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  1. Ye should've. Poor victimised souls.
  2. The later game today was absolutely dire. Hardly any decent football on show. I'm kinda warming to Sutton. He was spot on with his assessment and kept perfectly neutral throughout, while Butcher said he was neutral early on, but that facade didn't last long. Sutton's campaign against the ref is a bit cringe worthy, but if the ref didn't get these decisions completely wrong from 5 yards away, he'd have to speak about something else. St.Johnstone were good today. Played some nice stuff but looked nervy at the end. They'll run Hearts and Rangers close for 3rd if they can put away bottom 6 teams with any consistency.
  3. He's too good for Aberdeen. Don't gies yer pish ya big bullying bassa. He's 19 years old and one of Scotland's biggest prospects. You're an old ham shanker with a message board to spend your life on and an 80's Aberdeen scarf to spunk into when you think of Willie Miller.
  4. You, patronising, @Parklife? Who said that, the cheeky scamps
  5. I like this guy https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marcelo_Bielsa
  6. Bielsa seems to be the number one choice judging by the posts on here. What's the big deal with him? How will he make us any better? I admit to knowing he-haw about the guy so genuinely interested in opinions while I check out his career.
  7. Regan and all his cronies should be first to go. Then Strachan and McGhee. Get in promising young coaches on a part time basis for training and tactical purposes. Guys like Jack Ross, McInnes and others with tactical nous. All supporter club members vote to choose the coaches, squad, formation and starting 11 while the coaches act as a committee to give players direction and make the final decision on any conflicts (532, but 3 strikers selected to start etc) 50,000 people have a higher chance of getting it right than one man without a clue. We'd have a better chance of qualifying for sure. Then we only have ourselves to blame if we decided to play as the home team while away to a higher seeded team... I'm not sure if I'm serious, but we need to start thinking radically to end our time from tournament wilderness.
  8. Install acestream then hit livefootballol It's in Russian but very high quality.
  9. I'm all for slagging off the old firm. It's in my blood, but credit where it's due. And less credit for not being able to hold on to a lead. The only Scotsman who underperformed last night was Griffiths. I don't even think he touched the ball and should have given away a free-kick near the corner. Got away with it, so fair play - if he can do it for Scotland. Celtic still don't get my respect. Never will.
  10. The quote system is fukked on here. Re: Sterling's posture - noticed that also! Looks like a 5 year old lassie at a beauty pageant with the puffed-oot belly. Some acceleration though! We'll need to watch him carefully at the England game. He was City's best player tonight. Not sure if Tierney is up to it - hardly got near him all night. All the Scottish guys did well. Gordon's save at the end was superb and that's the Scott Brown we'd all want in the Scotland team.
  11. Also considered a Celtic win tonight. Tierney is some prospect. Impressed me every time I've watched him although never watched the Barcelona game. His passing and shooting is fantastic. Needs to go in hard but fair on Sterling though, let him know he's there tonight and hopefully Sterling will remember him come November. BT Sports commentators were a bit pro-City/England earlier on and almost made me pine for Chris Sutton, but they've come good... Hopefully more of the same in the 2nd half.
  12. Aberdeen 'keeper won the game. Thank phuk! Couldn't sit through another 30 minutes of that. Rangers v Morton coming up.
  13. Agree. A class above anything else at Aberdeen, apart from Ryan Jack. This game has been dire though. Should have backed the draw like every man and their dog.
  14. Bet365 In Play offer starting again... But not really worth a phuk . Down to €10 from €25. Free money's free money right enough.
  15. Yes. It's depicting people hanging themselves, not the team which it was supposedly meant to be. I only seen it an hour ago and had no clue what it was meant to be depicting... zombies - aye, RIP signs - aye. Blow-up dolls with Rangers scarves hanging from a top-tier of a fitba stadium? Absolutely no.