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  1. fitter, better technically, better at cheating all the usual stuff
  2. apparently the academies are all about passing and creativity and soon youngsters passed on to the clubs it's all about physicality, eg your Alex Rae, Ricky Sbragia mentality there's almost no point in having the academies if the work they're doing is going to get smashed apart
  3. listened to the game only chance of scoring getting crosses in to Shaughnessy it seems he then gets his chances and misses Tommy Wright, said it himself again after at this level (the UEFA cup 1st qualify round) ie, the lowest possible level in European competition, we don't have the quality to break teams down sure its all been said before, but should we not be changing our style of play from big men and crosses to develop that creativity
  4. Scotland has percentage head against population the highest attendance weekly at football until recent building frenzy in London. For many decades Glasgow was only city in Europe with three stadia over 50,000 capacity we should be doing so much better than we across club and international game the decline from where we were is staggering
  5. ha ha I'm not in the habit of making bets with folk on the internet, so, no, thankyou I had Aberdeen and rangers pegged to hopefully get to the group stage but somehow I still have not appreciated the malaise our game is in as Tommy Wright said, every other team in the tournament are technically superior to us
  6. Hi yes, it's brilliant that Scottish football is the worst on earth
  7. guys, Aberdeen will be going out next round can't see any joy being derived from any of this
  8. two qualifications and a play off I would happily settlement for that from 14 years Are we going to obtain a play off spot from our last 4 games No new campaign and manager again then
  9. genuine factual question here what has Irelands qualification record been since the last time we qualified for a play off in 2003
  10. England have the same issues we have a league full of foreigners and youth players no longer get game time and a chance to develop England should be threatening to and winning the odd tourney we should be qualifying every other tourney both of us are performing where below where we should be and there seems nil appetite from the powers that be to try and change
  11. sonny bill
  12. England should be in the mix to win every tournament , like a Germany are but their record is pathetic so they routinely under achive, like Scotland but at a level above btw, Ireland routinely over achive seeing as you are a nation of hurlers and rugby players with a strong dose of pretend Irish Englishmen chucked in...and you still proudly play kick and rush football with no shame there