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  1. It's a default that suits certain teams. Anyway, it's a moot point, I just think Hampden is sh1t and it was even more sh1t than normal on Saturday.
  2. Morton wanted it played at Hamden. They got what they wanted.
  3. Yes and Aberdeen suggested this. Morton said they would need 10k tickets - which, to be fair, they may have needed if the game was a 3pm ko. When are our "decision makers" going to realise that accepting derisory financial TV deals in lieu of fans convenience is a terrible idea and extremely short sighted?
  4. Very true. Apparently he's loving his time in Aberdeen and he's clearly settled on the pitch. If he isn't in Alex Neil's immediate plans then you've got to think it makes sense to extend the loan. Seems like a win all round.
  5. Not sure he's quite a the Jess level yet but this lad is definitely special. He just wants to be on the ball as much as he can, normally running at one of, or are along the back 4 of the opposition. He seldom wastes or loses it the ball. Very skillful, quick, good attitude and takes a mean free kick 😜. No coincidence that we've found our mojo again with him being in the team. Not aware of any Scottish relatives unfortunately and equally as unfortunate, suspect he will be going back to Norwich in Jan.
  6. I can't work out if this post is ill-informed ignorance or a poor fishing attempt. That said, on the basis I can't work out which it is, it's maybe a good fishing attempt? But on the basis I'm not biting it's back to being a poor fishing attempt. Actually, feck it, it's just ignorant and illustrates the type of mindset that lends itself to the current problems in our game.
  7. Johnny Hayes today. Magnificent. Please Santa, can we keep him for a bit longer......and if I'm not asking too much, can we keep Maddison for a bit longer too?
  8. Aberdeen will take 10k. Morton will take 6k. But let's face it, the footballing authorities (the term used when you've had a few and can't remember the correct acronym) don't give a sh1t. Really tough game. I can see the Dons winning in extra time. I won't be there as too busy drinking wine in Napa. Fingers crossed. COYR.
  9. Ritchie was really poor. At least Burke was trying to do something. I'd keep him in.
  10. Yes, yes and yes
  11. Forrest???? 'Cos he know how Griffiths plays? Forrest doesn't know how Forrest plays. He's absolutely terrible. I can only assume you are alooking for a reaction Alan - well done, you got one.
  12. Is there any chance Wallace got booed simpmy because he pulled out of a Scotland Squad to go to Belfast with Rangers? Firstly, I don't know if the above is accurate nor do I know the context even if it is, and secondly, that wouldn't be sufficient grounds for such booing in my opinion. However, people have different thresholds and for some, turning your back on your country and the way this was reported would be worthy. I guess my point is that I don't necessarily think this is an anti Rangers issue? I think most Scotland fans are happy to accept useful resources from any club. Being an Aberdeen fan, I'd love to see Barrie McKay come on a score a last minute screamer (tap in would do) to win on Tuesday night. As regards the general booing at half time and full time the other night - wholly justified in my opinion. Unacceptable performance and result. Strachan needs to know he's not getting it right and no amount of stubbornness will see him through this.
  13. Agree. Ritchie is just an expensive Kenny McLean - certainly equally ineffective. Forrest is terrible.
  14. Any manager selecting Forrest needs binned. Ritchie was sh1t too. Shocking performance. Hang yer heid Strachan.
  15. I think that comment was more about how poor we've been rather than how good we might become. But you knew that....