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  1. Could be worse - you could still be living in Dunfermline
  2. nae offence intended bud
  3. Come on Celtic. Get in to the latest manifestation of this disgusting fascist club.
  4. when greeting face hun chat constitutes banter
  5. He's signed for us again! To be fair he was really good for us until we got fukking horsed by Cowdenbeath in the play-offs when Jim Jefferies dropped him for signing a pre-contract for Dundee United. But then we were in the second division at the time and his centre half partner was an 19 year old radge who was a much better player but got dumped for being a fund-oot ecky-head
  6. That Ibrox disaster thread is probably the wankiest thing ever posted on this incarnation of the TAMB. What a fukking arsehole. Mon the Hoops get it right up the zombie vermin.
  7. A couple of years old, but this is the best song that PE have done since Black Steel In The Hour of Chaos Lyrically an attack on G-Rap that was long overdue Rollin stones of the rap game not braggin' Lips bigger than Jagger , not saggin' Spell it backwards I'm a leave it at that.. That ain't got nothin' to do with rap Check the facts: expose those cats Who pose as heroes and take advantage of blacks Your government's gangster so cut the crap A war going on so where you at?
  8. Smelly old dago hipster cĂșnt RIP
  9. A violent protest in Portland is not what would be termed violent anywhere else on the planet. The entire state of Oregon is a 'safe space'
  10. The anti-intolerance mob are out and being intolerant of those who are intolerant. Trump's making America grate again.
  11. what's the odds on his head exploding in public within the next 18 months?
  12. I would like to show my loyalty to our new fascist overlord by burning down my local Chiquitos.