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  1. S.F.A, mate! This'll be minimum £25/head
  2. That is hardly an exclusive, groundbreaking interview. It says absolutely jack shit that we don't all know already. If the wee twat would just start playing the guys in form instead of sticking to the same old faces and tactics. We must be totally transparent to our rivals, there are never any surprises, so we are usually on the back foot before a ball is even kicked.
  3. Did we? Is that the royal we? I remember I was installing a woodburning stove in a large country estate house, and it was hoaching with parasites posh hunting, fishing & shooting types watching the proceedings on TV. To be fair to one of them, he did ask me if I wanted to come and watch it with them! They seemed a wee bit put out that I said I would prefer to carry on working. Although I did have a chuckle at all the cheering & tears from them as the day went on.
  4. Tom English has been banging on about him for a wee while now...
  5. Aye, still a kid!
  6. Brutal stuff again from MvG. Really is way ahead of the field when he is on his game. Fantastic player
  7. Anyone else watching this. Semi- final stage. Totally mind boggling game on at the moment. Van Gerwen & Van Barneveld both averaging around the 115 -116 mark after 5 sets! Mental. Anderson waiting for the winner in the final tomorrow night
  8. The TAMB curse strikes again.
  9. Aye, personally I resent anyone (in the public eye) from taking any type of "award" from the establishment. The whole background to it, the stomach churning guff that goes along with the ceremonial granting of it, the, let's just say......'dubious' list of former recipients. The whole thing just stinks to the high heavens of pomp & outdated thoughts of hierarchy and entitlement.
  10. Aye, hope he enjoys going down on one knee in front of old pishy drawers.
  11. Boring........ I thought this was going to be a thread about you getting caught snooping.
  12. Luckily for "Sir Bradley" he is not a Ruskie. Good old Brit heroes don't get involved in the cheating game....