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  1. Word up, bitch.......or something like that.
  2. Go for it....... I'm already feeling a bit more apprehensive conversing with you!
  3. Try changing your user name to "The chibber" or something. It's worth a try, if you want to enter the big boys playground.
  4. Obviously hanging about with the wrong kind of folk. Time to broaden your horizons.
  5. Aha! Just another part timer.
  6. That's right, kick the man while he is down!
  7. Thank you!
  8. Just getting to grips with this. Fanzines are a vital part of the game IMO. When I used to follow Caley we had a superb one, "LSM" or to give it the full title... On a Life Support Machine. Definitely giving this one a go too, that's the first 4 copies ordered to get me going! I will give an honest review in a week or so when I get through them
  9. Agree totally with the first part of that. The fans really played their part on Sunday, that must have really given the players an extra buzz going into the final part of the game. So by the same token I don't agree with the last bit of your post. I can't fathom how anyone thinks that booing the team, for any reason, is going to have anything other than a negative effect on them....what else is it going to do? Put yourselves in their place, would you appreciate being booed and cursed by your own supporters and be encouraged to "up your game" as a result? Don't think so. Boo when the game is over if it turns out to be a balls up, not when there is less than 10 minutes to go and we are sitting at 0-0 in a game we have to win, that is when the players need the support most of all.
  10. Still 0-0. Scotland are starting to create a bit m ore in the last 5 minutes or so.
  11. Bit grim viewing so far
  12. With Celtic wrapping up the league within the next couple of weeks, Rogers can allow Brown to play a bit less frequently in the run in, so he won't need to use the "saving the legs" line when it comes to the England game. On the contrary he should be in absolute prime condition and ready to tear into them by June. As others are saying, it is probably all sorted already and this is just the usual guff paper talk.