corner Pub, 81 St Simon Street, Buggiba. Visited a couple of times during the trip for the Italian game. Run by Doug a Scotsman and his partner Christine. It's a quiet pub about a 5 minute walk from Buggiba Square. If you have time pop in and say hello. I am sure they would appreciate any business you could put their way! If you do visit, watch out for Albert! You have been warned.
  11. Yes. PM me for the details. Cat
  12. Cat, any more seats going? Just the one ticket please - nae mates!


    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. CAT


      I see on the TAMB you are still looking for a seat on another bus.

      Do you still require a seat to the game?


    3. neilypiece


      Hey Cat!

      Apologies! Just the one seat! When I messaged you the other night my laptop died on me and I wasn't sure if the message had gotten through as I couldn't find the thread afterwards!

      No, I just need the one seat so please reserve just the one for me and I'll see in Munchies the day of the game!



    4. CAT


      Ok, see you in September.


  13. PM me. I have a bus running from Qwara. The Cat