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  1. I done it - my lasting memory of it will be the support from the locals in the towns. They were outstanding!
  2. Have a look at the Ross Co V Accies highlights. Not that there was many, but the Accies fans were shoehorned right in beside the corner flag whilst the rest of the stand (including behind the goals) lay empty. Cant have made for much a view - meanwhile the better seats are lying completely empty.
  3. Dundee play at Dens on Saturday, - that's the only reason the game is on Friday.
  4. Buckie in the clear and thus should wrap up the title tomorrow
  5. Yeah they should win that. Although Cove recently could only draw 0-0 with them - a result that looks like costing them the title.
  6. Yes been keeping a very keen eye on it, but didn't know about the ineligible player situation. That would be tough on Buckie if they were to lose league on the strength of that, especially after such an amazing season. (seemingly from nowhere too - has someone put money into Buckie?)
  7. And also Thomas Cruise. Went on to have a very successful career in the film industry.
  8. Really in the sh!t now..
  9. If the allocation goes through as per this article, Oceania given a slot at the finals (as opposed to just a play off they have just now) - so to all intents and purposes New Zealand guaranteed a World Cup final place from 2026 onwards. Wonder if Australia will try to crawl their way back into Oceania...
  10. Do they not? I must say I thought England usually had their friendlies sorted out way in advance - perhaps not this time. England game is a fortnight after the cup final, so could work out that a number of players will go a few weeks without a game beforehand (in the case of any players in the Championship in England who aren't involved in the play off, about a month I'd have thought!)
  11. Totally preposterous that, on the fairly reasonable assumption we'll take on a friendly game the week before the England game, we actually have no idea what our next match is! SFA in a nutshell....
  12. Having looked well detached a couple of weeks ago, Cowdenbeath could escape yet. They play Clyde a week on Saturday in a huge match (and Edinburgh the week after who aren't safe themselves).
  13. In the knowledge that you're a Clyde fan, and all that they've brought to the table - you'll be feeling a touch anxious after last night.
  14. I would definitely have a look at him v Canada. Sadly there's no way in this world Strachan would ever call up a player from Partick Thistle