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  1. Don't have a tattoo myself, but it couldn't ever be an issue for me - somebody isn't wearing a tattoo for the sole purpose of it maybe being visible 6 days a year at a Scotland game! Unless the tattoo is on someone's arm and says "Burn all Catholics/Protestants" or similar.....! Clothing is totally different. It's a conscious choice to wear a top that someone takes when they get out of bed that morning.
  2. One simple rule for me; in my book, folk can wear anything they like, as long as it isn't anything to do with club football. If someone wants to wear a Band Aid t-shirt from 1985, or a "I love NY" or a t-shirt with a Highland cow on it, or a maxi dress; cool. At the end of the day, we do live in a democracy, and people can do what they wish - I just think it's a particularly unnecessarily and parochial act for someone to potentially alienate anyone at a Scotland game to bring the tribal elements of club football along. When we're trying to unite behind a greater community of Scotland at these games - not Aberdeen, Kilmarnock, Rangers, Celtic etc. It's rather straight-forward to me.
  3. Talking about club football is what grown up mature people do - and something we should do. Hell, I was even talking to an Airdrie fan at the airport - and as my name suggests I and others like me aren't exactly fond of them, but what he was wearing was a Scotland top. We're Scotland fans who also support clubs at these games, but we're not there supporting our clubs. We aren't there to support our clubs, we're there to support Scotland. And if someone can't live for a day or two without wearing their club shirt, then that's weird in my book. The Wallace flag thing by the way - if that did happen - is an unmitigated disgrace.
  4. Well said aaid. I'd rather someone who has followed Scotland through thin and thin wears his suit and takes his bear, than somebody taking a club top that could cause a bloody rammy. If folk are going to watch Scotland, if people are wanting to kind of show that they are there supporting Scotland then some some kind of Scotland related garment is surely common sense. To be honest, if you can afford to go to Malta then surely taking half a dozen shirts/t-shirts/tops that don't show your home club allegiances is something everyone can do. If you don't own 6 non-club tops, then you're a bit of a clatty . Even that abysmal new pink monstrosity is acceptable, anything - I'm not saying take just Scotland tops. I think club tops are a bad idea, and brings a potential divide when we should all be behind the team. Banter is one thing, banter when half cut between people from rival clubs is another that can cause an issue. The baggage of our domestic games is bad enough at times, and to be honest, Scotland games are a welcome break for many from someone slating their club. Whether it be Rangers, Celtic, Dukla Pumperston, Airdrie, even Maidenhead (sorry aaid) :-)
  5. No, I said that I wouldn't have him near the full team last season, and have him into the U21s. Not that he was incapable - rather that he hadn't even played 15 games of senior football at that stage.
  6. I was right about the "a lot of clubs looking in on him", but pretty sure the "let's not get carried away" hasn't happened.........
  7. Just seen this - glad you had a good time mate :-)
  8. In Gdynia - there is a stretch of promenade down by the beach which has about half a dozen very nice beach bars and restaurants; some of these will be showing football on big TVs (by & just along from the new Browiar brewhouse at Port Gdynia). Don't go to U Szkota in Gdansk - it masquerades as Scottish bar, & is about 40 years old, but it's not Scottish!! It's one of these twee faux British pubs which charges a bomb for a pint of Guinness; about 14 zl, and you may want to think how long that the beer has been in the tap. It's dark and dingy as well. Plenty more nice places in Gdansk especially near the dock side where the old pirate ships are;from there, head back towards the main church where there are a few nice basement bars (There is an Irish one near Szkota which is far better). Republika is, as MacWomble says, nice. In Sopot I would suggest that almost half/all the bars/restaurants/cafes on Monte Cassino will show the Poland game - they will all be mobbed, so I suggest that you make friends with one bar, book in advance, and set up shop; if you're going to spend a few Zloty, you will be looked after. I would always go downhill from the Hotel Rezydent heading towards the pier and inbetween there will be all the pubs you'd need. There was an English themed pub called Sherlock near the train station which was always frequented by Jakeys, which I would avoid but they always did have wall-to-wall sport. Between any of the towns in the Tri City area - you won't pay a huge amount getting taxis between any of the three; see what suits you lads and take it from there.
  9. Really sorry to hear this - a giant of a man, you never forgot meeting him, and a nice guy. A true footsoldier in every sense of the word. Thoughts with his nearest and dearest - I know you were good pals with him Pete, and I hope all can take great memories of him. RIP
  10. The entrance into Heysel for the last Belgium game genuinely put the fear of god into me for the first time in years. Worse than Lithuania. