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  1. Surely just means Averys phone didn't 'move' that day. I'm maybe getting on a bit when it comes to social media but whilst Zellner is no doubt a good lawyer going by her record why would a decent lawyer be tweeting out comments and possible defence motions? For what it's worth I still think Averys did it!
  2. Really enjoyed Moldova. Like any trip need to keep your wits about you but had a great time. Definitely the haves and the have nots. I remember run down high rise flats and yet beside them there being BMW garages or a McDonald's, thinking who can afford that here. Didn't experience any hassle and food and drink was really cheap. Things may have changed since I was there, hopefully for the best, but thought the locals were appreciative of their Scots visitors. I do remember a comment about the stadium description at the time that made me laugh - think Cowdenbeath but without the frills!
  3. Good luck to the Irish. All the guys we met home and away were a great bunch. Jealous that we are not going to France but I hope you all have a great time and put in a performance. We've got no-one to blame but ourselves. Ireland 4/6 from Germany. We got 0/6. Put in a performance when they had to,we didn't /couldn't. All the best to the Irish.
  4. You can book hotels now. Go on a site like booking.com and you can book rooms for the dates you applied for. Just make sure you book a room with FREE cancellation. I've got rooms booked in Paris already. If I don't get the tickets I'm after I will cancel the room. If I do get the tickets then happy days.
  5. Changed to desktop view also and no issues.
  6. I'll be in Dubrovnik for the Georgia game. Anyone know of a bar in Dubrovnik that's likely to show the Georgia match? I know its a long shot but thought I'd ask. First home game I will have missed since Iceland so bit gutted however if I can watch the game from afar it won't be so bad. I'll be at the rest of the home games. Still recovering from Dortmund as I write! If anyone can suggest a bar showing the game I'd be delighted. Cheers
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  8. I see you are 1 post away from the 1000!! How was yesterday? Can't wait for n/shift 2nite!!

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