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  1. He was sitting behind me an hour or so ago at Pittodrie.......felt like having a word but not appropriate in company. First time I have seen him at a match.
  2. Increasing taxation on alcohol would have an impact on all alcohol. a £39 pound bottle of decent whisky would need to go up in price by the same percentage as a cheap bottle of vodka. The SG are trying to eradicate the really cheap alcohol that is bought by those who are most vulnerable. The Scotch Whisky are not out to protect the quality brands produced here but the cheap alcohol that rakes them in millions from alcoholics, drunks , the poor and under-agers
  3. Davis Cup Semi Finals

    Or perhaps the first time one hoose has one the Davis Cup
  4. Just had a look on Strava...never noticed that the yearly totals were there. This year I have done 5709km with 45,465m climbing....not done one metre in 8 weeks since completing IM Barcelona...motivation has gone since achieving the one goal I really wanted to achieve. I tend only to cycle between March/ April and September anyway...maybe ned to get on my mountain bike over the winter...not used it for 4 years
  5. St Mirren Vs Morton

    It is a good game....Stevie Mallan looks a real talent its on Alba
  6. Coffee

    Yes...i don't think I have ever ordered an "americano"...I just ask for say a medium coffee (refuse to use their stupid made up sizes too)...often get asked what type and just say a normal coffee
  7. Coupon

    Paddy Power offered 9/4 for Lothian Thistle to go through immediately after they scored in the 97th minute to go 2-1 up...thought that was too good to be true (one team of part timers having to hold out for further 23 minutes against another team of part timers...even then if an equaliser the lottery of penalties. Put on my winnings from earlier (got 5 and 6 folds out of 7....only Blackburn let me down which was annoying as I did think a draw more likely) I seriously think there was a mistake in the odds as after I had placed the bet their website said it was still 1-1
  8. Was that a serious answer? .... ever? really? What about vegetables?
  9. Have to agree with all of that. Never cease to be surprised how good a ripe nectarine tastes Love strawberries and rasps on cereal with yogurt. Incredible how long the growing season has become since they started using poly tunnels
  10. Tamb Running Thread

    Well if you have done all the distances you should definitely go for it. If you can manage one long bike a week it will make up around half the hours. I would typically do a century plus ride very early on a saturday morning...often taking 6 - 6.5 hours (I did one that took almost 18 hours but that was a 425km Audax) i still find it hard to get my head round being able to to an Ironman......but put in the training and you soon build up the endurance......having the fitness is only hallf the you can imagine the other half is in the mind.....keeping going is not so hard mentally after you have pushed through the pain and fatigue barrier in training I did my first at 51.....quite imagined it may be my last too but the morning after Barcelona I decided to do another and want to beat 12 hours in Copenhagen next August
  11. Tamb Running Thread

    If there are surfers out there i tend to go just beyond in numbers i feel. If it is pretty calm and obviously no surfers I tend to swim at the harbour end....typically go out beyond the breakwater and swim up and point in swimming too far in one direction as I would either have to swim or walk back to my car. There were a lot of fine sundays in September and I felt completely safe with so many people down at the beach just watching. A couple of times i swam across from Pittodrie.....before night games (Astana and one other) I parked up on the road, swam then walked across the golf course to the game......very refreshing. (had a mini shower with water bottles to rid myself of sALT water The water temp was about 12.5c most of September...that is completely fine and surprisingly warm once you get used to it (I do wear a wet suit)
  12. Tamb Running Thread

    Just keen to have some focus for my training over winter. Also considering Barcelona marathon in March. Got a swollen ankle at present so may rest a couple days to see how it is then do a couple of 20 milers before entering and booking flights to Florence. I do not feel as if I am training much at all.....but that is probably as I am comparing it with IM training where I was averaging just over 12 hours a week from early April onwards. I suggest you go for IM.....more fun training for three disciplines and the sense of achievement is phenomenal. Happy to give advice...your running is excellent so no issues there...all depends where you are with the bike and swim. Becoming comfortable swimming for long periods is really do not want to be a few short months out from IM and unable to say swim a mile....get lessons on technique, join a masters class (even if you feel you are not quite able to keep up with others.....being told what to swim in a small class is far better than not being motivated on your own...then in summer see if Open Water swimming suits you....I swim at Knockburn loch and Aberdeen beach....people think you are mental but it is so much more rewarding than laps in a pool and even becomes enjoyable.
  13. Tamb Running Thread

    Well done though that is a seriously good time. Where did you do that yesterday? I am still on a high after IM Barcelona and considering running Florence marathon at the end of November - ran 18 miles tonight but got a sore foot which I hope is not too serious. I struggled on the marathon in Barcelona but thats understandable after a 2.4 mile swim and 112 mile bike.....howver I want to prove that i can do a half decent marathon time again....not even ran one for 10 years due to injury.
  14. Tamb Running Thread

    Meant neurogen....not neurogenic Oh....the weather yesterday was almost as good as can be expected....22c ok the wind did make the swim a little tricky and it was noticeable on the bike and run. Today it is roasting . I believe either 28c or glad it wasn't today
  15. Tamb Running Thread

    Cheers. Yes...I am an Ironman...just delighted with the result..I have dreamt of this for a long time and finally achieved it. The swim went better than expected. I hope to beat 1:30 but didn't expect to. General consensus was that it was a tough swim as there were very large rolling waves. This did not bother me and if felt good in my brand new never even tried out wetsuit. I did 1:23 which was fantastic The cycle was on a decent course with only a few small hills. I started off far too fast and only slowed down as we were into a head wind on the southern leg of lap two. I completed 100 miles in around 5:15 and the whole cycle in 5:54. However I was pushing it a little hard especially when you bear in mind I had to get changed and then run a marathon The run was just torture...I have not done a great deal of running over the past few years and running a full marathon immediately after a good swim and fast bike is a huge task. The course was essentially 4 laps....the first was done at a decent steady pace...then..oh dear oh dear laps 2 and 3 were just dreadful.....I slowed down dramatically to a shuffle...however throughout the run I made sure to keep shuffling and only stop at the feed stations. I was getting stomach cramps ( I hate gels and have a real problem with them) and my knee was sore too....a vist to the loo at the beginning of lap four helped as did taking a neurogenic and remarkably lap four was a lot better again. I believe this was pretty much in the I completed lap three I knew that I would complete and this energised me. The last 2000m I speeded up and tried to overtake as many as I could.....I was handed a saltire by a friend and made sure that I would enter the finishing chute what a feeling with the packed stands screaming your name and the announcer saying those much anticipated words "you are an Ironman" this was very emotional. Not seen the photos yet but I hope I was beaming from cheek to cheek...I am sure I was On reflection I think I can certainly beat 12 hours but delighted with last nights time of 12:40.....first goal was simply to complete in the cut off of 15:5 hours. I had a DNF in my first attempt last year in Mallorca so the success here in Barcelona is simply enhanced after last years disappointment. I also benefited from the additional training in my legs. The atmosphere around these events is incredible and many of the athletes go to the finish to cheer the last finishers before 00:30. As the ironman mottos goes....anything is possible !!!!