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  1. Booked the premier inn at Victoria last night. Thursday 10th & Friday 11th. Assuming there will be a strong TA presence in there. Looking forward to meeting up with loads of new acquaintances for a pint or two!
  2. Jesus Christ, mate.
  3. Aye, remember which country he was very interested in coaching a few years back....?
  4. I think that would be a pretty fair deal, would more or less satisfy both travelling supports.
  5. I was meaning in comparison to the UK. I didn't mean within swimming distance!
  6. If everyone around me is sitting at a game, I will do likewise. From memory, this was the case at both recent friendlies at Easter road, both games at Pittodrie over the last few seasons and at Ibrox for the Georgia game. But if I am in the North stand at Hampden and everyone else is on their feet, EVERY GAME, then that is how I will take the game in. I must be very lucky as I have not seen a single incident in all the games I have been to where there was an argument involving people standing. I think most folk know the score and realise that if they want to sit and enjoy an uninterrupted view of the game with their kids, then the East or South stands are the best bet.
  7. It is to those that don't own it!
  8. I dare say, but with the vast majority being of British descent that is not exactly surprising. I wonder how many people of Argentinian descent live there, considering it is pretty close by? Could it be control of the natural resources rather than the population that the British government is concerned about losing?
  9. Good luck with your constant battle at every match you attend then. Maybe your kid would prefer to just sit and watch the game where everyone else around you is sitting as well, rather than listen to his old man arguing with all and sundry, determined to prove a point.
  10. Not when good old colonialism is at stake.
  11. Nothing else for it... BRITANNIA RULES THE WAVES.... Let's kick some ass.
  12. Indeed.
  13. I see he has been issued with whatever the Spanish version of a P45 is!
  14. I agree with this. Seems to be more of an issue when it is a sparsely populated friendly, when there is no atmosphere anyway! During the qualifying games the whole of the North and West stands are on their feet throughout the match. The family stand and the South are, in general, sitting. Didn't hear a steward telling anyone to sit last night in the section I was in (D5) and have never heard it during a qualifying match. I thought most folk knew that was the score, so pointless getting tickets for the North or West and then being surprised / annoyed at folk standing.
  15. Terrible attempt at a challenge. Should have seen red. I would be up in arms if that was perpetrated against one of our lads. Thing I want to know though is.... Was this thread started about the tackle or who made the tackle? I get the feeling it was the latter, which kind of detracts from the supposed outrage.