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  1. a club that clearly retains an ethos that your average woking class man can relate to.
  2. its not bad. But Juve taking Pogba on a free transfer from Man Utd, developing him over a couple of years and then flogging him back to Man Utd for £90m trumps everything. I am astonished so little is/was made of this - consipracy through utter embarassment.
  3. Sky and Dan Cake will desperately try to keep your custom.
  4. thanks for the overview of your job. of interest to all.
  5. I'm a proud Californian but............
  6. haha - point bludgeoned home yet again. only two more times today to meet our OCD quota. great entertainment.
  7. if that is what you take away from that clip then it says more about your myopic views and shows up your lack of credibility.
  8. something tells me Loon has been educating his community for years........
  9. so you keep saying. again, again, and again. And that's just on here.......
  10. we being the Tories. "hope i am wrong". "pains me to say" etc etc another year of this pish. oh joy.
  11. yes, Loon. Go on, give some more anecdotal examples.
  12. Loon, the lone SNP supporter, swimming in a never ending sea of hostility of friends, constituents, councillors and now his employer.............Lets hope 2017 cuts you a break and you get the rest you deserve sweet prince......
  13. A largely complicit media, the SFA, a gaggle of rent a quote out of work managers, and (obviously) the current management team would have us believe that what we are seeing is the best that can be done with the current crop of players. Utter pish but a lot of our fans completely swallow this.
  14. poster with a fear/hatred of immigrants calls out other posters for being narrow minded. blinkered and facist-like. Pretty much sums up the Tory/UKIP philosophy. what a wonderful country to be living in.
  15. 1. if evidence presents itself that other managers are homophobic or racist, then i would hope the appropriate action would be taken. This though specifically concerns Scotland, a team we all support, and supporters have a view as to whether the appontment of MacKay is appropriate. 2. if you look at the SFA's supposed stance on fair play, equality and stamping out racism, then I would say the appointment of MacKay is not appropriate if viewed against the ethos that supposedly informs the SFA's position. 3. aside from his views, or perhaps previously held views, he is a manager whose abilities would seem to be in decline and therefore this depressingly fits the mould of the type of person the SFA now seem happy to bring into the structure of the Scottsh game 4. In connection to that, I fail to see how his previous record in football qualifies him to be a effective Performance Director. Points 1-4 suggest to me that the appointment is poor. I would suggest that a lot of people criticising the appointment have considered these four points. Collectively it all adds up to yet more ineptitude from the SFA and our game will never ever improve unless this depressingly myopic vision that the SFA has is completely rooted out. You are implying that the critcism however is just part of general criticism directed at the SFA and suggest you are are not part of this criticism and are quite happy with this appointment. If indeed that is the case then you'll be delighted that it is very likely that the next 10 years will probably be on a par with the past 10 years for the national team.