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  1. That alexander edmistons a yes man as well.
  2. rip.dick donnelly. agreat voice from the past .
  3. So why is it ok for 99% of the worlds population to live in an independent country.I say you and your ilk are the ones who are out of step with everyone else.
  4. Excellent Group - Best Chance

    no way are norn ireland better than us.republic of ireland are comparable to us.Wales and england are better than us.
  5. all these issues are down to the labour council.
  6. Wimbledon 2016

    that wasnt taken from today unless she got changed in the royal box.
  7. Excellent Group - Best Chance

    he meant poland were lucky to get a draw in the last minute at hampden.
  8. if wales can do it

    we used to have scotland the brave as an anthem and it was a total disaster.few knew the words and the rest just went da da da da da da da
  9. Tartan Army Boat (Vienna/Bratislava)

    were staying on the botel on the danube in bratislava maybe we could hijack it meet you half way and enter the city in a flotilla.
  10. TAMB Facebook Page

    Theres never any pash written on here.
  11. Biggest load of crap posted on the board for a while.
  12. its crap.lost over a thousand post counts.now looks as if i will lose money that two of us bet every year because of it.
  13. Hats off to the piper on the march to stadium

    Never knew there was a march.We must talk to more folk.Thinking about it theres alot of erses out there.will keep to ourselves.
  14. Strachan..out...poll

    begining to think Gibraltar should have been it for him. I mean Gordon greer .does he even play for anyone bar us.