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  1. Angus, have a look at p2p streams and Acestream. A wee bit fiddly at first but works nicely. Get Exodus installed as well. Just paid €25 for a year of IPTV. A fair few UK channels but all the BeIN Sport and Arena ones, too. Can link you when home. Well worth it.
  2. That would never happen. Regards, Ryan Jack
  3. Officially old. Can remember him as a boy running riot.
  4. Don't think you can be called racist for assuming it was ISIS. They'll claim anything that terrorises the world. Not just the "west". Fukkin' hate "the west". We're sticking to a fukkin' sphere. Almost everywhere is north, south, east and west. Said it before, get the hackers on to them. They might not be able to crack the encryption that many apps are increasingly using, but they can infiltrate, take over other known accounts, use socially engineering and relay any information to the relevant authorities.
  5. Updated it for ye. Fire in - ye can't beat a cheeky ham shank on Wiki, although I imagine you'll be well finished before the Dutch team edit as it mentioned winning a European trophy before hand...
  6. The sheep won't be far behind. Unless they get a Dutch team, of course.
  7. "A Dutch team" You want a hat and a balloon for this?
  8. Penalties with Brondy & Hibs. Hibees would likely have taken that before a ball was kicked after the first leg.
  9. What an embarrassment for Hearts. I've got the Hibs game on Premier Sports. Brondby going for it in the last 4 minutes. Can't believe Neil Lennon has won an away game in Europe.
  10. On the telly? Not on the two main Maltese channels and LiveOnTV site doesn't have it.
  11. Even Siri is getting on the bandwagon. https://m.reddit.com/r/soccer/comments/4tnlvz/rangers_fans_angry_after_siri_says_club_is_four/
  12. Had to look at the domain to double check it was actually The Scotsman. Unreal.