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  1. Ok. Pochettino didn't win the League last year (finished third in a two horse race) and just got knocked out of the Europa League. Leicester very much still in CL, oh and won the league!! EPL going to implode soon.
  2. You could look at it the other way though - they're in their rightful position now and only down to the manger, they won the league last year.
  3. Didn't he win European Manager of the year just a month ago? if someone had said to Leicester two years ago that they'd still be in a decent position in the EPL relegation battle and in a good position in Europe they'd have bitten your hand off. Hope they go down. Lost the plot.
  4. Completely agree. Absolute p1sh. Would much rather be watching Hibs v Hearts tonight. However, we are not permitted to and instead can only watch the CL. Feck that. Football is dead.
  5. I don't mind Killie at all and respect their fans. But Selfishly, I don't like plastic pitches and the Arabs are two hours closer. It's nothing personal!
  6. Rooney would be considered one of out more "sizeable" players but he looks really skinny next to Steven MacLean (the St Johnstone no 9).
  7. 16, 17, don't know (32?!) and 4?
  8. I think you've flushed him out.....
  9. Yes. That's what I'm saying. A verbal contract is absolutely binding. It's just problematic if there's a dispute because it's one person's word against the other's as to what the contract was. Put another way, the written part isn't the contract - it's just the evidence that there is a contract.
  10. You're correct. I was just highlighted what actually constitutes a contract. If there's nothing in writing, it's basically one person's word against another if there's a dispute. It's why people have formally executed contracts which expressly state the intentions of the parties with respect to obligations and remedies.
  11. You've tried this sh1t line before and it fell on its face then.....
  12. I think Darren Mackie works for a valve company.
  13. Willie Miller burned doon his cafe