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  1. French cars are notorious for dodgy electrics. Despite my best efforts to persuade him otherwise my old man always bought Peugeots and Renaults. I take it the garage wasn't a franchised dealer?
  2. Cup tie - non-league side v league side has to be a possibility.
  3. Edinburgh City played there but in the 1930s - I've only viewed on my phone but that photo looks much later (60s?).
  4. Aye, I had the advantage of attending games in the 80s - as you say, a lot were still clearly recognisable. Scored 20/23. Anyone know which teams are in the Powderhall photo as don't think it was used as a league ground post WWII?
  5. Was just listening to that in the car there - 6 Music is superb - would have been a great loss if the plan to axe it had gone ahead.
  6. Ah, I think you may be confusing Endell and Daley - understandable as Budgie was definitely an influence on Minder (there are obvious similarities), Cheers for the shout though as I'm also an Arfur fan and didn't know about his camel and trilby being auctioned - sadly, I think I would have been outbid!
  7. Den Haag David would be your man, if he still posted on here...
  8. Intend to do a San Diego / San Fran double header in November (will be staying in SD for the Breeders Cup at Del Mar) - five nights in SD and then plan three or four in SF - I'm a Bullitt fan but can't see me hiring a Mustang (unless I take a cushion with me).
  9. I've been that busy at work recently I've paid scant attention to this year's Festival - heading down this evening without a Scooby Doo what I'm going to bet (apart from planning an e/w on River Wylde in the Novices) - will be playing it by ear - possibly not a bad thing...
  10. I'm heading to Manchester today - trying to decide what my best fake accent is.
  11. I hate buses but the 'Flyer' is actually ok - it's clean, comfy and usually only about 15 minutes into the city centre - it's also far more reliable than anything Scotrail are likely to run. The return fare is reasonable (think it's £8.50) but if you're only going one way £7 for a single is a bit strong.