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  1. TAMB used to have a really good horse racing thread. Seems to have died on its' feet....
  2. Scary thought is that Scotland could be looking for a manager in a few weeks time, and he could well be on the lookout for a job himself **shudders**
  3. Not last night
  4. Ross Wallace, Jamie Murphy, Stephen Fletcher and Barry Bannan all on the park in tonight's Brighton v Sheff Wed match. Bannan a standout and running the show
  5. He (and his teammates to be fair) has been poor. The big lad upfront for Lincoln completely bossing it. Sadly, still reckon Berra is our best centre half...
  6. I was in Glasgow city centre (4pm ish) after the match and unless I knew any better, you wouldn't have thought there had even been a game on. Saw as many Partick and Dundee Utd fans as I did Rangers and Celtic.
  7. Aye it was! I'm just reading it back to myself and laughing heartily.
  8. Didn't know that - cheers
  9. Good header from Lindsay there - might just turn out to be Scotland material (especially given the options we have there just now)
  10. Can't think of any occasion when a team has scored two goals in as quick succession - anyone think of anything quicker?
  11. Maybe its age, but I've become immune to the "party songs". Doesn't make it right though. Though Thistle had contained Celtic quite well, but it was a great cross from Griffiths - right into Andy Gray's corridor of uncertainty
  12. Naw - just wondering about this Bjorn(?) Johnsen