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  1. noticed the dailly record given away at the airport quite often now
  2. cmon somebody say it. Darts.
  3. Will probably depend how they get on against England.
  4. I still have most of these records bought at the time.1978 was when most 45s were released the country was in world cup fever a few weeks before the tournament started.we even filled hampden to wave goodbye to the team on an open top bus My favourite single of the time which i still have was by Bill Barclay Hot pies for us in Argentina.Sung to the tune of dont cry for us Argentina if i remember correctly.
  5. Hate all the team gb pash ,im hooked on the archery and the bonus is there no any brits in it.
  6. That is incorrect.France for one was sold out.
  7. popye village is worth a visit.Watch the film first before you go.
  8. Doesnt affect me as im on 7 points but surely the sfa can come out with a statement to their own supporters on why they cant get tickets for said members while the Maltese fa sell tickets to Scotland fans.
  9. Why when it doesnt have to be.
  10. i'm embarrassed at so called Scots like you.
  11. So why are we only getting this amount of tickets.Is it the Maltese F.A. or are the S.F.A. not prepared to ask for more.Icant see it being the second as the S.F.A. are usually pretty good in getting as many tickets as possible.
  12. Theres a guy on the facebook page still got seats on his buses i think.
  13. Could only watch about 5 minutes of that.I wanted to punch the smarmy khunts puss.
  14. I wish i could make that out
  15. That alexander edmistons a yes man as well.