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  1. B8? That's where I've gone too. Used to always go North stand, but not really worth the extra money.
  2. Moray was a close one, remain won by 122 votes
  3. They should've given 16-17 year olds a vote in this one like they did for the Scottish vote. Why give pensioners more say on the future than those who it actually impacts? I've seen more leave posters and signs here in York than remain ones to be honest, but the latter are more visible in student areas where the former are more rurally located typically.
  4. Aye, but there's no dandruff on those shoulders.
  5. Just thinking for our games in the qualifiers. Skrtel v Brown could be interesting.
  6. I've not been on here for a while (not even sure I've been on since Seville marathon in Feb), but thought I'd let you know that I did do the Keswick Mountain Festival 50k (and the 5k the day before as a warm-up). Trained it fairly naively but just wanted to get round, and did so in 7:52:35, happy enough with that given that although I found it tough, I enjoyed it - signed up for the Hardmoors 30 on New Years day already too
  7. Thanks College Boy, lots of food for thought there. Don't suppose you have any recommended links for training plans and any other sites offering tips and advice you've found useful - fitting it around work might be a tricky one for me, living in York too means I need to get out somewhere to get decent training runs done on trail, the moors, Harewood estate, Castle Howard estate, Dalby Forest probably the most suitable near at hand.
  8. Toying with the idea of stepping it up to an ultra sooner rather than later (Keswick 50km in May). Wondering if any of you nutters who already do ultras could advise how the transition from marathons to ultras is, it looks as though a lot of the climbs are more of a walk, albeit with a fair old stride and the in-race nutrition is a lot more solid food than in road-based marathons. The longest I've done on a trail is half marathons, but I've found them more enjoyable to complete rather than aim for a time-based target (which is one of the main motivators for me on road races), and in some ways more enjoyable, the tougher they make the course. I've got Seville marathon (flattest in Europe, just 10m altitude change over the whole course) in February, which will be marathon #7 for me and don't think I'll decide on Keswick until after this. Any advice though would be great, cheers. -Cove, Manchester is the same date as Yorkshire Half Marathon (Sheffield), which I'll be doing - cracking course which is pretty much all uphill for the first 5 miles.
  9. This week's episode was absolutely brilliant.
  10. Japans away is my favourite of the stripes down the sides kits:
  11. 10k pb beaten at dalby forest this morning: 41:26
  12. Jesus, of course, being the original zombie.
  13. Jeez! There seems to be speculation that he isn't though. Thats all I'll say to avoid spoilers.