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      ATAC produced a guide to Bratislava and Trnava prior to our recent visit. If you saw this, did you use it? Was it of any help?
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  1. I think his time is up to be fair, not questioning his loyalty and dedication but we don't have the players round him to cover up his slowness.
  2. The other bit that gets me is the laughable idea that Pressley had provided intelligence on how they play??? WTF. Surely we should have known that Mak and Hamsik drop into the gaps then, surely we should have worked on how to stop them? No, Strachan knows best with his rigid and failed formation.
  3. Exactly, it's beyond a joke that we persist with playing in the same way.
  4. Looks like Strachan is staying for now, so what should we doing to change the performances? To me we need to ditch the 4-5-1 and go back to 4-4-2 or even 3-5-2 and make us harder to beat. I'd get better protection for the full backs, either by playing with 3 CBs or with midfielders directly in front of them, and I'd also play 2 up front one of which surely has to be Griffiths. Get McCormack in the mix too. In midfield I'd move Fletcher aside and get McGinn in the team, he can carry the game forward way more and seems to be able to link up well with the strikers. Ritchie can GTF.
  5. Get Lambert in
  6. Get Lambert in.
  7. Ritchie might be better in the middle as he has no pace or trickery to get by anyone.
  8. Does this mean we are playing Bannan further forward in the 10 position?
  9. Keep an eye on twitter, that seems to be the first thing updated.
  10. Martin, Ritchie, Forrest can GTF, D. Fletcher appears to be injured. I'd go with: Plan A; -------------------- Marshall Paterson ----- Hanley ---- Martin ------ Tierney ----------- McArthur --------- Morrison Anya ---------------------------------- Robertson ---------- Snodgrass ------------------------- Griffiths Plan B: Burke to come on for Anya with S. Fletcher replacing Robertson and Snoddy going wide, going 4-1-3-2 and more attacking. -------------------- Marshall Paterson ----- Hanley ---- Martin ------ Tierney -------------------- McArthur Burke ------------ Morrison ---------- Snodgrass ---------- S. Fletcher -------- Griffiths
  11. If we win in Slovakia all will be well again. That said, that was probably the worst performance I've ever had the pleasure of attending.
  12. Means I can make the biggest game of the afternoon, Pollok v Arthurlie. Expect there will be a big crowd and some tasty tackles.
  13. Half of you need to get a grip, it's a bit of fun and will hopefully liven up the atmosphere. He's a bit cheesy but at least it's a bit different.
  14. Leg end
  15. The result was great, some of the performances were good, particularly Bannan, Snoddy and Robertson. Burke could be really good, love the way he looks to take on his man most times. Usual worry is of course centre defence, Hanley needs to learn he can't win every ball, needs to bide his time a bit more.