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  1. Europa League 2016-17

    Do you think I didn't know he'd copied and pasted it?????
  2. Europa League 2016-17

    Fair do's Good knowledge!
  3. Europa League 2016-17

    Quite a feat I'm sure you'll agree :-)
  4. Europa League 2016-17

    Your posts often amuse me - and you're part of the running fraternity :-) But, think today you're defending the indefensible. Agree to disagree...
  5. Europa League 2016-17

    Nope (I'm quoting the BT commentator here!!). Individual matches in these early rounds
  6. Europa League 2016-17

    Fair do's - so long as you boys are comfortable with our teams losing to the European heavyweights of Lux, Gib and Malta
  7. Europa League 2016-17

    So already this season Scottish clubs have lost to teams from Luxembourg, Gibraltar and now Malta. We are total footballing backwater, yet football remains such a huge deal in this country. Doesn't add up really (might be a bit premature with the Malta bit!)
  8. Europa League 2016-17

    Yeah. and as I understand, it's FC Krasnodar that Hearts may play. (I think - still not 100% sure)
  9. Europa League 2016-17

    Was it not Kuban Krasnodar that you played (now in the Russian equivalent of the Championship), not to be confused with FC Krasnodar that Hearts may play. I think....
  10. Messi

    Although won't do any 'Time' according to Spanish law
  11. Messi

    21 months in the nick according to Spanish media!!
  12. Wales - Belgium

    Excellent half of football that. Hopefully more to come
  13. france v ireland

    Certainly hope you're right. Albeit only friendly matches, the last two games have really knocked the stuffing out of me