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  1. Whilst you are without doubt correct, I can't pretend I didn't enjoy reading it!
  2. Sliema To Stadium Return

    If there's such a thing as a reserve list (or another bus) for the Malta match from Sliema, then can I have two seats please
  3. Left back and height

    Strachan needs to stop worrying about the opposition and focus on his own team. I find myself getting increasingly exasperated with him to be honest
  4. The Right Back Problem

    Wee bit disappointed that Strachandidn't try somebody else at RB over the two games, even just for 15 minutes or so.I'm pretty sure the majority of us would agree that neither Hutton or Whittaker are up to the job. It was a pity that Paterson pulled out injured, but I'd have liked to seen something else being experimented upon. Granted there seems to be a dearth of talent in this position, but there's surely other Scottishright backs cutting around in the SPL (even the championship) That was Whittaker's first game since October and with RemiGarde getting the bullet at Villa, Hutton might well fall out the picture there too. Reason alone to have a look at somebody else. (PS I'm fully aware that I've not come up with many names but I don't watch as much club football these days)
  5. Germany v England

    Don't watch much of Germany or Bayern Munich, but thought the tactic Neur taking a wee short pass (sometimes to the full back area!) at every goal kick was a bit strange. Was that out the ordinary for Neuer / Germany?
  6. 2016 Tamb Running Thread

    Thats a huge PB! Well done. I was a couple of minutes out of mine but was first half for seven or eight months having been injured for a quite a while. I went off too fast early on and paid the price in the last couple of miles. Was really quite warm at times and I found myself really dehydrated towards the end. I enjoyed it though and was good to be back at that kind of distance. PS - I thought you said it would be flat!!
  7. Rangers players in squad by qualifiers.

    I was a fan of him at United (putting me in a minority) although I'd readily concede he wasn't international standard. I've not watched him in Poland or Turkey either so can't comment on his progress. To be fair we're quite well served for left backs (other than Strachan's baffling choice of Whittaker on occasions) and wouldn't see the need to call him up. Strachan needs to come round to Andy Roberston being the number one left back, irrespective of who the opposition is -defensively is just as good (or just as bad depending on your viewpoint!)) as the rest of them, and far away our best LB going forward. And puts in the best crosses of any of our players.
  8. Rangers players in squad by qualifiers.

    Been watching the Polish and Turkish league closely then?
  9. 2016 Tamb Running Thread

    Yes - me. Looking forward to it Have you done it before? If so what's the course like?
  10. Dundee Utd comeback thread

    Bit mischievous this thread! 2nd top v bottom of the league, and therefore Aberdeen are of course favourites to win the match. A fortnight ago United were almost 100% relegated, and now have gave ourselves a glimmer of hope. I'm sure, even though there is all of a sudden a cause for a wee bit of optimism, most United fans will still have us as strong favourites to go down (granted could possibly change come 10pm tonight)
  11. Freezing beer

  12. Freezing beer

    That's actually a decent shout. Might get a few Dark Islands together instead
  13. Times are bit strained in the household this month, but have free tickets for Kelso races on Saturday and as I'vestill to tick that course off, so I'm keen to go anyway. We need to head off about half eight in the morning and was considering (rather than buying pints at circa £4.50 a time) taking a few cans into the racecourse (I think its OK to do that?). First race isn't until about two o'clock, so i was thinking of putting my beers in the freezer overnight and by the time we get to the races in the afternoon the beer will be sitting nicely chilled (and de-frosted!). I've never actually frozen beer though before - does it go funny? does the can expand massively?? Anybody know?
  14. Paris orly to metz

    Am I right in assuming you can get from Orly to Metz andMetz to Orly by train pretty easily? Nothing against anybody getting a bus, but there seems to be a real desire for folk to get buses organised for this journey making me think that maybe the train isn't as straight-forward as I had hoped.
  15. The big game tonight

    McNamara never got the best out of him. Under Houston he was a one trick ponybut an effective one at that -his performance in the home tie v Dinamo Moscow being no greater example; United's tactics that were to get the ball to GMS and let him run at them - he ran then ragged. McNamara tried to change his style by changing wings and it just never worked for him. Not seen much of him in a Celtic jersey but gather he's not exactly setting the heather on fire