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  1. Any of you guys heard from Watershed yet about where the buses are leaving from?
  2. A brilliant night,Never see scooby doo anymore shame. There was also a one armed policeman directing the traffic in Celje in the middle of the road.
  3. Hi Watershed .the laud here.this is my email address for the bus pick up in bratislava.


    Hope they run as smoothly as the Malta buses .

    best regards Alex.

  4. The mcdonalds style burger joint was brilliant.Cant wait for a Hugos to open up here.
  5. Like some labour mpswho came out and said Idont care if we would all be better off under independance i will never vote for it.As far as im concerned these people are the enemy of Scotland and in my eyes can go and support team gb or start a morris dancing club,Not welcomed by me at Scotland games.
  6. He did have a great game that day but his best game in my eyes was the draw in moscow.
  7. But why would you need to .surely you just stop going.
  8. An actual love bridge [LOVE] in giant concrete letters covered in padlocks in St. julians bay.Sure someone on here can post a picture.
  9. We must have been lucky.never seen one.
  10. Exactly,I would have been cheering if the local police had lifted him.
  11. Just wondering how you cancel your membership?
  12. they played one about sheep shaggers about 8 o,clock if that helps.Sunshine on leith was also on about 5 times but didnt mind as its a cracker of a song.
  13. cant believe watts been picked over mcormack.
  14. noticed the dailly record given away at the airport quite often now
  15. cmon somebody say it. Darts.