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  1. Never seen that twist coming! Donny is a vampire whilst Elvis is satan. It's all getting a bit dark now Donny is a fantastic poster and simply knows his stuff. I think you're bringing a knife to a gunfight here, Scotty, and that's why you're going down the ignorance route.
  2. I'm assuming you didn't score from that phantom corner.
  3. You predicted the defeat earlier... having a few quid on it would have eased the pain a bit.
  4. Talk about the fitba' ya weirdo sex pest. 20 corners... any shots on target?
  5. Awfy quiet on here tonight. Very similar to the away end at the SuperSeal stadium earlier.
  6. And what a treat they've had! Accies 0-21 Famous on the corner count. Alex Totten would be proud.
  7. Amazon Web Services are down... which SevcoMedia are using for the forum. A few more big services (DigitalOcean, Docker Hub) were down today/this evening.... something's going on.
  8. He's an Ayr fan... it's probably easier money than betting on a fat bassa to eat a pie!
  9. The (C) means 50 caps, surely?
  10. Cheers, Scotty. You're late today. Probably 'cause yer getting beat.
  11. Is Shinnie playing today? Or Ryan 50 Caps Jack? They've not been mentioned yet.
  12. Just goes to prove that if you take out the player who runs the show for one team, they crumble. One man team IMHO.