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  1. is that Tony Soprano he is with?
  2. a credible source if ever there was one.
  3. they needed a Nacho Novo/Lafferty type character and Garner at this early stage offers all the qualities both those players had in abundance. All about preserving the identity and traditions of the club.
  4. Rangers fans in their hordes phoned in to criticise McCoist, Whyte, and Green. Johnstone never criticised the Ibrox management or structure at any point and therefore did not have view consistent with the majority of the fans at that time. By your reckoning he would have been sacked. But no, he is on there as a former Rangers player to provide balance to (formerly) McAvennie and to a current lesser extent Burchill and Wilson. However those three actually had opinions and criticised Celtic when they deemed it was necessary - Wilson and Burchill far more eloquently than McAvennie I may add. Johnstone just dishes out the Rangers plc line, whoever happens to be in charge. He is clearly on a payroll at Ibrox or Rangers TV in some capacity. If you adjudge him to be representative of Ranger's fans, then you clearly haven't heard his "opinions" on Rangers. As said, everything Sutton said about him being a puppet, a mouthpiece and a joke of a pundit is entirely accurate.
  5. if Johnstone criticised Rangers or their management, or more generally wasn't biased, Clyde Superscoreboard would sack him?? That's got to be up there with some of the top drivel posted on here......
  6. whereas you are clearly one of the most well adjusted posters on here.....
  7. And PASTA Mick who will side with anyone who shares his bizarre Forrest man-love.
  8. I like Sutton. He can be an arsehole but he offers valid criticism where applicable, And okay, he is getting paid by BT to focus on the SPL but he does seem to have a genuine interest in our game. Me thinks the overt criticism of him on here is largely coming from those who can't see past the team he previously played for. DJ however is a clown. he gets paid by Clyde to offer an opinion and he is happy to offer that opinion fairly on all teams bar Rangers. Where Rangers are concerned he is comically biased and Sutton is right to refer to him as a cheerleader. How this could in any way offend Johnstone is unclear to me - he never once criticised his good friend Ally McCoist during his tenure and attempted to pass all the team's failings on to the players. Now the players are partly culpable but ignoring the manager's role on issues such as signings, salaries, formations, training, tactics and motivation is quite an omission and even DJ's most hardened supporters could hardly call him impartial. To then gently ignore Johnstone as a bit of a joke or a non-pundit is missing the point. He is employed by Clyde and the ET to offer an opinion and if his opinion is biased then that should be highlighted as a disclaimer. But he is passed off as a neutral observer and as such deserves all the criticism going, including Sutton's.
  9. any gay anthem......
  10. clearly my attempts at sarcasm quite difficult to project on a message board......I should use a winky emoji to denote sarcasm in future......
  11. to do that we would need to set up a transport quango across greater Glasgow or indeed the former Strathclyde region that would be able to co-ordinate buses, trains, underground and ferries. with such a body in place this would be a piece of piss to resolve and in fact, we would be able to swap between any bus operator, underground or train with one inter-changeable ticket. Alas........
  12. which makes it quite frustrating watching them when they have skilful players like Swanson and Wotherspoon. Wright seems to me to be like Butcher - effective at one/certain clubs playing a physical direct way; will struggle at other (bigger) clubs where he will invariably be required to adopt a different or more sophisticated approach.
  13. Pate coming on now with tripe. Bananas.
  14. wish it were real like the Scottish Labour one - hahahahahhahahahahhahahaha - following the elections