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  1. Home section tickets

  2. Home section tickets

    Think that might be it sold out now. What bizarre system they seem to have in place!
  3. Home section tickets

    Tribune NORD HAUTE Access E Not entirely sure what or where that is!
  4. Home section tickets

    At one point I had a £99 ticket from Ticketbis in my basket this morning - then came to my senses. My 60euro ticket that I did get, not that much cheaper right enough! Where's your - and everyone else's for that matter - ticket for?
  5. Home section tickets

    I managed to get one. Wasn't cheap and nowhere near the Scotland end. It would only allow me to buy one at the time, but will see if I have any luck getting some more. Seems like their system only allows them to sell a handful at a time or something
  6. Home section tickets

    I've had that same problem on a desktop, Had them in my basket a couple of times and then at payment its lobbed me out
  7. Home section tickets

    one please!
  8. Edinburgh City

    One season (and a more recent one than the one you refer to) they got 61 points and finished third and made the play offs. For the avoidance of doubt, promotion + relegation from League 2 is a concept that I'm in favour of. I'm just a little irked at the fact that in some quarters Shire's relegation (and quite possibly in turn the death of the club) is being revelled in. No one can deny that they have had a fair number lowly league placings, they also have had their moments too. (Challenge cup semi finalists 2000/01 season as an example) Fans of other clubs might want to be careful what they wish for. Would I be right in saying that (as an example) Forthbank is actually owned by a skint Stirling Council sat on top ofa piece of lucrative land?Not that I wish it for a second, but Albion could find themselves in an too familiar position as the Shire in years to come.......
  9. Edinburgh City

    Or put alternatively, only once in the last three seasons
  10. Edinburgh City

    What team do you support and what do they bring to the table?
  11. Hamilton Races

    I doubt it very much but, I wonder if Folkestone may make a Hereford style comeback one day? I know they kept Arabian racing going at Hereford and used the facilities for events and what not, but I get the feeling Folkestone may be gone for good. Don't think the racing or facilties were up to much right enough....
  12. Hamilton Races

    Going tonight? I half thought about it, but giving it a miss in lieu of sitting about the house drinking wine and eating crisps. Got York, Ripon and Sedgefield planned for later this year which will take to 20+ courses. You must have nearly done them all now??
  13. Manchester Aiport

    Cheers for that!! Thanks. Think my timeframe is a bit tight when I go there, but 10-15 minutes should be adequate. Thanks again
  14. Manchester Aiport

    Another Manchester airport query... How long does it take, roughly, to get from the train station to Terminal 3?
  15. Home section tickets