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  1. I'm heading to Manchester today - trying to decide what my best fake accent is.
  2. I hate buses but the 'Flyer' is actually ok - it's clean, comfy and usually only about 15 minutes into the city centre - it's also far more reliable than anything Scotrail are likely to run. The return fare is reasonable (think it's £8.50) but if you're only going one way £7 for a single is a bit strong.
  3. David Coulthard . Aye, Jim Clark.
  4. Jackie Stewart isn't even the greatest Scottish racing driver (and that isn't intended as a slight on Jackie).
  5. It wasn't that long ago - I think it was the Bank Holiday at the end of August. I didn't mind it - I was just disappointed as it had been talked up by numerous people and I found it a fairly run-of-the-mill boozer.
  6. Jim Baxter - A Tribute is on Alba at 9pm to night.
  7. I occasionally take a jaunt over to the Georgic on a Saturday evening - it's always mobbed though and the karzis could do with a refurb (the smell of single fish can be a bit overwhelming at times). I remember it when it didn't have a ladies' karzi. Back in the day when Flora and I would go in Jim Baxter and William McIlvanney would often be propping up the bar. Sweeney's is disappointing - I was never in it when it was the Bay Horse but I was expecting something a bit swankier (not that I like swanky pubs!).
  8. Hmmm. can't agree with "downhill" - 'Shadows' isn't bad and 'Here' is a real grower - it's currently my favourite Fannies' album. Every band with a long recording history produces duffers - e.g. 'Thirteen', which came before 'Grand Prix' and 'Songs from Northern Britain'.
  9. The old cliche about death being the best career move you can make in the music industry springs to mind.
  10. He did - according to Charlie Stayt anyway... There'll be a day of mourning in EK.