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  1. ---------------- Gordon Tierney -- Martin -- Mulgrew -- Robertson -- --------- Brown --- Morrison Fraser ------ Armstrong ------ Snodgrass -------------- Griffiths
  2. I was there; Saints were by far the better team, United just kept hoofing it up to the big CF. What a day
  3. Surely Adidas could just produce a version that has the sleeves navy too? Of course they could.
  4. Same as Sunday but swap Anya for Snodgrass for me.
  5. I wasn't booing, but around me those who were directed it at Strachan not Martin. Not that this makes it any better though to be fair.
  6. Wrong thread!
  7. Griffiths probably, his movement was good but this worked way better because for a change we had midfielders getting up with the strikers. Armstrong was the catalyst for that, even Broony had a burst down the left wing ending in a backheel. Makes all the difference if our striker is not isolated.
  8. They are both shite, surely not
  9. This is the worst I can remember, aye. Can't really be arsed going tonight.
  10. Wish we had a couple of Christian Daillys now...
  11. Something like this if we have to play 4-5-1: ------------ Gordon Anya -- Martin -- Berra -- Tierney -------- Brown --- Morrison Snodgrass Armstrong Robertson ------------ S Fletcher
  12. Strachan will have wanted to play this game to keep the loyal diddies, some of the press, and some supporters happy by giving the likes of Darren Fletcher a run out, trying some new players and giving a Rangers player a game. Job done on that score. Come Sunday there will be no Darren, no Rangers players and the only new face will be Armstrong who is an absolute stick on to start given his recent form. Steven Fletcher will start up front as well, given the shitey reports on all the other strikers, the idea being that he holds the ball up for Armstrong to make those late runs and save the day. Easy.
  13. Yep, just bought tickets for the Portugal game. Out on Saturday back on Monday, Glasgow to Amsterdam and train to game and back.
  14. Burke seems sensible to me, he isn't going to panic because he is being used by a side sitting just behind Bayern Munchen in the league. They'll be in the UCL next season, with plenty of games to get involved in and surely he will be picking up the language too, Absolute non-story.
  15. I'd go with this: ----------------------- Gordon ----- Martin ------- Berra ---------- Tierney Anya -------- Brown ------ Fletcher ---------- Robertson ---------------------- Armstrong ---------- Snoddy -------------------------------- Griffiths * Burke as an impact sub But I think he will go with this: ----------------------- Gordon Anya --------- Martin ------- Berra ---------- Robertson ---------------- Brown ------ Fletcher Ritchie----------------- Morrison ----------------- Forrest ---------------------------- Griffiths