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  1. Chris Martin and Gordon Greer FFS. Otherwise it's fair enough I'd say.
  2. I'll need to watch a bit of Brentford to see what all the fuss is about then.
  3. Been a great servant etc Time to give McGinn a chance in my opinion, be more positive in midfield. Would think that's a good decision for Brown's club career though.
  4. An example would be Ritchie against France Lost count of the number of times he got the ball and was faced with the France fullback, had a look, didn't fancy it and played it back to one of our defenders. WTF?? At least try something to get by the FB once in a while!
  5. I suspect they may be winding you up wee man.
  6. I said this on another thread, but to me its all about attacking intent. We need a couple of players who will try something to get in behind the opposition's defence. Strachan was talking about bravery when he first started, he has to recognise that we still don't have that in the team. Snodgrass back is a boost and if we can get Bannan in the team too, there is a couple of players who may try something a bit more audacious and less predictable.
  7. Dunno, but having had to buy a home ticket for France I'm not hopeful for Slovakia, think their ground are 20k max.
  8. Yes I agree that they are miles better, the point still stands though that we are not adventurous enough. I don't fail to appreciate anything, I was there too, spent a bit of time just watching Kante in constant motion, outstanding player but even he went by players at times. If they have every option covered we need to try and beat the man, create something, make something happen. When do we ever see a Scotland player do that? Never. I am not proposing that Mackay plays out of position, not sure where you got that from, I am merely highlighting that he at least tried to be positive when he came on. Ritchie was appalling, just passed it back the way every time and has a frightening lack of pace. Totally agree on the last point though, although I think we should from now on get Tierney, McGinn, Mackay, Paterson in the team. Keep the likes of Brown and Martin round them to bring them on, but we need to try something or it will be the same old pish.
  9. Stay for one more campign but someone who can coach our limited defenders is a must.
  10. I can compare our midfield to a team we have played's midfield. That's how games of football work. We are generally negative, don't take any chances to get forward and have no flair. I know Mackay is a winger but the point is that he at least looked like trying to play forward, how many times did we play the ball flat across the team? Didn't get us anywhere. Fine, we'll just stick with the team as it is, same old pish. And as for Fletcher, he played better in France but someone more dynamic beside him would make a difference.
  11. The big difference last night was that France's midfielders moved the game forward all the time by either beating their man or playing triangles round us. We need to play players who can take us up the pitch, Fletcher and McArthur aren't capable of that. I'd like to see the likes of McGinn and Mackay given a chance; at least they try to carry the game up the park. We are also really struggling for a centre half and Mulgrew isn't the answer. Strachan must be far bolder in his selections or we'll get nowhere.
  12. Depends on club game time probably, Maloney was honking the other night and Mulgrew wasn't much better. There are more options now which will mean he won't play those not getting club games, Hutton excluded as he said.
  13. I think its OK, I'll wear it in Metz for kicking about in.
  14. Swap S. Fletcher for McCormack and that will be the team.
  15. The ability to burst past players and play some clever passes through the defence are clearly lost on you. We need someone in the midfield who can get us moving forward, we can't play Brown/Fletcher together, need to start being more positive on the ball in there. I'd get him in the team for the next 2 matches, I'd also like to see more of Burke, what little we saw looked very good but its hard to tell. Some fans seem to be happy playing tried and tested players, but we haven't qualified for a tournament for 20 years! Time to be more positive.