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  1. Phew!
  2. Quality!
  3. Oooft! A former Aberdeen fc man as well.......this place could go into meltdown.
  4. Aye, that's pretty heavy duty numbers, considering that a fair chunk of it was 35 years ago.
  5. Anyone else listening to the interview on Sportsound earlier tonight? Talk about a rollercoaster of a career / life. I remember when he was manager of Huntly in the HL, he had them almost unbeatable for a few seasons. I wonder just how good a manager he would have been if it weren't for his demons? He is certainly honest enough about his behaviour....http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/37501055
  6. Aye, never saw this one coming.... The hacks down south must have been cartwheeling when he got the gig, it was only ever a matter of time before he bollocksed it up, he can't help himself. Hopefully it knocks them sideways for October / November. Other that that........meh!
  7. I don't want to get carried away with this young lads promising start, but....
  8. This must be even more galling for the Rangers supporters when opposition clubs fans are complaining that their teams are not playing very well, meanwhile they are still all taking points off the Ibrox men! Looks like they are finding the transition up from the championship to the premiership a wee bit too hot to handle at the moment. Even the "siege mentality" card isn't helping, the premiership players and managers are just a wee bit too cute to fall for the same old, same old tactics that Warburton uses. Looks like they may need the winter window even more than ever now.
  9. ...the 2nd best?
  10. London is apparently quite a big place, so I am sure everyone who wants to have an organised meet up will find somewhere else. Personally I will not be attending the ceremony, and therefore will be nowhere near Trafalgar square during the day. Anyone who decides that a Scotland fans piss up party is more important and turns up anyway is a complete W4nker.
  11. Oh right, sorry. I don't listen to Clyde so I don't really know the score with Johnstone's gig, but surely he is supposed to be even slightly impartial, is he not? They don't employ and cast him as a Rangers fanboy, do they? I know Pat Bonner & Murdo McLeod are pretty much Celtic fanboys on Sportsound, but they are cast as "ex professional players just commenting on matches" (Aye right!) I don't think they would be booted off the show for slagging off Celtic or Saint Brendan every now and again....
  12. I'm not blaming his employers, I am saying they won't be overly disappointed at the extra coverage their Scottish premiership pundit is getting in the media.
  13. Don't think anyone is disputing his ability as a player. The point is that he and Sutton are both shit pundits but in totally different ways. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if BT Sports were egging Sutton on with his sudden "in your face, Mr controversial" routine. Any publicity is better than no publicity as far as they are concerned. +
  14. I can't be the only one to just recently find out about the wee arrow on EVERY SINGLE CAR PRODUCED? Which should stop folk from doing this!