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  1. Coupon

    Nane of them could score a penalty! Great game though. The whole Dundee United squad could learn a thing or two from Bayern's urgency.
  2. Does Owen Coyle have a twitter account? Would love to know his thoughts on United being relegated... not a popular man so it seems.
  3. I think Rossy once counted over 3000 Aberdeen fans at an away gamewhilst Hamilton only had 259 fans at the same fixture. That's got to be up there with the best achievement of all time.
  4. Naw, but Leicester are champions as it stands... Got a bit heated between Chelsea and Spurs there. More so than the Doondee Derby
  5. Red card tackle by Stewart. Hemmings is lucky not to get booked. Maybe a few more tasty challenges before full time... would be a shame if Paul Paton was on the end of one.
  6. what a shambles of a goal to lose.
  7. It's close to being set up for us to put you doon Aye, hope you don't mind sharing with the cat though.
  8. Poor game made worse by Sutton. He's worse than shite. "Never knew bears could talk". Feckoffyadiddy. Would take Simon Murray at Thistle next season. He looks lively and would score a fair few given decent service... so maybe Thistle wouldn't be his best choice tbf. Difficult to see a goal in this game.
  9. You should be awrite:http://www.gamblingcommission.gov.uk/Gambling-sectors/Lotteries/About-the-lottery-industry/About-lotteries-raffles/Private-lotteries-raffles.aspx You might get away with it being anIncidental Lottery:http://www.gamblingcommission.gov.uk/pdf/organising-small-lotteries.pdf
  10. Coupon

    ... but if the risk-free offer was on the Villarreal v Liverpool game. You'd be a wee bit pissed off! Nice profit though