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  1. Loved Blazing Saddles. Remember sitting with my Granda watching it and we both about fell of the sofa in tears laughing when the cowboys eating the beans all started farting. Childish, but then i was about 7 (not sure what my Granda's excuse was!). I found him to be very funny and enjoyed almost anything he was part of.
  2. (Not sure why the quote has appeared above - sorry Rossy, I can;t delete it.) Anyway, rather interestingly - Madden came and spoke to McInnes after the game on Saturday to concede that he made an error with the penalty and the red card. Part of me thinks, fair play. The other thinks, he's taken the easy way out. Also of note, it was the Dons golf day yesterday. McInnes spent the entire day on his mobile. Either it was India Taylor, or we are looking for another panic buy at the last minute (despite having the entire summer to sort it), which will inevitably fall through. I'm going for Draper with some cash and the Scott Wright loan request from ICT being agreed to. Total speculation on my part.
  3. That was embarrassingly bad. To be fair, I switched off 2 mins in when Traynor appeared.
  4. I don't disagree but Strachan picked McLean to play as a holding midfielder. Shinnie is infinitely better in that position.
  5. Yes, that's what he said. Furthermore, it didn't stop Strachan picking McLean ahead of Shinnie for that role. Further evidence of how clueless he and McGhimp are.
  6. I'm assuming so and that's why the Partick lad got sent off on Saturday?
  7. Perhaps.... If so, I think i know the reason for the remarks!
  8. Not by any chance in her late 40's early 50's dark hair?
  9. I think it extends to any organisation or individual. You cannot comply with or obey to participate in the boycott of Israel. You can of course just choose not to buy their goods yourself, like you can choose to spend your money on whatever you want.
  10. That's illegal btw. Just saying.....
  11. Probably not one of the best endings but certainly one of the coolest in my opinion. The end of the Bourne Ultimatum, when he Noah fires a shot at Bourne and he "falls" into the water.....it cuts to the next day news broadcast and the smokin' burd watching it, they report that they he is dead, however, no body has been discovered - she smiles knowingly and it cuts to a shadow swimming, then very quickly the titles with Moby "Extreme Ways" - superb.
  12. Btw - I got right into "The Community". Some weird episodes but on the whole, very good. Helps that Annie is extremely hot.
  13. Think most of them have died. While finding it amusing due to my roots, this certainly wasn't the difference between West and East. Scotland the What appealed to a much older demographic that most likely resided out of the city in the shire/countryside and understood Doric. I don't think you're average Aberdeen City type would not have found this any funnier than someone from say from Glasgow.