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  1. As a nipper, I once woke up in the middle of the night and Bernard Cribbins was sitting on my bedroom floor. It was incredibly real and I was so scared at the time I just hid under the covers and eventually fell asleep again. Anyway, point being, I very much doubt that Bernard's very busy Jackanory schedule would have permitted him a night off solely for the purpose of siting on my bedroom floor. If it had been a non-descript figure, I would probably still be believing today that I'd see a ghost. The fact that I saw Bernhard and he clearly wasn't there just highlighted to me why people believe they've seen such things but actually haven't. Would love it all to be true.....but sadly, I really don't think it is.
  2. 2-1 Dons. We will go 2-0 up early (Hayes screamer and Considine from a set piece). We will then concede a crap goal early in second half (Ash Taylor) and then hang on for dear life - all with Rooney doing absolutely feck all and McInnes refusing to take him off for reasons only known to him. Well, either that or 5-0 Celtic. ETA - When was the last time Celtic had a man sent off????? Just saying.......
  3. Would have thought Sunderland would have Alex Neil high on their wanted list? Got Norwich out of the Championship.....
  4. These Jack stories are interesting. As far AFC are aware, Jack is changing agent at the moment and that's what is causing the delay is signing an extension. In other news, Dons will do whatever they can reasonably do to make Christie permanent staff. Stockley was gone in Jan if the Stevie May deal had gone through.
  5. Have you washed your hands at least?
  6. Show some respect
  7. That wasn't what I was hoping for!
  8. I'm just surprised the seagull isn't doing a big sh1t down the front of it....
  9. Aberdeen have been terrible against Celtic for the last 30 years. Not sure I would single out Jack for this - he wasn't playing the other night in yet another completely abject and unacceptable performance. Don't agree that "Aberdeen fans" are quick to label player's huns though, not sure where that is coming from. Shame tonight is a bit of a dead rubber. Bet Ibrox is full though - they all want to see The Famous!!
  10. I see US$3.5M in cash was found in a flat in Nigeria. Maybe some poor bugger got fed up with folk ignoring all of his emails so decided to just leave it there?!
  11. Would you mind clarifying which of the two that is please?
  12. That's normally a curse for any player.
  13. Lol!! Beat me to it. I've always liked Maloney.