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  1. Just got this Email from llf, booked hotel in marijampole for friday just incase! Hi, Location has not yet been confirmed – Vilnius, Marijampole or Kaunas are possible locations. Depending on the decision the away supporters‘ ticket number will be decided. Decision most likely will be taken in May
  2. Sorry guys but some of you on the moral high ground the same said people on here berating comments of the sexual nature, the same people who stood in the plaza in Brussels a few years back singing along with the "get yer Tats out for the boys" people who live in Glass hooses comes to mind. You know who you are!
  3. Also buying any new kit that will come on the market, the SFA know we are suckers when it comes to a new strip. If fans dont renew their memberships all fans and members of the public that buy the strip will be penalised with a price increase on strips to balance the loss of revenue. Adidas would no be too happy if strips were not selling they (Adidas) could actually force the sfa's hand, as 100s thousands of strips lying in a warehouse would cut revenue big time not only for the sfa also the sponsors too..
  4. Allbeit a boycott for the Slovenia game with a kick off time @ 19:45 on a Sunday night game sounds a good idea although most of the people who are boycotting it were not going to go in anycase however, how many of the boycotters will be boycotting the Scotland v England game?. At that stage we will most likely have a very poor chance of qualifying, a 5pm ko on a saturday and up to £55-£60 quid for a ticket this is the game where if any stance was to take place would be the most hardhitting.But like most of the ideas suggested on these forums that's never gonna happen.
  5. we are doing leeds bradford - vilnius match day friday 1st return monday 4th aprox 160 rtn at moment. Ryanair
  6. your spot on doon, also guys at the windows not even knowing their own name being prompted by guys to the side, seen the guy who was told his ticket had been issued he wisnae happy. One question? normally at away games the guy who is in charge of security for sfa is usually visible at the queue for collection, not on this occasion. Also the abuse directed at the girls was not pleasant which caused them to get abit flustered until the wembley stewards arrived. all of us who ended up in the long queue have to shoulder part of the blame by turning up from 18:15 onwards which created havoc. However i strongly agree there should have been further pick up locations made available thurs and friday. we had two guys handing out tickets in malta over two days to aprox 1/3 the amount of fans. At wembley there were just not enough staff to cater for the onslaught, While the sfa suits were being wined and dined we as fans had to run the gauntlet to get our tickets and although the ssc lassies were under preasure from the outset the blame should stop at the doors at Hampden and not with the lassies who did the best they could. Ticket collections need a massive revamp dont know how but thats what we pay our memberships for i believe to make our trips as stressfree as possible. Sorry bout the rant guys but needs to be said.
  7. Looks like the Record getting it wrong again. £20 includes pre match £12 & post match £8. Funny how the record never gets the price wrong charging for their own shite newspaper. A Roll of Andrex is better value than their Rag
  8. some people got today
  9. yes i see that m8
  10. Anyone selected for pickup in london Email's circulating just now
  11. sorry guys 7th -10th oct 2017
  12. Well i think i would be more interested in what i am going to wear to keep warm, was going to wear my duffel coat but fifa may think it a political statement as a duffel coat is usually associated with left wing politics, and MONTY. Looks like shorts and t shirt for me.
  13. nu tel numbers on your membership card
  14. when was this updated jb? as press kit from fifa showed this last month. EUROPEAN QUALIFIERS - 2016/18 SEASON MATCH PRESS KITS Slovenia - Sunday 8 October 2017 18.00CET (18.00 local time) Group F - Matchday 10 Scotland Last updated 02/09/2016 04:29CET
  15. Booked leeds - vilnius rtn on 22nd august for next year, also hotels through hotels.com