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  1. What the hell is minor about the legislation? It's a pretty substantial landmark piece of legislation that will affect everyone born in this country from the moment it becomes active, anyone who is a parent or guardian and anyone who deals with children. The aims of the legislation are benign in that it aims to protect children. An admirable intention. The actual implementation of it is horrendous though and therein lies the problem.
  2. I'm now halfway through the White Luck Warrior. It's taken me a while to get this far, can be a bit of a slog to read at times.
  3. Still a lot to get through seemingly but the show has cut a lot of characters this series so it's certainly been streamlined for the finish now.
  4. Great last couple of episodes. Good to see confirmation of the R+L=J theory.
  5. Ah OK. I knew about the Krung Thep and the really long version of it but had thought that it was just Bangkok renamed, I hadn't appreciated that it was a different site completely. Although these days both sites have converged in one city.
  6. I haven't read it but given it involves Wings talking about football, it'll inevitably be utter guff.
  7. Sort of true. Bangkok is the capital, it's just not actually called Bangkok. The real name of the city is somewhat overly long so everyone just calls it Bangkok.
  8. Poor choice. You don't know what you're missing.
  9. I think when/if the next book comes out, Jon's rebirth will be different but yes, it's been obvious for a while. They're obviously going to use the Bran visions to show flashbacks to the rebellion and The Tower of Joy. I guess Howland Reed might not appear in present day then. It's interesting to note which storylines get completely cut from the TV series though as they're clearly not that important in the book. It was also interesting to note the Greyjoys are back this series so book readers will know what that will set off. Indicates to me that the story there has some importance.
  10. Indeed, if only SNP supporters could be as critical of their own party and memebers.
  11. That's actually a decent read for describing that a crowd effectively behaves like a fluid. Similar effects are seen in heavy traffic too.
  12. So now it seems none of my Total War games are running. Bill Gates, I'm going to send my mongolian hordes to take down your shitty Wok.
  13. a duck. Greens will get my vote by default then on the List. Constituency vote gets the willy treatment.
  14. Please tell me that fudd Alex Neil isn't on the list vote too? #novotesSNP for me then.