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  1. 8700 barrels per day is nothing the market . Since Apache are looking to bale from the North Sea they need some token oil for the new purchaser to extract otherwise they will be left with the decommissioning costs. There is more politics in this industry than there is in Holyrood.
  2. Your shower will be electric - not fed from the tank but heated instantly as the water passes through. Just boil the kettle to wash dishes, hands shave .... Put it on a friday night and heat overnight for the weekend if you are going to be home a lot for water .
  3. Collapsed checking out of my hotel in Cairo in Sept 2003. Bundled into a cab and off to a hospital felt like I had been shot. £9 later and correct diagnosis I was taking painkillers every hour so I could slip onto the plane to fly home . ( this all happened between 5pm and 1 am flight ). Collected by wife and straight to hospital upon landing .....the next 3 months of tests and nothing to see but still on pain killers !!!! Had to stay off the drink and that included the 6-0 game in Amsterdam. Anyway final solution - week before Christmas hammered at works do on the Friday , hammered on night out on the Saturday - Sunday I pished red salt grains all day ....Monday I was better!!! So my advice is get blootered and pish a lot !
  4. It not the BTL that was / is corrupt it is the fraud. Basically purchased a property for £70k cash and then next day go and remortgage the next day a £100k property. On an 85% LTV she pockets £15k over night and still has the income from rental coming in. Plus she can sell it and make at least another £15k whenever .
  5. It is also due to the fact that a lot of oil is coming out but not contributing (in tax) as the IOC is making a loss / just covering costs. For example the Premier OIl Solan field wll now tak around 18 years before it pay back its initial investment. Premier would not have touched this at 60$ per barrel....thats why the middle east is full of investment the start up costs are buttons compared the the NS. Chevron were losing 3$ per month at the turn of the year.
  6. Think you will find Sudan is the second largest producer outside OPEC countries....South Sudan has the greater share of Sudans oil 85%.
  7. Wings is spot on - I was at the Fife count and there were only 36 No and around 180 Yes scrutineers. There was no way that votes would be rigged in favour of the No vote. The actual counters are made up of the general public and I would have said most were yes voters by their faces dropping as other regional results came in. In fife only one table out of 38 had a yes victory each table was a mix of several hundred postal votes and 5 or 6 ballot boxes. Most of the conspirecy stories are from people who have never actually been to a count and dont understand how many checks and balances there actually are. Some ballot boxes are counted 4 or 5 times until the number tallys with the quantity of names scored off at the polling station.
  8. Oil

    A rule of thumb its worth around $10 per barrel to the gov spread across all the fields. The companies buy the original exploration licence for the block in a tender situation initially for $x millions. The corporation tax is paid back in the country where the HQ and many cross charge support like HR / IT /Corporate infrastructure to run divisions at a loss. The actual cost for the North Sea is based on $55 per barrel compared to the middle east which is $5 per barrel. That's why when the barrel drops down to $80 ish the North Sea projects get put on hold.