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  1. Burke seems sensible to me, he isn't going to panic because he is being used by a side sitting just behind Bayern Munchen in the league. They'll be in the UCL next season, with plenty of games to get involved in and surely he will be picking up the language too, Absolute non-story.
  2. I'd go with this: ----------------------- Gordon ----- Martin ------- Berra ---------- Tierney Anya -------- Brown ------ Fletcher ---------- Robertson ---------------------- Armstrong ---------- Snoddy -------------------------------- Griffiths * Burke as an impact sub But I think he will go with this: ----------------------- Gordon Anya --------- Martin ------- Berra ---------- Robertson ---------------- Brown ------ Fletcher Ritchie----------------- Morrison ----------------- Forrest ---------------------------- Griffiths
  3. This appointment is an absolute disgrace in my opinion. Apart from the fact he is a racist, he is one of these old school types which is what we desperately need to get away from. Joke.
  4. Dunno, I'd have Armstrong in there beside Broon ideally.
  5. Aye we need to freshen up the midfield, get Armstrong in. Darren Fletcher slows the game down too much to be honest, not sure if Broon's heart will be in it for the long run either now.
  6. Good wee video by of all people Pat Nevin, on the BBC, on the new Chelsea formation of 3-4-3 and how it has freed up Hazard. We could do this : -------- Marshall /Gordon Paterson Berra Tierney Anya -----McArthur Fletch---------- Robertson /Wallace -------------- Morrison --------- Burke ---------- Griffiths With Burke in the Hazard role cutting in from either wing. We need to be bold from now on.
  7. We left a few minutes early too, only to discover when we got outside that so had a lot of us. Changed days.
  8. As a way to get up the pitch and away from our goal he could be invaluable.
  9. Depends on who was driving I suppose...
  10. Pretty sure Broony will get a couple of levellers in early on.
  11. I agree on the accent thing, how did that happen? He is also nae use.
  12. hmm aye, its potentially my last away game.
  13. I will be happy if Ritchie, Forrest and C. Martin are not playing. They are all pish and have had their chance.
  14. Think this will be it: ---------------Marshall----------------- Paterson -- Martin – Berra - Kingsley -------------Brown – McArthur--------- Snoddy ---------Morrison--------Burke -----------------Griffiths ---------
  15. I think his time is up to be fair, not questioning his loyalty and dedication but we don't have the players round him to cover up his slowness.