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  1. She's a maverick and a breath of fresh air. She speaks her mind. Granted her mind is often full of pish, lies and self loathing, but she speaks it none the less. And look at her publicity shots. She's not like any other politician with their cliched staged fare. Not for her the meek standing next to a tank, saluting it as it rolls past. No, she sits atop it giggling coquettishly with the cannon between her legs like the cocks she's never taken and never will. And she won't pose for a photo op with a baby unless it's an unwashed newborn that wasn't delivered by c section. And even if the baby is minutes old she won't go down the tired old political path of kissing it, she would rather lick it's face to savour the fresh taste of it's mother's cūnt.
  2. She's a dick. She should never have got the nomination in the first place. When she got fund oot for what she did, she should have resigned immediately. We've had a year of this Tory miscegenating dimwit doing fûck all for her constituents or anyone else. Get her tae fvck.
  3. Would love to see Julia Hartley-Brewer get a South African necklacing.
  4. The biggest myth about JFK is that he was shot. My theory is simple: Oswald didn't shoot JFK. Neither did anyone on the grassy knoll. His head just did that. I call it the "no bullet theory"
  5. If you are brought up in England and your parents are Scottish then you have Scottish parentage, but that doesn't make you Scottish. Your nationality is defined by where you are from, where your formative experiences were, where your accent is from. It's not defined by where your parents are from. You do a disservice to your own upbringing by claiming someone else's as your own.
  6. If you claim to be Scottish but don't have a Scottish accent then you're not Scottish. You're a fûckin weirdo.
  7. Stop pretending that you think it's a good thing fella. You're better than that. We're staring the endgame of humanity in the pus here.
  8. A few months back (Feb/March) I stuck £50 on Trump to win at ridiculous long odds - 5 or 6/1 and then did a side bet a wee bit later on Hillary that covers the stake. so yay, I might win 350 quid, but if I do we'll all be dead inside of a year. the idea of trump actually becoming POTUS was ridiculous. Not that it couldn't happen, but what would come off the back of it. a trump presidency is the back to the future 2 alternate future when biff has profited from 50 years of the almanac and Marty's mum has fake tïts, but on a national and then a global scale. we will be dead in a year if he gets elected. yay...
  9. The problem with starting a thread like this is that its all too easy for it to wind up being something that wouldnae be out of place on a white supremacist site, which naebody wants or needs. Any attempt at substantive debate on the subject can easily get attacked with cries of "racism" which then descends in to a base level argument where any rational point gets lost. For example, to address Parklife's question for a non-police based case of white on black violence one could point to the Trayvon Martin case. My own take on it is that it wasn't murder, but was probably manslaughter. Zimmerman was probably acting in self defence but he should have stayed in the car like he was told to. Either way it was something that no one would wish for. But the white on black, or black on white/latino/asian argument is diversionary too. If you focus on that you get lost in Colin Flaherty territory where you wind up losing the point you were trying make and address, and wind up on some racial quixotic mission and lose any credence because the only people who agree with you are racist basturts. Thplinth's example is a case in point. There's a huge problem of black on all other groups violence in America that is completely unreported, but that's not a failing of BLM - that's down to selective reporting which contributes to the sense of grievance that drives BLM. BLM run campaign zero http://www.joincampaignzero.org/brokenwindows which is their agenda on how to improve how the American cops police black communities. It's at the heart of what misguides their approach. Now I've no doubt that the US judicial system is unfairly skewed against blacks - one needs only to look at the demographics of the US prison population to see that blacks get a raw deal. David Simon made has made a fantastic number of works outside of "The Wire" that explore this - "The House I live In", "The Corner" and "Show Me A Hero" to an extent. There's even a "The Wire" analogy that kind of explains the rationale behind the BLM campaign zero Except that it doesn't add up. What BLM advocate through campaign zero isn't simply ignoring the beer in the bottle, it's asking for a separatist type of policing. It's not just letting the old black wino have a drink on the corner on a hot summer day - it's ignoring the "low level" non-violent crime that is symptomatic of something far worse going on in the background. And what's going on in the background is the one thing that BLM have consistently failed to address because they say it is a symptom of the broken system that they are railing against rather than something that they can deal with - black on black violence. Intercenine black on black gang violence is rampant throughout America. Not just NYC and LA, but Wisconsin and Texas and Oregon and everywhere in between. But especially in Chicago. 500 black on black gang killings in one city from Jan 2016 to this month. BLM do nothing to address this because it doesn't fit with their agenda. Being gangsta is the hallmark of 21st century US black culture. It's a cash cow. Gold teeth and trap beats and spitting out rhymes that are as unimaginative and repetitive as the culture they venerate. Which is why BLM choose to celebrate gangstas who get killed by the police and shout bullshit debunked slogans like "hands up don't shoot" rather than take the actions that only they can take to address the issue. But the airport stunt was funny and I'd happily see them do more stuff like that.
  10. Ian Cathro
  11. We should do what we now do in Scotland for any job going: give the job to some gobby private school white-settler never-been-to-and-no-connection-to-Scotland nawbag English cvnt with no experience in the industry whatsoever. Give it to Ben Fogle.
  12. Did anyone clock the utterly incongruous news item taking up the first 1/3 of the BBC ten o'clock news the night? Why a special report about the rampant black on black violence in Chicago was given such prominence on the UK national news is beyond me. Make it a Panorama special by all means, but it's hardly news that black gangsta culture in Chicago is causing unimaginably bad levels of violence and murder. It might have something to do with undermining BLM UK after they shut down the banker and spiv London City airport today, albeit on a frankly nonsensical premise. First move that they've made that I've admired, but negated by the silly rationale that climate change is being caused by whitey and is only affecting having blacks.
  13. I got a pack through the post on Saturday with 30 surveys to get nawbags to fill out. I'm never going to have enough time to get this done so I made up all the answers, filled them out myself and sent them back this morning. A lot of nawbags were very quick to condemn Sturgeon for trying to garner sympathy with her revelation about her miscarriage "useless cvnt with a useless cvnt" was a phrase that came up a lot. The question about why they voted no back in 2014 was very revealing with a lot of frank and honest answers that surprised me - "I'm a dick", "I have no backbone", "I enjoy being colonised", "Salmond just wants to be King, but there's only one King and that's King Billy", and "trams fiasco" were just some of their responses. Definitely got a lot of useful info for them at Bute House to go base their policies on.
  14. The referee blew his whistle straight away. Martin didn't appeal because he still can't do a fake Scottish accent and was clearly worried he would be sent off. There was no contact whatsoever and he placed our entire campaign in jeopardy with his selfish actions.