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  1. Pokemon GO

    like captured partisans digging their own mass grave
  2. wisnae at the game last night, but a couple of my mates were telling me he looked jinky and impressive. Stuck £20 EW on Dunfermline...
  3. I'd agree with all of this. From the outside, the period of corruption to keep the club alive should have been when they were wandering about squatting at Partick and Albion Rovers after they got rid of the old ground. Hamilton made a mint off of youth development from punting McCarthy, McArthur and Easton for decent money plus add ons I mind when Hamilton won the first Division in 1988 and they got 5000 odd for their final game and they came out with a bit in the end of season review book that they envied Dunfermline for pulling 5k plus back then regularly Hamilton were getting 4.3k average last season. If there's corruption at Accies then dinnae dance around it - fvcking spit it out like I did with Dunfermline when we were in the middle of it.
  4. Lightning is going mental tonight. Looking north from my hoose, seeing big strikes every 5 seconds or so. Cannae hear it yet so it's probably Perthshire, but someone's getting zapped to fvck the night. Rubber soles time
  5. I'm always dubious of YouTube videos with "x annihilates/slays/destroys x" in the title as though there's been some moral and final victory in the debate. The full interview is even worse. The cop is a Trumpist wánker. The host is effete. There's no attempt at anything that could work towards a solution; it's the same old tiresome base level diametrically opposed idiocy that passes for American debate. The best thing to do would be to give everyone in America an assault rifle and as much ammo as they can fit in their mouth and have a week long last man standing Battle Royale shootathon where anyone can and must kill everyone and everything they see. At the end of it all they have one surviving person winner who gets to be president and then the rest of the world can simply shun them.
  6. Pars signed Kallum Higginbotham off of Killie. Any use?
  7. Last Friday, when BlackLiesMatter agitator and wife of g-rap billionaire Beyonce was having a concert in Glasgow. She stopped the concert to hold a 2 minutes silence for the (then) latest victims of police "brutality" in the US. http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/article/36746290/beyonce-pays-tribute-to-us-police-shooting-victims-at-her-glasgow-gig During the 2 minute silence this monolith with the names of black people who had been killed by the police was projected behind her This cretin's reaction was typical of those in the audience Now there's an awful lot of names on that there wall and there are the obvious ones like Trayvon Martin (Obama's "son" who attacked the jumpy neighbourhood watch guy - who was understandably worried given that the estate that he lived on had had over 300 home invasions by blacks from the neighbouring project in the previous 12 months) and Mike Brown (the gentle giant who robbed a convenience store and attacked a cop), but there are a great many unknown ones on there so I started going through the list to find out what happened to them and who these people were who the audience was being asked to genuflect in sombre silence to. Of the first 112 names on the monolith, 20 were deaths worthy of protest. And these were cases going back as far as the killing of Amadou Diallo in 1999. Of the other 92 - and these were including cases going back as far as 1984 - these were a combination of drug/obesity related deaths, people killed in shootouts or trying to run cops over with their vehicles. Here's some of the highlights: Travares McGill 16/07/2005 shot after trying to run over 2 security guards in a car Kimani Gray 09/03/2015 shot after pulling a gun on 2 cops ezell ford 11/08/2014 attacked a cop and tried to steal his gun dontre hamilton 30/04/2014 shot after attacking cop with his own baton. Paranoid scizophrenic who attacked a policeman omar abrego 02/08/2014 resisted arrest and punched a cop, forcibly restrained. Full of cocaine. Cocaine toxicity ruled coroner kajieme powell 19/08/2014 robbed a store and threatened cops with a knife mckenzie cochrane 28/01/2014 Casing jewelry store. Threated store owner. Pepper sprayed and restrained by security guards. Died of respiratory issue keith atkinson 16/02/2014 shoplifting suspect, pulled gun on cops as he ran. Shot by cops askari roberts 18/03/2015 full of methamphetamine and cocaine. Assaulted his wife and daughter. Cops called. Tasered him. Died of respiratory issue david andre scott 27/12/2014 double murder suspect pointed gun at SWAT team. Got blown away carlton fisher III 18/03/2014 Shot by state-troopers after he ran over and dragged an officer with his vehicle. donte sowell 16/04/2014 stopped by police on outstanding warrant. Fled and then shot at police. Hit one in the foot in a gunbattle. Wasted kendre omari alston 19/03/2015 tried to ram police car off road, then aimed gun at police when fleeing with armed accomplice and was shot. Accomplice dropped gun and not shot michael willis jr 18/09/2014 tried to shoot cops with a rifle andre maurice jones 08/08/2014 evaded a traffic stop and then fired multiple rounds at police. adam ardett madison 20/10/2014 murder suspect. Fought with cop at a checkpoint. Shot by cop. Had "fvck em all" tattooed on his face. hashim hanif ibn abdul-shaheed 08/01/2015 tried to buy a plane ticket with fake ID and then attacked cops with knifes in the airport. leonardo marquette little 25/11/2014 pulled over for traffic stop. Had suspended licence. Attacked the cop cuffing him and stole his taser before being shot samuel johnson 25/06/2014 shot by police after being pursued for shoplifting and shooting at police and a security guard emerson clayton jr 08/03/2014 cops responded to a fight at a restaurant. Tried to run over the police in his car and was shot lawrence campbell 12/07/2014 armed robbery on a pharmacy, assaulted