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  1. Not sure how good this source is to be fair as it's the first snippet I've received. However, if there's any truth in it, I'd hope McInnes was "moving heaven and earth" to get Miller to the Dons. Appreciate Miler is a boyhood Hibs fan though and perhaps where he wants to finish off his career.....
  2. Along with Motherwell and Rangers (albeit Sat) at very similar times. P1sh for those that would like to go to the games.
  3. Kenny Miller to Hibs being rumoured. (Along with Pedro having lost the dressing room already).
  4. Not sure you've looked into this much at all if that's your view.
  5. Sorry, I misunderstood - welcome aboard!
  6. Why is it a compromise? Full blown summer football is a material change. A compromise would be starting the season in July and ending it in April as suggested. Our teams are then prepared for Europe, which seems to be the main reason for the calls to change. The reasons against summer football are well documented (and I can't be ersed going through them all again).
  7. Yes, possibly harsh. However, he's basically given us 3 months of decent football in the 2.5 years (?) he's been with us. Not sure if last week was down to him being ring rusty, just a lapse back to his old ways or whether his head has been turned. I agree, if he doesn't sign a new contract, he must go in this window. Being serious, if someone offered us £400k I'd take it right now!
  8. Start season in July and end it in April. Summer football is a terrible idea.
  9. The Aberdeen of last night would be beaten by the Aberdeen of next month is fair to say. We don't need to be mid season. Start a month earlier - that is sufficient.
  10. Ach, I loved Hayes so I'm always going to be looking for an excuse to question letting him go. With the exception of Logan and Lewis, the defence made me really nervous last night. Arnasson seems the obvious fix. Don't think Tansey offered the same level of protection, but that will come..... Would be keen to try the young lad Harvie at left back.
  11. Parklife mentioned Considine also. Unfortunately, last night Considine played like the left back we all hoped he wouldn't be (but have all secretly feared he would be)! Before the match, it was highlighted that Considine would be exposed without the energy and willingness of Hayes. All of a sudden £1.3M isn't looking like such a good deal for us.... I've never been a proponent of summer football but I'm coming round to the notion that starting the season in July might not be the worst of ideas for us. End the season in April.
  12. 1-1 flattered us. We had our foot on their throat for about 15 mins after we scored. However, we were running on empty after an hour. Rooney and McLean predictably sh1t. Christie very good and a fit Stewart is going to be excellent.
  13. Ghillie/Jacobite/whatever they're called shirts are horrible pieces of clothing. Coonsil.