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  1. colin hope this helps you 59 euro each way 7 persons http://www.taxitransport.sk/en/pricelist or ask your hotel to sort one for you then you are guaranteed to be picked up after the game
  2. Just a thought! Would we rather the gig in the club take place be run by its owners themselves. Therefore moneies staying in London going to some wealthy club owner who would most certainly not offer one penny to any of the charities in Scotland ie Tacc or Sunshine. its a no brainer. If we say we support our own charities but knock back what could be 1000s pounds does not make financial sense to me. Most charity chairpersons or treasurers would not understand whats going on if they were to read this. Do TACC or Sunshine want monies from this gig or not? Alot of people seem to favour the latter (we want all the profit to go to charity) reading some of the posts on here. And please dont come back and say they are using the name Tamb to promote their gig and thats the problem.They could have used Scotland Football Fans Gig. Their organisers could just as easy run it as their gig, as a business venture and donate nothing. Was always taught never bite the hand that feeds you. Alot of what i have read seem there's personal issues coming to the surface which should not be aired in public. My Opinion no one gains anything which is a shame. Sorry for my wee rant! also sorry if any of the aforementioned charities miss out.
  3. Edinburgh or aberdeen to ljubljana via frankfurt with lufthansa available 13th october this year However will be over the £220 mark.
  4. on booking .com type the name of the hotel if you know it or area ie bratislava airport
  5. click manage my ccount then you should hve ur email pretty promt, they will send you an invoice a few hours later
  6. got confirmation like for like
  7. noone knows, however was always going to make ljubijana my base no mater where its being played
  8. Prob suits some people who live down south who realy cant do the double header then there the expence of hampden ticket, travel to hampden late home thurs night, therefore some fans may just get themselves out to slovenia a day or two early.
  9. yes i know thats why i booked sat-tues
  10. Flights now on sale wizzair luton to ljubljana thurs 5th october 2017 rtn tues 10th october or sat 7th - tue 10th were £59 rtn this morning however gone up £15 to £75 rtn at the moment, also ryanair flights stansted to trieste now on sale £100 rtn
  11. check with your hotels to see if they are puting on any transport to and from the game
  12. I have had an email back saying they would lease me a train for the return journey twelve carriages 1000 passengers at 11:30 pm however, the initial outlay is alot of money, plus damage deposit, then the grief from people on these boards if i make a profit. which i would be! therefore not worth the hassel this time folk.
  13. yes dunty 2.55 euros one way train every half hour, pay on the day or book online http://www.slovakrail.sk/en.html
  14. yes tower row two lol
  15. wouldnt think so tower, as there is no row 17 lol