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  1. keep that schtum or Strachan will be calling up all their Scottish players for the next squad.........
  2. interested to see how McGinn and Cummings perform today.........
  3. we need a Davis Cup event or jubilee type street parties. thats what we need.
  4. we dont need the divsion that international football/sports brings with it at this time. as i understand, the country is coming together......
  5. its fun seeing such a sanctimonious and random response. I'll leave you and our esteemed manager to your English Championship love-in. (I'll also leave you to your emojis and "haha"s. Bizarre).
  6. God, where to start; off the top of my head and over Strachan's tenure - Hutton, Martin, Greer, Hanley, Forsyth, the snail paced Ritchie, Fletcher....... you're obsessed about a perception of playing at a higher level. use your eye to judge the ability of a player - not what he does against Burton Albion.....
  7. I'd rather some Hibs players from the Scottish Championship be called up that some of the same old dross from the English Championship. a good international manager should spot the potential of any player regardless of who the opposition is.
  8. it is diffiicult to make sense of the Scottish political landscape if you take into consideration the indy referendum outcome, the rise of the SNP, the demise of Labour, Brexit and many former Labour voters recent dalliance with the Tories. Polls are going to be all over the place. And finally there is no accounting for the basic stupidity of the average voter where many base their voting intention on misinformation, a personal dislike of someone or a whim. In my humble opinion, anyone living in Scotland who previously voted Labour, Libs, Greens or SNP and are now intending voting Tory should have to wear a rosette to publicise this for one year after the election. those that regularly vote Tory are easy to identify in anycase.
  9. New Neighbourhood Officers will oversee the cleansing and maintenance of local areas - someone who knows the streets and public spaces they’re responsible for and someone that local people will know how to contact to get things done.
  10. the turn of phrase of the desperate. up there with "anyone who has played the game knows that......" or the slightly more self-aggrandising "anyone who has played the game to a decent level knows that........"
  11. "back to you Gordon and the boys in the studio".........
  12. Kid as in goat? are you a veterinarian historian? fantastic - how do animals react to hearing about the number of horses killed in the first world war? or the number of animals scarificed in the space race? your students must be be livid and righly so.
  13. and this highlights the issue of who would you like to see play and who would you think Strachan will end up playing. in terms of the formerr it is amazing how so many people go for one up front. Strachan has brainwashed so many into thiniking there cant be two strikers. its impossible apparently for Scotand to play with two strikers as we need people to push on and we need a fluid system.
  14. never erver debate with an over indulgent emoji man, ever. if the rules of twitter apply then it equals lost argument, mentaller and in all likleihood simpleton (with a dash of casual racism thrown in from time to time).
  15. yes - we have oustanding ability in reserve that are just being overlooked. there are eligible players 10 times better than that being picked currently.