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  1. I'm not going on Sunday and it certainly isn't for religious reasons (well, directly).
  2. Yes. Biggest game tonight in a big 3-game week for the Dons. That's not intended as some sort of dig at Rangers, this is genuinely just a bigger game for the club and in terms of potential silverware. I also agree that tonight is huge for McInnes. He has to try something different to Rooney up front. While I like Rooney, he has been largely ineffective so far this season. Could try two up front, but that makes if difficult to fit Maddison into the team, which i think we need to. McLean very lucky that Jack is injured and that despite the glaringly obvious, we didn't get in any other holding midfielders in the window.....but got rid of Flood - anyway, i digress.
  3. For what it's worth, i thought it was a pen. As Toepoke says above though, Draper's reputation catching up with him and costing ICT.
  4. I remember a Kenny Everett sketch (only just remember as i was obviously very, very young) of wrestlers in the future. They weren't actually wrestling, they just had to taunt each other. Not sure the intention of the sketch was quite how i saw it, but it seemed to me to be a poke at the increasing need for folk to be wrapped in cotton wool and the need to be offended at something. Not sure that relates in any way to your post, or indeed makes any sense, but I agree with you!
  5. If the Faldo course is the one that's cut into rock in places and basically on the side of a hill, then it's really quirky and gimmicky. I guess it might appeal to some, but we didn't like it (and i say that after shooting 3 over on it). The O'Connor is much better. I really liked Victoria but I'm told that San Loranzo in Val do lobo is probably one the best courses there. Also hearing that Penina, which i mentioned earlier, is in good condition again.
  6. Agreed. Not sure why i even asked that question. It's pretty obvious from what I've seen so far.
  7. Isn't it the case that you can appeal a red - not two yellows?
  8. Surely Craig Gordon is better than the lad that played last night?
  9. I thought Stokley's shot was blocked to be fair, but i haven't seen the highlights. I actually like him. I think i prefer him to Rooney at the moment. He at least has the sense to realise he can't score from impossible positions and tries to bring other's into the game. Not sure what Storey has done wrong either, might be an idea to start with some pace up front now and again?
  10. Completely agree - Storie was in my suggested team for Saturday.
  11. I didn't want to mention him because I thought I would sound like a broken record. Within 2 mins of his Dons debut, a 19yo had the courage and wherewithal to do what McLean has failed to do in his entire tenure at Aberdeen. The fact that McInnes plays him almost every week really worries me.
  12. Really poor stuff from the Dons at the weekend. First half was terrible. We've brought in some excellent players and McInnes strikes me as the kid on Xmas day who doesn't know which toy to play with first. McInnes doesn't know his best team or formation yet this season and that lack of consistency, cohesion, familiarity or system is costing our very dearly. I would add that we also start games really badly. No urgency or tempo. We only start playing in the last 15 minutes and by then it's hectic and our decision making is terrible because its' all a panic. To be fair, injuries to key players hasn't helped to some extent. McInnes needs to settle on a formation, pick a team and stick with it. As someone said above above, the new lad Maddison looks a player. Perhaps a little lightweight for our league, but plays with his head up and he ghosted through the ICT midfield a couple of times on Saturday.
  13. Totally agree Toepoke and well worth the thread. He is excellent for us.
  14. Has Paterson ever played centre half for Hearts? Wondering if he might be better there than at right back.