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  1. Things you can do with a copy of The Scotsman #3 Roll it up in a tube, wrap it in cellophane and fill it with suet. Hey presto a prison pocket pussy.
  2. It's progressive and really great to see. I think it's really great to see that Police Scotland will be going out their way to recruit 650 ethnic minority candidates to make up for the 4 per cent of Scottish society that is an ethnic minority. The only people who think ill of blindly employing people on the basis of their ethnicity to meet quota demands are archaic fools who should be placed in stocks and pelted with kiwi fruit, lychees and pomegranates. I just don't think that these really great to see progressive proposals go far enough though. The midget population are completely unrepresented within the Police. We urgently need to see 800 midgets employed by Police Scotland. Really great to see progressive Police Scotland policy would be seeing a front line composed solely of a hundred sub four-foot-tenners in riot gear holding legions of blood thirsty rival fans apart next time there's an Old Firm game. And what about people with full blown AIDS? Edinburgh is full of people with full blown AIDS. Police Scotland need to forget about crime and focus on hiring 900 people with full blown AIDS working as bobbies on the beat. That would be progressive and really great to see.
  3. Caddyshack. "Hey everybody, we're all gonna get laid"
  4. Much as I love the obvious income from Jackie Mac as a manager - another last gasp ker-ching coupon the day by virtue of his managerial pishyness - he gets a real disservice as player by aw the bitter Aberdeen fans on here. He was 34 when he went to Pittodrie; on the back of a bad cruciate injury and offered a big money deal by Calderwood. What was he supposed to do? Wait 5 years and then hope to make a huge profit from asset stripping Dundee United? McNamara at his peak was the best right back in the UK by an absolute fvcking mile. I watched him for 4 seasons at Dunfermline from 92 to 96 and it was obvious that he would play for Scotland from the moment that Bert Paton moved him to right back. Stick a pish right winger like Ivo den Bieman or Simon Donnelly in front of him and he was an overlapping whippet who made goals for fun. For Dunfermline for 4 years, Celtic for a decade and Scotland against Norway in 98 he was the game changer. What we would give to have a 20 year version of him the now. I hope York keep him as manager for the rest of the season.
  5. I ate a pony once. True story.
  6. Simplest way would be to hook a 3mm audio jack cable from your hifi to a laptop/PC mic socket and record it through something like audacity http://www.audacityteam.org/download/
  7. Dunno why tasers are considered "less than lethal" given the number of deaths they cause. Whatever happened to the good old days of one of our hardworking bobbies on the beat beating someone about the head and torso with a cudgel? I reckon it's down to them having to fill out too much paperwork and go on diversity courses that they have to use the tasers because it's not politically correct to let them beat someone up with a blunt weapon.
  8. A Corbyn victory was an assured splintering of the party. But an inevitable and necessary splintering. Welsh Labour would have cut themselves away from a Corbyn English Labour. Scottish Labour would have followed suit. I've no malevolent feeling towards Corybn. If he held the same opinion about Scotland as me then I'd treat him pretty much as a more right wing kindred spirit. Albeit a vegan one. The 130K were predominantly English voters looking for a left wing alternative and that alternative is now saying "cheers for the £400 grand but fück off you're not Labour enough". If this isnae proof that Labour's time is dead and gone then I dont know what is. The left need a viable and cohesive force to unite behind, but what's happened here is people power being shat on by 2 decades of Blairite doctrine. England needs to find a way past this in the same way that the Scottish left need to find a way past the SNP. The SNP are at least a means to an end. A non Corbynite accepting Labour are just an end.
  9. Joshua Virasami - the guy who was the 'organiser' of the protests - likes to write articles for the Huffington Post about how his brother got picked on by da fed headmaster for consuming drugs just cos he was black http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/joshua-virasami/race-britain-black-brown_b_6565606.html? then he tweets stuff like this This clown apart, the whole point of BLM is to recreate Apartheid in the USA and now here in the UK. They are a racist sham front of an organisation who need to be called out for what they are.
  10. It's a publicity stunt. Him and Darren Wilson are launching a new range of "robust traditional weapons for hard working decent white folks who love Freedom and Trump" Basically a Winchester rifle with muzzle and flash suppressor that can fire 32 rounds a second.
  11. Great to see this coming to the UK to replace Pokemon as the fad du jour for imbeciles. Chain yourself to a friend and lie down in the road to protest the 0 deaths of black people by police in the UK this year. When will this genocide stop?
  12. Referring to the magic light box as "TV"
  13. £250k is way too low for Kane Hemmings. Dundee had him for another 2 years. Unless there was a contract clause letting him go for a pittance, there's no way Dundee should let him go for less than 7 figures.
  14. Zimmerman's a bona fide bell-end - his decision to sell the gun for a quarter of a mill rather than destroy it is another indicator that he's a repellent fvck. I'll come back to that though. I take your point that it was about 2 citizens, but the Florida prosecutor's decision to take the case to trial was purely political and was motivated by the governor trying to avoid the riots that were on the way. The police chief was fired over the initial lack of arrest. You had nationwide protests, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson whipping up a shit-storm, and the President of the United States coming out and saying that the victim could have been his son. In the context of what happened, Sanford FL had a higher robbery rate than Compton LA - 60 per 1000 compared to 29 per 1000. The "gated community" of Twin Lakes isn't some Oscar Pistorius privileged gated community - it's the Florida equivalent of a Barret estate; a Barret estate that is surrounded by a predominantly black project from where a huge level of criminality came in to their neighbourhood. According to the Miami Herald, police were called to Twin Lakes 402 times in the 13 months before Martin’s death. According to the Herald’s review of police records, the community experienced eight burglaries, nine thefts, and a shooting over that period. One black neighbor of the Zimmermans said recent history should be taken into account."Let's talk about the elephant in the room. I'm black, OK?" the woman said, declining to be identified because she anticipated backlash due to her race. She leaned in to look a reporter directly in the eyes. "There were black boys robbing houses in this neighborhood," she said. "That's why George was suspicious of Trayvon Martin." in a series of interviews, Twin Lakes residents said dozens of reports of attempted break-ins and would-be burglars casing homes had created an atmosphere of growing fear in the neighborhood. Zimmerman saw a young black man loitering in an area where there had been a huge level of criminality done by young black men. Rightly or wrongly, he profiled him and he called the cops and he followed him in his car until he ran and then he lost him. He shouldn't have got out the car, but Trayvon Martin should not then have attacked him and broke his nose and then tried to smash his head in on the sidewalk. From all the evidence I've read and been through, I don't doubt that Trayvon Martin sucker-punched and attacked him and Dylan was in fear of his life and shot him in self defence. That doesn't detract from Zimmerman's post trial cvnt behaviour - although I do think that the guy's life and mental health have been ruined by the trial, the media coverage and BLM, Spike Lee et al holding him up as some evil white guy who killed an innocent young black man. Applying non-American rationale to gun control is daft. In Florida, the gun laws are such that the assumption should be that everyone is carrying. If you jump someone, you might get shot. Trayvon Martin attacked him and he feared for his life. He shot him in self defense and he was exonerated. It's tragic, but regardless of whether Zimmerman pursued him Martin should not have attacked him. But he did and he paid for it with his life.