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  1. Aye, they are almost next door. Mamounia is decent. Been there a few times for lunch. Not really the food you want on a boiling hot day though. They also try to pass off shitey imported pisswater as Cisk.
  2. No need to worry. You'd never be able to tell it was raining last night. Clear blue skies today and roasting already!
  3. Every bus from Sliema apart from the ones going to Pembroke and Swieqi go to the Water Park. 15 minutes tops and come every other minute. Number 15 is a good one - regular and terminate there. Every bus going back the way also end up in Sliema. If you have other bigger plans, a car may be better but the buses are quite good these days. Nothing direct. Need to stop in Mosta I think. Probably better to get a supporters bus or share a taxi as getting back after the game will be problematic.
  4. If anyone is going to use the bus, you need to download the tallinja application. Saves a lot of hassle, even for us living on the island. No matter where you are, open the app, click "My Next Bus" and it'll show you the closest bus stop and a list of buses coming in the next 30 minutes and their routes. It can plan your route for you also. https://www.publictransport.com.mt/en/tallinja-smartphone-app There's a bus terminal right outside the airport entrance that take you anywhere on the island, too. Tickets are €2 for a 2hr trip (you can use on multiple buses in that time), so if there's a group of you, it might be better getting a taxi. Taxis are a bit of a rip-off for the distance, especially on your lonesome. Airport to Sliema/St.Julians is around €20 for a 15 minute journey. €25 to St.Paul's/Bugibba/Qawra - 25 minutes. When travelling back to the airport, leave plenty of time to get there. The traffic in Malta is a nightmare at times. I've managed it from Sliema in 10 minutes, but it has also taken over an hour before.
  5. Decent wee bar close by called Plough and Anchor. Loads of good whisky and does a really good draught pint of Cisk. Not a lot of bars do draught on the island although it's getting more common these days. Quite a few good restaurants, too, with Fresco's being better than Peppis. Also, and highly recommended for the Maltese factor, there's a wee pub just up the side street (Triq San Frangisk) called Nappa Bar. 500ml bottles of Skol / Cisk for €1.30, very cheap vodka and whisky. All the sport you want. It's tiny though and normally packed with locals and foreign exchange students... it's far from salubrious, but Captain Black and I were often found in there.
  6. There's a good portion of the SSC money spent!
  7. ... it's getting ready for the Scottish arrival. Just started to pish down!
  8. I highly doubt you'd find anywhere with BBC Alba. It's not the easiest to find a live stream of either. Best advice is to download some UK VPN application for your phone along with BBC iPlayer and watch on that.
  9. The Guineans were slightly less welcoming when a couple of the Green Brigade stoated up with their green and grey taps on.
  10. I was kind of leaning towards that, hence the mention of Scotty, but also the conditioning by the media many consume. If there was any government conceived false flag, it wouldn't surprise me if the media were also involved. I am paying attention - more than ever. I hadn't heard of all those atrocities - even via multiple news sources - mostly UK based, but often Maltese that pretty much have local news then report whatever happens in the UK and Italy. I have a sneaking suspicion that Russia are behind a lot of shit that goes down in the world and they're very good at hiding it whilst blatantly refusing to accept any blame.
  11. Why don't they ever happen when big events such as the World Cup, Olympics or any other major event is happening? And not necessarily sports. I know Scotty was having a difficult time, but I miss his insight to these questions. I also gave him a hard time/tough questions - hope he took it in the way it was intended and not spiteful or anti-him. Haste ye back and all that, if you still read the board! Back to the point; are these 'terrorists' too busy watching the floor gymnastics to plot hell to the infidels or is it actually happening but the media are so up their own arse with 'their' sportsmen and women, they don't give a flyingfukk about genocide or murder elsewhere? I think someone is up to something, somewhere.
  12. Beaton normally has it in for us. Surprising we got a decision. Still unsure about if there should have been a free kick for the second. Looked like an accidental stamp on Lindsay's foot as he turned but perhaps he realised the error of his ways and tried it on.
  13. Ooft.. was just about to head out fishing. Great finish by Erskine! Decent end to the game for us - shows you what happens when Welsh isn't in the team! Tiny bit of luck and we'd have won that. Not going to be a "long season" according to the co-commentator who asked if the referee had heard of a shoulder challenge before and that he knew the rules.
  14. Bonus! He's decidedly average, although has done slightly better this season... Home advantage counted today.
  15. Regardless of what RedTV say (utter bias shite by old fuddyduddies), Aberdeen v Thistle is a reasonable game with good chances for both teams. Should really be 2-2 at HT. Currently 1-0 sheep - peach of a freekick by McGinn.