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  1. Well i thought the rovers were unlucky not to win both games.
  2. underwhelming.Have to say i wont be there.
  3. Who the feck is this.
  4. Im sure the bosses of diageo came out on the no side.
  5. 90% of the whisky companies came out in favour of a no vote in the referendum.Can anyone give a list of them please. Im sure grouse and glenmorangie are yoon whiskys.I would hate to think they were making money off me.
  6. I feel the same as them about the scottish rugby team. Shower of rabid yoons.
  7. What is the point of ATAC. Chocolate teapot comes to mind.
  8. Association tartan army clubs.Affiliated clubs pay dues to them .they have a few meetings every year and you never hear of them doing very much.
  9. Our club pays dues to ATAC annually not much i know £25 i think. At our next meeting i will be putting forward a motion to pull out of this shambles of an organisation.
  10. I,ll tell you whats unacceptable is them giving a supporters ticket away.your supposed to be on the side of the Scotland fans,lets hear what youve got to say about this.
  11. This is an absolute outrage and the guy had every right to call them for everything after the strict terms the ssc have laid out for any unfortunate picking up.If ihad travelled from Norway and these clowns had given away my ticket i dont think i would be able to contain myself either. As for kicking the guy out the club im speechless.After next year there will be thousands leaving as its not just the team who are a joke.
  12. It was the only thing i enjoyed about the game.