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  1. train ticket edi-man airport

    Anyone wanting a return train ticket edin-manchester airport thurs 1st sept 18.52 return tues 6th sept 16:29 Free to a good hame.
  2. K.O. time

    cheers m8,
  3. K.O. time

    Can someone please confirm ko time for this game Sfa showing 19:45 however Malta fa now showing 18:00 ko. Would be good to know as guys who organising buses may have to adjust times. Cheers
  4. Tickets needed

    fff have some tickets on now , i have a 40 euro one in my basket will release it back ont fff site 15 mins
  5. Tickets needed

    one of the guys on tambers has just purchased one from ssc.
  6. 3,000

    prob 1000 in scotland end, however there were a few maltese and neutrals in with us, i would say 800 max ssc members/non attendee ticket users (eg. ssc tickets sold on or given to non members).
  7. Home section tickets

    Possibility this could be used for a Police operation dummy run pre euros. defo bring yer fff top just incase. the police did an operation in Marseille last weekend for the french cup final, all kinds of trouble occured. might be worth keeping an eye on the french game with cameroon this Monday to see if any trouble.
  8. Luxembourg Internation to Metz

    thats good news bristol hope all sorted b4 next weekend
  9. Luxembourg Internation to Metz

    wheres your flight from. to day no ba flights went to lux. The BA cancelled flights were 10 to Italy, eight to Switzerland, 12 to Spain, four to Germany, two to Belgium and two to Luxembourg. Further travel chaos is expected tomorrow with an estimated 80,000 Britons likely to be hit by a 24-hour general strike in Spain. A BA spokeswoman said: "We are not sure at this stage if the situation will be worse tomorrow. We are providing information as soon as it becomes available. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-123916/Flights-halted-thanks-strike.html#ixzz49gu3UYFx Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook
  10. Luxembourg Internation to Metz

    http://www.thelocal.fr/20160524/how-french-rail-services-will-be-hit-by-strike Notice in the artical it says from june 2nd it will be a daily strike
  11. Luxembourg Internation to Metz

    indefinite train strike to start in france june 2nd
  12. No tickets

    just yer luck mazz, im like a kid on christmas morning, if ma neighbours could have seen me when i was told i had got a ticket they would have called the men in white suits carrying a straightjacket.
  13. No tickets

    £16 think the pick up emails starting to kick in
  14. No tickets

    i am sure they were getting fed up with me calling, in the end a positive result. thanks to the lassies and laddie for putting up with me. Metz here i come another point in the bag.