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  1. Malta Info

    The Scotsman is a dive. If you like sticking to the carpet/bar and using manky toilets, then go for your life. Pool table is shite and prices are way more than anywhere else. The Dubliner is awrite once in a blue moon. Decent pint of Guinness and sometimes have live music.
  2. Shame. Looking for this. Like the app btw.
  3. Malta Info

    Paceville --------- I fully expect this to be the place everyone will descend on. I personally hate it. It's full of youngsters and can be a dangerous place. Always see a fight or two each night. Be very careful when going up and down "St.Rita's Steps". You'll know it when you get there. Narrow staircase with pimps and women trying to get you into their clubs. Pickpockets are rife in that area. Don't take any shyte. These strip clubs are not like the "normal" ones across Europe and you will be ripped off. Best places around Paceville (PV) are: Bar Native, Footloose and Plush. The others are much the same. Close by PV there's two main bars: The Scotsman & Corks Irish Bar. The Irish one is best of two rubbish bars. The Scotsman is about as Scottish as the Queen's knickers and best avoided. Sliema -------- MedAsia/TexMex/BlackGold - all along "Triq Ix -Xatt" / Promenade. Across the road from the Valletta Ferry (on Sliema side). These really are the best places to go in Sliema. MedAsia & TexMex do 2 for 1 cocktails between 3pm and 7pm each day. They're pretty damn good! There's a lot more bars and many up side streets here and there. It's better to stumble across them than go out your way looking. On the other side of Sliema, you've got Surfside which is alright and Times Square, which is a bit boring. St.Julians. ------------ There's the odd bar here and there. Near McDonalds at Spinola Bay you'll find a couple of Irishy bars. It's better to head up towards Paceville from there. St.Paul's Bay/Bugibba/Qawra/Melliha ---------------------------- Full of English residents and tourists... you'll easily find your typical British bar there. Will add more info later on...
  4. http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-36390949 3, 2, 1... Awwwww "tiny minority"
  5. Harvesting mobile phone numbers, eh? No T&C. I'll pass.
  6. Don't you see what's wrong with your club right there? A press conference and he fields questions about being a catholic. Embarrassment of Scottish football.
  7. Tickets

    Shouldn't be an issue. Would expect prices to be similar to the Italy game.
  8. I have a similar setup. You can still use the powerline to feed a wifi router downstairs.
  9. Just interested in seeing something to disprove what the ginger boy has been vehemently denying.
  10. Any links/videos/non-grainy photos from row ZZZ?
  11. Any chance we can demote Sevco back to the bottom division and punt Celtic to the League of Ireland? The tweet isn't the issue... check the comments.
  12. In fairness, that boy does need punished for his actions, but having a baying mob after him isn't the right way.
  13. If people hadn't donated already, I'd have thought it was a windup