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  1. Can guarantee if you look at LJ's Live on Sat website next Tuesday, there will be games live on the telly that clash with the Champions League. This happened a while back when Celtic's game was a blackout but in the pub, they had some diddy mobs from England playing live. 
  2. Click the blue dot next to the thread
  3. What's the odds on that? Quite fancy Eilidh at 16/1. "The early money suggests they'll opt for a traditional name, with Freya edging favouritism" Very traditional, if Andy Murray is a feckin' Norseman.
  4. Italy V Scotland In Malta

    Bring the Megadrive and yer on.
  5. Italy V Scotland In Malta

    Wasn't actively planning any friendlies, but since it's on my doorstep...
  6. Italy V Scotland In Malta

    Don't see this anywhere else? Italy will play Scotland in a pre-Euro 2016 friendly match in Malta on May 29, the Malta Football Association said. The match will be played at Ta' Qali national stadium. Malta will play Scotland in its opening 2018 world cup qualifier in September. http://www.timesofmalta.com/articles/view/20160209/sport/italy-to-play-scotland-in-malta-on-may-29.601811
  7. Day Trips Overseas

    You could do a day trio to Sicily but would expect prices to be around 200 at that time of year. Wouldn't trust the dingy to Tripoli tbf
  8. It's pretty easy to spot 'foreign' supporters in the wrong end of the stadium, especially when their team is getting horsed.
  9. If only there was a facial recognition system we could use to catch these individuals or small minorities. In this day and age, if we can get WiFi to 52,000 people at once, surely we can have a few extra high definition cameras for crowd control?
  10. With all the flare incidents Celtic fans have been part of, surely they'll be getting the book thrown at them in August 2043* *Unless a wee fall-guy goes to jail for 6 months.
  11. ....but will not be punished unless Motherwell FC don't actively find the fans who invaded the pitch and threw flares? http://www.bbc.com/sport/football/35527397 Seems farcical as usual from the bigwigs.
  12. For all the plaudits Thistle got last season for playing nice fitba', you'd expect us to get more than 3 games live on the telly this season! Two against Celtic and I think we're on v Aberdeen in a few weeks. Happy not to be on the telly. We're generally rotten and lose.
  13. Tomáš Černý... or big Tam Black has been outstanding in goal. We've had 8 clean sheets this season mainly due to him. Considering our poor start, that's good going. Up to 8th with just two points behind Dundee in 6th. Need to be aiming for them & St.Johnstone now..
  14. It does. Never realised it was live on the radio so listened to the bias Thistle commentary. They also thought it was a bit OTT. There were two separate incidents not long apart. Tried checking Twitter, but distracted by all the 'Well fans taking the huff https://twitter.com/search?f=tweets&vertical=default&q=Motherwellfc&src=typd
  15. Were you there, Donaldo? If so, any idea what happened in the away end?