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      ATAC produced a guide to Bratislava and Trnava prior to our recent visit. If you saw this, did you use it? Was it of any help?
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  1. Only an absolute madman......
  2. Got it down as 76,864 & 75,848.
  3. I assume that next months game will be around 85-86k depending on segregation?
  4. That would ensure he didn't get on, then! In true Levein style,if the support show they want a certain player to play, then the complete opposite will happen..........seems that way, anyway!
  5. On the money! It's amusing seeing some folk trying their best to play it down. Of course we are all pissed off with recent performances & results, with our manager seemingly on a self destruct mission with his weird soundbites & selections. BUT, this is the one game that should get every Scotland fan buzzing with anticipation of the possibility of getting one over them in their own back yard in a competitive match.
  6. I live and work in the Highlands! Depending on where tomorrows job is, I may not even get a phone signal, never mind internet! So it's online or nothing then?
  7. What are the options for those of us who won't be near a computer tomorrow? Surely there is a phone line option?
  8. Don't forget "the company"!
  9. Did any of our intrepid journalists pluck up the courage to ask our national team manager about these seemingly bizarre decisions?
  10. Strachan seems to be falling into the same trap as Levein, overthinking everything and thinking he is far more clever than he actually is, or needs to be. Just play the guys who are in form and confident, they are all professionals, they will be able to adapt to different systems if need be.
  11. That's right up there with the most stupid posts I have seen on here! You want us to be beaten by England?
  12. Why not!
  13. Souness? F**k that! He would be another disaster. It has to be someone who is active in the game at the moment. Someone who is capable & willing to try different systems based on the players available, rather than trying to mould them into a fixed set-up. Possibly even try a younger manager on his way up with a point to prove, rather than the old "last job" crew. Michael O'Neill would fit the bill beautifully, IMO. With possibly Willie Miller alongside for his defensive expertise.
  14. So I heard. That was before I tuned in to the game, Ill see it at the H/T analysis though.
  15. Sure was! An absolute peach. Rangers are just playing with ICT at the moment.