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  1. Rob Shorthouse

    if he didn't support independence before then you cant refer to him as Judas Iscariot. Only if you don't actually know the story of Judas Iscariot (as seems to be the case) would you be able to see any similarity. for the sake of clarity, he was one of Jesus' 12 disciples who betrayed him for 30 pieces of silver........
  2. Rob Shorthouse

    okay but again how does that make him similar to Judas Iscariot? it is a betrayal if he was committed to the other side beforehand and then acted in a duplicitous manner.
  3. Rob Shorthouse

    why is he akin to Judas Iscariot? what person or cause did he previously befriend or support that he then immediately betrayed?
  4. Wages

    it is a week (is football the one of the last industries to still pay weekly) and presumably before tax. therefore an average monthly net income of £7k would seem about right for Aberdeen I reckon. (note how I wrote "Aberdeen" and not "famous" and thereby avoided everyone automatically thinking "boring whanker" when reading this - though to be fair they could have arrived at this conclusion through other means.
  5. Indy Ref 2

    you are my favourite poster on here. all my friends agree.......
  6. New England manager

    (rebooted) Member 3,485 posts Location:Bothwell
  7. Train to the Gemme

    also, I've heard on occasion "house" being referred to as "hoose". animals.
  8. only watched the first episode and although I enjoyed it, considered that Super 8 had beaten them to it.......
  9. perhaps but surely if your interests are getting pished, then that would also be a contributing factor to our vomiting.
  10. Europa League 2016-17

    he's worked on that for weeks; waiting patiently for the right moment to share that beaut with us.........
  11. Pokemon GO

    that's your first thoughts about it? interesting insight to your interests.
  12. Brian McClair Leaves SFA

    or someone who is good at presenting. Johnny Ball perhaps.
  13. Andy Watson replaces McCall

    he followed McLeish about everywhere. what more is there to know - we are crying out for a shot in the arm; something different from the tired old merry go round of names that persists in Scottish football. I am pretty sure Alex Smith or Jocky Scott would have been in the running. Who should have been appointed - any younger hungry mid table SPL or Championship manager who would be willing to give up some of their time - Hartley, McKinnon or better still, Ian Cathro (if approached). if you are happy with the team, manager, tactics and current performances and think Watson will build on it then fair play. If you are unhappy but think Watson will address the slump then gain fair play. But don't expect much in the way of credibility as you clearly haven't been watching Scotland much of late.
  14. Angus Robertson

    So Glasgow's deep rooted problems that have barely been addressed by a Labour local government, are the fault of MPs and in particular the FM o her constituency? Jesus, you're becoming unhinged with this obsession.
  15. NICE

    so the French and their neighbouring countries in offering their sympathy are showing selective grief? a ridiculous accusation and one that is lazily trotted out as an act of snobbery against (the admittedly sometimes moronic) FB generation. You may though have had a slightly stronger point on here if you had started threads based on any recent bombing in Kabul, Baghdad or Syria.........