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  1. straight out the EDL hand book
  2. My quote button is knackered - re Ormond, Fergie.... Off the Ball gave the story that the team bus was coming back from somewhere in the pishing rain and saw Fergie walking alone along busy road, clearly trying to head back to Hamilton. They agreed to give him a lift but ended up kicking him back off the bus 10 mins later due to the abuse he started to dish out to all the players, Apparently they had won that day as well...........
  3. Given the lack of transparency over what actually constitutes expenditure and given the figures are HMG owned and produced, it could be quite reasonable for SNP to argue that: a) in previous years GERS were accurate given how little HMG were concerned with any independence movement b ) with the significant rise in support for independence, without transparency, the figures could be deemed to be politically influenced c) even if the figures were representative of the actual picture, all it confirms is a shockingly inept model of Westminster economic governance The SNP are unlikely to promote the first two as they are reluctant to go down any path of "government bias" for fear of being dismissed as paranoid but like media reporting and other (in my view) clear areas of establishment manipulation and bias, they should start to openly ask the questions they no doubt talk about in private.
  4. come on. you cant keep trolling the same faux pish, whilst at the same time attempting to pass self off as independence supporter and then expect to be taken seriously...........
  5. the fact Chris Martin gets picked blows your "based on ability" right out the water, he is honking. and when Forrest is honking, he still makes the squad. the fact you say in one breath that Strachan is a bit too rigid with his formation but then suggest that we don't have the players to change formation (or need to) is highly questionable. if 4-3-2-1 doesn't hinder us or our players, then we would be progressing as a team. we are not - we failed to qulify; we failed to get results in key games at the integral stage of the qualifiers; and if you compare recent performances with those at the beginning of Strachan's tenure then I am sure you would agree that we have regressed. And i'm afraid despite your denials, that simply is down to the manager, his squad selection and his tactics. We look tired and predictable and teams know how we will play and they know how to deal with it.
  6. have a wee google of George Santayana.
  7. I would say you are completely wrong. Strachan doesn't pick players based on ability; he picks players to fit with a one dimensional formation that he rarely deviates from. It would seem he is going to continue with this formation this campaign despite its clear failings last campaign. He is either too pig-headed or lacking in tactical ability to play any other formation or at least understand what other formations would work for us. so we will continue with the 4-3-2-1, and players like Rhodes and McCormack will contine to be overlooked as he perseveres with this system that will probably end in us failing to qualify again. if he picked players solely down to ability, the formation would change to accommodate the strengths of the best 11 we have........imagine that; playing a formation and style that suited your best players and not one constant formation that suits the manager. in every game.
  8. I am one of HampdenLoon's fishing friends and I can tell you that it pains him to say this........
  9. they are "wallopers" and "fannies" but you applaud them. I'll leave you to your contradictions. and as for failing to have a collective opinion on a group cause you haven't met them all - aye, okay then.......
  10. Chelsea? Liverpool? West Ham? Spurs?
  11. I don't think you are debating with someone who really has thought this through. he just hates the Green Brigade and is generating an argument around that whereas most reasonably minded people also question the antics of the Green Brigade most of the time, but can applaud them when they do something that is commendable. its a bit like our boy Alan and his blind hatred of the SNP.......
  12. don't you see the fact that folk like you are still bleatin about it and the media is still running with it shows how successful it was? as for alleviating the plight of those suffering in Palestine, well you clearly are quite new to all this political protest stuff. All the guy in the street can really do is show those in power their feelings - and the people of Palestine were grateful for the attention it generated. Given you seem so interested in world politics, which current situation angers you and what do you do about it?
  13. I had always thought the latter until I saw this: Brian Singer directed and Christopher McQuarrie wrote the screenplay for The Usual Suspects. [Spoilers to follow...1] After they finished the film, they realized that the two of them disagreed significantly on what exactly happened in the movie. Did Kint/Soze tell the truth or was his whole story a lie? McQuarrie says only after finishing the film and preparing to do press interviews about it did he and Singer realize they both had completely different conceptions about the plot. "I pulled Bryan aside the night before press began and I said, 'We need to get our stories straight because people are starting to ask what happened and what didn't,' " recalls McQuarrie. "And we got into the biggest argument we've ever had in our lives." He continues: "One of us believed that the story was all lies, peppered with little bits of the truth. And the other one believed it was all true, peppered with tiny, little lies. ... We each thought we were making a movie that was completely different from what the other one thought." I always assumed that Verbal was telling the truth the whole time, in the cavalier the-truth-can't-hurt-me manner of the movie master criminal
  14. so do you think the whole story was fabricated, with a few small elements of the truth? or do you think the whole story mainly true, with little lies and names etc lifted from various objects in sight??
  15. will be worth every penny if he can help them secure a top 6 finish in their first season in the top league.........