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  1. I would like one of them to play on the opposite side to see how that would work out. it used to be quite common for a strong left back to play on the right in order to provide the cutting in option when attacking. just need to be sure either Tierney or Roberston can defend on the opposite side. if they can, then we would have two full backs for the next 10 years sorted out.
  2. in his mind, all his friends. family and pretty much all the constituency over the course of a year or so are no longer "yes" voters and have turned on the SNP. at the same time he lives in a castle, has been to the moon at least once and commutes to work in a speedboat.
  3. i suggest some of our fellows posters are representative of a core of "no" voters - Westminster Govt changes, hardening right wing politics and policies coming into play, attacks on the vulnerable and on immigrants/refugees/foreigners etc - all that doesn't impact on them or really affect them. as long as they continue to enjoy the lifestyle they and their family currently have then it is the status quo for them.
  4. however longs it takes - 5, 10, 20 years - no problem as no doubt it will all come good.
  5. i agree. i think Vogts is still the worst we have had. maybe a dearth of talent available to him but if no one thinks those friendly and occasional qualifier performances under Vigts were the worst they had seen then i question whether they actually were at or watched the games. even the current poor performances under strachan and the worst of Levein and Burley were nothing compared to Vogts.
  6. you form a view on the back of some isolated posters? there was no way Strachan had the ability to turn the performnce around with his limited ability after Lithiania. However few if any would predict he would set us up to get a spanking from a limited team like Slovakia.
  7. look. stop eing overly dramatic and dont take such offence at light hearted quips over a lost bunnet. in saying that, I hope you/your boy manage to get it returned to you.
  8. agree and disagree. playing 4-2-3-1 invariably means the 3 players behind the striker are at various points pushing up to support the striker. playing a flat 2 upfront suggests that 2 players are playing off of each other across a line (to a point). But we can go round and round the houses - I think the key issue is shoehorning players into a system Strachan is obsessed about rather than a system being built around our best players. last night Fletcher, Ritchie and Snodgrass with McArthur playing further forward must be collectively the slowest foursome to grace an international stage (not withstanding what I saw at the Amsterdam SEx-Po). If Strachan thought those four needed to be on the teamsheet (and I have no issue with that), then don't play that formation or play them to lead that formation......... the fact he can't see that leaves me in deep despair.
  9. we cant change the manager, don't you know? there will be no improvement. every manager belligerently plays the same formation with players out of position and other players bizarrely omitted. will be the same whoever we appoint. apparently.
  10. Ritchie, Snodgrass and Fletcher collectively must be the slowest front line in international football.
  11. not forgotten at all. you seem to be suggesting that they were good managers. they were not. Strachan was reasonable but end of shelf life and has clearly ran his course. if you don't think a new manager with fresh ideas and tactics, and better consistent squad selections can get more out of the players available then fair enough. but to suggest that no new manager can improve upon the guff we have recently endured is entering into crackpot territory.
  12. they wont have them getting pumped by a piss poor Slovakia team.
  13. me too. particularly pedulamt.
  14. the only hint of enjoyment I am getting tonight is Fraz65 trying desperately to suggest Strachan is not to blame.
  15. I feel like a broken record but to have all that possession and create no chances - maybe, just maybe, Strachan for once, could change formation. go on, for your last half of international football......