a security guard then murdered a police officer - officer Melvin Santiago lathron walker 18/08/2014 cops called to hostage situation. Had a gun on him. Was shot when seen struggling with hostage in window. shot by sniper nyocomus garnett 27/06/2014 armed robbery in bodega kitchen. Started shooting when employees were not moving quickly enough. Off duty Cop eating with family in restaurant shot him. charles emmett logan 07/11/2014 tried to attack several nurses with metal pole - attempted to strike them in the head. Tasered and died later. george v king 07/05/2014 on drugs in hospital. Went nuts. Tried to kick a pregnant nurse and fought 5 security guards before tasered. Died of cardiac arrest jermonte fletcher 27/01/2015 fugitive on the run for over 12 months for multiple charges of drug dealing and illegal weapons, killed in shoot out with police elijah jackson 12/11/2014 wanted for aggravated assault. Tried to run down several cops with his vehicle jerame c reid 30/12/2014 pulled over . Found with gun. Struggled with cop and was shot while trying to exit the vehicle ceasar adams 18/09/2014 attempted murder of off duty cop working security at a store where he and 2 others attempted an armed robbery rodney hodge 27/06/2014 Waved his gun at police and others in hour long armed standoff before walking at pedstrians with gun pointed. Police shot him. ronald singleton 29/08/2014 High on PCP. Fought with police before being restrained in straightjacket. Died of cardiac arrest. Obestity and drugs both factors yvette henderson 03/02/2015 Pointed revolver at securty guard when shoplifting in a mall. Tried to carjack 3 cars and then pointed gun at cops. They shot her. aljarreau cross 10/10/2014 avoided a traffic stop. Shot a cop 4 times before he was killed by other officers antonio martin 23/12/2014 police responding to shoplifting call tried to stop him. He pulled a 9mm pistol on cop and was shot. carrey brown 16/09/2014 cops called to house by wife who said he was going crazy with a gun. Shooting his gun. Wife and kids hiding in bathroom. Shot by a sniper frederick r miller 16/08/2014 shot and stabbed his 3 year old daughter and her grandfather and great grandmother to death. Killed in gunfight with pursuing officers terry garnett jr 11/03/2015 refused to pull over for traffic stop. Tried to run over cop with SUV. Large amount of heroin found in car. anthony lamar brown 23/08/2014 stole a bike. Refused to stop, dodged a taser and then shot at a cop with a gun before cop returned fire and killed him. raupheal thomas 03/07/2015 high on meth. Confronted cops responding to a report. Was tasered and shot a gun at the cops who shot him back and ended him daniel christopher yealu 07/04/2014 walked in to LA police station and opened fire on two cops at front desk. Had AK47 with numerours rounds in car also philip watkins 11/02/2015 called 911 and went to attack responding cops with a knife. Testimony from family and friends indicate deliberate case of suicide by cop fednel rhinvil 03/03/2015 cops responding to threat to shoot up a house stopped man. He fled and then pulled a gun on cop. Was shot dead. Had previous also. carlos davenport 09/11/2014 cops attended armed disturbance. Man had sword, refused to put it down and charged at cop with sword. Cop shot him. tracy a wade 02/10/2014 cops went with 2 felony arrest warrants. 8 hour armed standoff ensued. SWAT entered house. She pointed gun and never went to jail. dustin keith glover 11/08/2014 high on PCP. Domestic disturbance, Cops tased him. Taken into custody and released. Died a couple of days later from PCP toxicity shawn brown 09/09/2014 suspected of shooting in a market. Cops went to his house. He shot 4 times at police who shot back 2 times mortally wounding him Frederick R Miller and Daniel Christopher Yealu were really worthy of the veneration of the people at Hampden that night. BlackLivesMatter do nothing to address the inherent problem of criminality and thug gangsta culture that dominates black society. That BlackLivesMatter hold these people up as being victims of police brutality is staggering. People actually think it's acceptable to kill police because the police killed people who were trying to kill them. The behaviour of these people is like someone playing out Grand Theft Auto in real life. Imagine an activist movement that campaigns/riots every time someone with 3 wanted stars gets killed by the police in GTA5 - that's what BlackLivesMatter are in reality.
  8. Great to see Dindu Nuffin is still alive and kicking in Baton Rouge. Can't wait for Obama's next press conference where he says "back the cops" and avoids any mention of his tacit support for cop killing by his years of blaming the police and excusing blacks for their rampant criminality by singing straight from the black lies matter hymnsheet.
  9. NICE

    Thank Allah for our beloved new Prime Ministeress Theresa May for stepping up to the plate and telling us that we're going to "re-double our efforts to defeat terrorism" and how "the UK stands shoulder to shoulder with France". We need more cliches at times like these. And we should all give thanks that it was only a small number of Britons involved in this attack that people will stop giving a shit about within 3-4 days once something else happens like a celebrity death or some hens getting loose on a motorway.
  10. NICE

    That attitude is disgusting. Doesn't she realise that by saying that it ruined her shopping trip and that she's lost all interest in the lovely things she bought she is letting the terrorists win? The terrorists do things like this to ruin our shopping trips and make us disinterested in the lovely things we buy. We need to keep on shopping in the face of terrorism. Buy even more things when you see an attacking jihadi. Wave that shiny new iPad Mini 4 in their faces. As they throw Molotov cocktails at us, throw your receipts back at them. The only way we will defeat Salafist death cults is through continued ignorant consumerism.