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  1. Less than 50 tickets are available after unpaid reservations have been released. Available via phone ONLY from 9.30am 01224 63 1903
  2. Sorry thought we were still discussing Moyes.
  3. Laughed in my face when I asked if he wanted the Aberdeen job in 2010.
  4. Cammy Smith signs a 2 year deal with St Mirren
  5. McInnes confirmed that Ryan Jack has told him he's leaving in the summer.
  6. St Johnstone 1884‏ @stjohnstone1884 44m44 minutes ago More Points won by top six teams since Ian Cathro appointment: Celtic 60, Aberdeen 43, Rangers 32, Saints 30, Partick Thistle 28, Hearts 19.
  7. Sadly had to pull out for the second year in a row. Went out for a run the morning of the Rangers game at Pittodrie and couldn't walk properly for a week and a half after that. 3rd time lucky?
  8. Calderwood said: “You do sometimes think, ‘What have I done wrong?’ I went up to Ajax and met a few of the guys, the likes of Ronald, Jaap, Marc, and they said, ‘What the f*** is going on that you’re not working in Scotland?’ I'd hardly call them fools!
  9. I read this morning that Greg Stewart is still Dundee's top scorer this season. Not sure how true it is though.
  10. Bomber to return?
  11. Wasn't the only time they never had a big relegation game on TV the year that Hibs refused to let the cameras in as they'd already filled their quota?
  12. There was something on Twitter last night saying that the fixtures have been done and it's currently in the hands of BT/Sky.
  13. Seems there's no footage of the fight. Do St Johnstone or Hamilton film games?
  14. Danny Swanson just pulled Dick Foster to the ground and started kicking him according to Open All Mics.