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  1. Went really well thanks, our team was 10th overall in 8:28:24 (only 10 seconds behind 8th). Loved my leg, was scenic and by no means easy terrain, I'll maybe do the full Fling one day.
  2. Anyone doing the Fling by the way? I've got relay leg 3 on Saturday: Rowardennan - Beinglas.
  3. How'd you get on in London? I ended up having the race of my life on Sunday! Everything went to plan, 38 seconds between the first and second half of the race.
  4. My year's looking like this at the moment: 29th Jan - Meltham 10k 12th Mar - Silverstone Half Marathon 23rd Apr - London Marathon 29th Apr - Highland Fling Relay Apr-Jul - York and District 10k league races 4th Jun - Milngavie Trail Race 3rd Sep - Glen Moray Marathon 15th Sep - Mamores VK 16th Sep - Ring of Steall Skyrace 12th Nov - Dalby Dash 10k Also considering the Dales Trails series of races
  5. Further investigations into the pre-match Armistice bits too. Poppies on the big screens and advertising boards, giving out poppy t-shirts, the silence and the last post to name a few. Surely that'd all be on the English FA though.
  6. Got a London place in my club ballot. 3 places up for grabs with 20 of us applying. Better odds than the main ballot
  7. Have we even scored wearing this kit yet? Could be like the maroon shirt. Get rid!
  8. A little surprised Vauxhall haven't set up fan zones for each set of fans pre-match, seems like the opportunity given they sponsor both sides.
  9. 132 row 15 for me. £45 ticket
  10. what about a poppy on the "anthem jacket" rather than the shirt, do you reckon they'd allow that? Either way, I think being told we can't/shouldn't do it, then going ahead and doing it anyway is a silly move to make.
  11. We were allowed to wear poppies on armbands in a 2-1 win in Cyprus in 2011: The players got rid of the armbands at half time though because the velcro wouldn't stick.
  12. Surely if this is fine, white sleeves will be alright:
  13. I'll not tell my wife you said that last bit
  14. Incidentally, Harewood, where Emmerdale is filmed, is lovely and well worth a visit.
  15. If anyone's interested, my club's half marathon opens for registration this Saturday at 6am, sells out quick though! 15th January in York.