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  1. Great game going on at the moment - Alloa 4 Brechin 3 so into extra time (4-4) BBC Alba
  2. " “The Tories would be able to take SNP seats in Scotland in a bid to avert a constitutional crisis while also getting rid of the election fraud scandal,” the source said. " I seriously don't think they would win any new seat. Would they retain Mundell's? Given the first past the post system It could end up in the SNP winning every seat in Scotland.
  3. Yes completely agree. The UK government have done very little to encourage growth in the sector during the down-turn and it would be hoped that a Scottish Government with such powers would assist the Operators in some way to see them through the crisis with the view to getting pay back via tax receipts in years to come.
  4. There is some money to be made at $40 a barrel but not loads for many Operators - that is why so few new developments and CAPEX projects have been given the go-ahead in recent times. If there was "loads to be made" then surely the industry would not be in the current crisis? The price of a barrel has been above $40 for some time now but I very much suspect that tax receipts will be extremely low for April 2016 to April 2017.
  5. Not quite as straight forward as that though. At $100, profits will be made, however at $40 this is unlikely (hence why tax receipts from the industry have been so low the past couple of years) The oil companies will only pay tax on profits made and even then they will do whatever they can to avoid showing a profit by clever fiscal manipulation. I agree that those in favour of independence need to show scenarios whereby Scotland is economically viable without the oil and that it is a bonus - potentially huge bonus if the oil price rises significantly and if there are further finds WoS or even on the Atlantic margin which is until now largely unexplored.
  6. Happy enough with that.....dont want to peak too will be a long enough day
  7. Anyone else on the 7.52am from Aberdeen tomorrow morning? Got tickets for first class and believe they serve alcohol after 11am (free?)
  8. Not a lot in it really. 8am flight probably leave the house at back of 6am. Land in London at 9:30 and possibly make central London by 11am assuming no delays. So quite likely 5 hours at least. Would find 7 hours in first class a far less stressful journey
  9. I am also booked first class on the 0752 - tried to get the earlier one but no seats left. Only 7 hours to London which is pretty good and probably similar to a flight once you add travel to airport waiting taxiing, travel into London etc.
  10. IM is really expensive....the IM branded events are typically 450 euro to enter. It is a huge event with extensive road closures (the bike is 112 miles but typically 2 loops) and hundreds of volunteers for feed stations / marshalling / safety /logistics etc.......however I think they do play on the brand name...there are many other Ironman distance events but people like me are enticed to do the branded events probably to say that we have done a "real" ironman....get all the kit / medal etc. Each event typically has 2600 entrants (thats an awful lot when you consider all are in the water swimming at the same time - loads of marshalls on kayaks / boats) It is expensive but I would have paid more for the experience I had last year in Barcelona.
  11. Unfortunately I had to withdraw from Ironman Copenhagen on Friday. Have struggled to run all year with a dodgy ankle and now I have to get an MRI scan on my knee (currently a bit swollen and making creaking noises that it never did before) Pretty devastated as I was really keen to beat last years time in Barcelona but that required a better marathon time and that was becoming increasingly difficult on the back of minimal run training - never mind there is always next year. Not wishing to waste my current fitness and swim training I have today entered the Scottish 10k Open Water championship at Loch Venacher next month. I have swam 4k a few times (incl yesterday at Knockburn) but never further so this will be a fair old challenge...definitely out of my comfort zone. Looking to swim 6 times a week with 2-3 Masters swim classes, a couple of Open Water swims at Knockburn Loch and perhaps the odd sea swim at Aberdeen beach (really enjoyed that last summer) If I recall, G-Man does a lot of open water swimming...may get in touch Well done to the many who are continuing to succeed in various races...enjoy reading all the reports
  12. what would the odds have been, last Thursday, of Cameron resigning, Hodgson resigning and about 70% of the shadow cabinet resigning too by Monday evening?
  13. Might go Iceland and shake a few hands....anyone know what time it closes?
  14. Yes, just downloaded and was surprised to hear a few tracks that were so familiar....True Love Waits was on an album called Towers from a number of years ago.
  15. It is reclaimed waste ground....will be between Lawsondale pitches and the By-pass with the dual carriage way to Westhill on one side......not very intrusive. Would far prefer a redevelopment of Pittodrie though but understand that the site is worth close to £20m and Dons want to take advantage of that.