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  1. hes on tambers facebook page
  2. guy on tambers David Nicol selling fri-tues £100 name change from Edin
  3. very good dc
  4. theres flights from london luton to glasgow 13:30 £28 one way
  5. Malta F A confirmed that they are happy with Scotland fans sitting in the Millenium Stand 15 euros each on their website
  6. cheers deecie makes sense re shortages.
  7. Dont know, perhaps someone can clarify, Do the ssc have to pay for tickets up front from other nations?. If so that would be the answer to many of the questions supporters ask re shortage of tickets. and why they dont over subscribe. As when people who return tickets at last minute the ssc would be left with unsold tickets. hope someone can enlighten me. I think this reason would be plausable cheers
  8. flight number fr7494 no longer on their website however fr7492 seems to be the only flight on saturday leaving 08:40
  9. aye get in early as first 6 rows from the front ya canny see anything because of the advertising boards.
  10. tele 0141 616 6000
  11. ssc started a reserve waiting list, get yersel on it, im sure a few handbacks will becom available next week
  12. check your emails re loft, we been iformed works being carried out same week. they have relocated us to their sister hotel.
  13. man- mla weds 31st aug rtn mon 5th sept. driving from Dunfermline on 31st to manchester airport if anyone looking for carshare via m74. Also if anyone wanting a rtn train ticket edin -man airport thurs 1st 18:52 returning tues 16:29 (free)
  14. Andy Puller has just added another bus however i think its from st julians. you can find him on facebook or tambers f/b page hope this helps you.
  15. Got full refund this morning from my c/c company, already rebooked flights and hotel