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  1. Leg end
  2. The result was great, some of the performances were good, particularly Bannan, Snoddy and Robertson. Burke could be really good, love the way he looks to take on his man most times. Usual worry is of course centre defence, Hanley needs to learn he can't win every ball, needs to bide his time a bit more.
  3. What a farce the return journey was with this mob, ended up half way round Malta before they went to St Julians... 😭
  4. Nah that's because you couldnt see from the front rows or in the corners. Lot of folk were just standing at the back.
  5. Hi, need 2 seats back to St Julians. Are there any left please? Ta
  6. Any spares? Need 2 coming back as we are going direct, will obviously pay for a return tho. Ta.
  7. Any seats left? Just need 2 coming back as we are going direct. Obviously will pay for the full ticket though. Ta
  8. Aye, I'd hope he's in the first XI to be honest. We need to be as attacking as possible for this one.
  9. I'm a bit feart for Sunday, hopefully we'll get an early goal or 2 and settle into it...
  10. Chris Martin and Gordon Greer FFS. Otherwise it's fair enough I'd say.
  11. I'll need to watch a bit of Brentford to see what all the fuss is about then.
  12. Been a great servant etc Time to give McGinn a chance in my opinion, be more positive in midfield. Would think that's a good decision for Brown's club career though.
  13. An example would be Ritchie against France Lost count of the number of times he got the ball and was faced with the France fullback, had a look, didn't fancy it and played it back to one of our defenders. WTF?? At least try something to get by the FB once in a while!
  14. I suspect they may be winding you up wee man.
  15. I said this on another thread, but to me its all about attacking intent. We need a couple of players who will try something to get in behind the opposition's defence. Strachan was talking about bravery when he first started, he has to recognise that we still don't have that in the team. Snodgrass back is a boost and if we can get Bannan in the team too, there is a couple of players who may try something a bit more audacious and less predictable.