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  1. This is hilarious. The dive is so obvious that it is comical. The first time I saw it I couldn't help but laugn.. It was worthy of going unpunished like Faddy's handball on the line against Norway. But the aftermath sums up the pish that is football Hippolyte dived without a doubt, but Houston argued that there's no difference between Hippolyte diving and winning a penalty which resulted in a goal, and Pars' player David Hopkirk diving and not getting a penalty and getting booked in a 1-2 victory. "He done nothing wrong" and then “We accept that he duped the referee into thinking there was a touch. I will speak to Myles and he will be punished by me, because I don’t want that at Falkirk.” But the best bit for me is unspoken racist incident Nathan Austin Myles Hippolyte "We’ll move on from it, but we are disappointed in some of the reactions from Dunfermline. Even to the extent of their management team getting the wrong player, Nathan Austin, coming down the tunnel and accusing him of diving. They later chapped the door to apologise to him, but they got that wrong"
  2. Best thing she's ever done.
  3. Libertarians are khunts. As an ethos it's "do what you want, I'm rich so fvck the lot of you" Vote for them and you should be kicked to death
  4. I went for a job recently. Advertised as "therapist". Imagine my surprise when my prospective employer told me I would have to randomly bugger unwitting strangers at knife-point. Oh, wrong thread. Still - living wage. Yay!
  5. That's life. "Why don't we still take big handfuls of £2 Mitsubishis upstairs in the Glasgow School of Art Union from Thursday til Sunday?" Cos Ed Sheeran.
  6. I didnae realise that. It's the insidious nature of Facebook. Of all the social networking sites ever made, Facebook is by far the worst. The whole greetin' faced "why is the Tamb not just like the Tamb in 2006?" decline thread can be put down to Facebook. In order to have even a free Spotify, you have to have to link it to your Facebook account. I've got a throwaway Facebook account under an African name that I use for Spotify cos I've sold all my vinyl and CDs. I'd say buy it on iTunes or Amazon or TIdal, but they're just as bad. Torrent it and I'll do a Bandcamp only release on the next one.
  7. Make the TAMB great again by stealing not buying my new LP
  8. is it pish. It's like listening to Milo, Paul Joseph Watson, Sarkon of Akkad and all the other hateful alt-right fandans that need to go leave their pits in the ground and stop hating awbdy. A slew of right wing shitebags that have no concept of empathy or real life. If you use it right, there's enough empirical data out there to show that aw they Syrian kids deserve to get gassed and the wee Iraqi asylum seeker in London deserved to get 20 khunts bashing the fuk ootay him at a bus-stop, so what? We're in 1938 again. Let's not pretend that these duplicitous right wing media bastards that we've got leading us along their merry way are in anyway normal or fukking acceptable.
  9. Aye. Round and round and round again
  10. Failing to dig out the seed is what we did last time
  11. The currency question was a huge black hole last time round. For Yes zealots (myself included), it was underpinned by the flawed understanding that realpolitik would kick in to play and we would have had a de facto currency union, so it went by and largely unquestioned even though it was a painfully obviously undefended own goal. I know several people who were close to being Yes who were put off by the currency argument. And even though it was obvious that there would be a contingency and there would have ultimately have been some sort of Scot Pound/Punt=Sterling agreement, we were dealing with Tories and the moment that Gideon ruled it out publicly there should have been a non-Euro plan B. We're dealing with people who would, do and ad infinitum will happily shoot packs of fleeing orphans with muskets for sport They are unbelievably ghastly bastards who think up the worst things you can do to the weakest and most vulnerable people in society and then defend their ideas with glee while they jet off to hell to make asset-stripping deals with despots. Chances are that had we won, they would have gone for some kind of Goldfinger-scheme where every bit of gold held by the BOE would have been infected with full blown AIDS just to slow down post-Indy economic growth. None of this fannying around next time. Get them telt.
  12. Aw yeah, always pickin on de Blackman
  13. Could be worse - you could still be living in Dunfermline
  14. nae offence intended bud