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  1. It was the old blue one - no runny dye - at £45 you expect top-notch quality control .
  2. It's shit - too warm to wear a jacket means no place to stick my keys, wallet, phone and headphones - sweat was dripping off me wearing a suit on the train home tonight. Even going for a run at 7am the temperature made it tougher - my SSC tshirt was soaked with sweat.
  3. The only one I can come up with is Marquee Moon - bought it on LP and thought it was guff - it was only years later when I bought it on CD that I finally appreciated it. Actually, while typing the above Quadrophenia came into my head - I loved the pre-Tommy Who and Quadrophenia was a crushing disappointment - it just sounded like horrible '70s rock music - however, I bought the CD version a number of years back (over 20 years after buying it on LP) and it was a revelation. On the other hand Trout Mask Replica was impenetrable on LP and CD - perhaps I should give it a go on download...
  4. Three out of the five candidates (Gove, Fox and Crabb) were born in Scotland.
  5. Sorry to hear that. Used to drink in there about 15 / 16 years ago before Thistle games - have made the occasional visit in recent years (before concerts at the ABC).
  6. By your definition I said - a reference to the recent discussion on here regarding allegations against a member of the Royal Family.
  7. Well, by your definition (of a paedophile) there is one.
  8. Admittedly the capital has a bit more to offer than Stenhousemuir but I'd still rather watch a game at Ochilview than Meadowbank. Plus Ochilview is easily accessible with the fine Station Hotel in Larbert for pre-match refreshments.
  9. Meadowbank is a dreadful place to watch football.
  10. I'm sure I read last week (possibly in the RP) that planning permission has been given to build housing on the racecourse site, so it does look like it's gone for good. Edit: It was the RP http://www.racingpost.com/news/horse-racing/housing-project-spells-bad-news-for-folkestone/2078712/#newsArchiveTabs=last7DaysNews
  11. Superb piece of trivia
  12. Just type in :lol : (except don't leave a space between the last 'l' and ':').
  13. You have definitely made the right choice there - 'Les McKeown's Bay City Rollers' are playing after the racing - you can just imagine the sort of crowd that'll attract - I'm giving it a miss. Three cracking courses you've got lined up - I'm going to go to the Friday of the Ebor - York is my favourite course. I was at Wincanton last Thursday and Towcester on Monday there - five to go (or six if you count the July Course and Rowley Mile at Newmarket separately) - Yarmouth, Newmarket, Hereford (plan to attend the reopening on 6 October), Kempton (possibly going to the King George) and Sandown.
  14. My conscience is now clear on that one. The 'mother and daughter' one is even worse (can't remember which company) - an exploitative attempt to get old biddies to sign up in return for a pen or some other piece of tat (probably sourced from the same supplier the SFA use).
  15. Jings - only one jakey to hand - must've been a quiet day. Truly terrible boozer.