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  1. You could well be right there actually (and a not entirely out the question scenario either!!). But even if you are, given he's picked a 27 man squad, surely he could have picked one less midfielder and another striker instead.
  2. To think - at the Derby v Villa match at the weekend, of the 18 players named by both sides, the following players were eligible for us Craig Forsyth, Craig Bryson, Johnny Russell, Chris Martin, Ross McCormack and Alan Hutton. Out of that lot I genuinely think he picked the two worst
  3. Kevin McDonald - seemingly from nowhere. What was the point on those Italy and France games
  4. Top marks for mentioning Ivo den Bieman!! Not heard that name for a while!! (I seem to recall thinking he was pretty decent!)
  5. Annan 1-0 up v Celtic in the first minute.
  6. Might be... But personally not so sure. Goodness knows how the bookies even managed to put prices against those games
  7. Can only echo Captain - superb work and thoroughly appreciated Cheers
  8. Do you think I didn't know he'd copied and pasted it?????
  9. Fair do's Good knowledge!
  10. Quite a feat I'm sure you'll agree :-)
  11. Your posts often amuse me - and you're part of the running fraternity :-) But, think today you're defending the indefensible. Agree to disagree...
  12. Nope (I'm quoting the BT commentator here!!). Individual matches in these early rounds
  13. Fair do's - so long as you boys are comfortable with our teams losing to the European heavyweights of Lux, Gib and Malta