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  1. Never heard of you.
  2. Cringy innit
  3. No bias on this thread ' Engerland '
  4. Rubbish and boring CL final. God Bless Spanish football from saving us.
  5. In principle, I think this is a good idea. There are huge swathes of clubs with professional aspirations who deserve a chance on the ladder. AFC Wimbledon are a case in point. 13 years old, about to play at Wembley in a playoff to move in to the same league as the "club" that replaced them. Come on, that's what football is all about. Any promotion (commercially or otherwise) of small clubs should be applauded. I maybe wrong, but I can't see the dilution of the lower leagues with B and C teams like we see in Spain and Germany. The pyramid is too strong.
  6. Agreed. 'Depressing' seems to be the standard/stock/lazy critisism for Radiohead. Don't see it myself. Serious, yes, depressing? Nah, not for me. Mind you, I like very little 'happy' music. Maybe I'm just a miserable sod. +++++++++ Will check out James Blake.... According to my Radiohead uber-fan workmate, 3 of the eleven are older tunes.
  7. It's a work of art. I'll say no more.
  8. It's amazing mate. It's like walking through a fog of perfectly perceived, constructed and performed sounds.
  9. Noted the Stone Roses thread there, and thought the new Radiohead album deserved a mention. I'm conscious of hyperbole, so I'll just say IT'S THE BEST MUSIC SINCE MUSIC BEGAN EVER, SINCE THE DAWN OF MUSIC AND TIME! Honestly, I'm not even a huge Radiohead fan. I've listened to all their albums, and I like ' Kid A' a lot, it's probably my favourite of theirs, but I reckon (at best) I've listened to it 15 times in 15 years. I was given this new one last week, and I can't stop playing it. It's beautiful, haunting, comforting, grating, warm, cold and everything in-between. Been a looooong time since an album slapped me like this one. Years in fact. 10/10 You must give it a go. (IMO).
  10. I shit in his mouth.
  11. I think the whole 'English Arrogance' thing is entering lazy territory. I saw nothing last week that even touched arrogance, all I saw was enjoyment at a great win in a well contested match. Yeah, Germany will likely be better than us in France, we expect it, but should that detract from a quality performance from a young England team in a test match? Nah, not in my book.
  12. I vote we give them to Mauricio Pochettino.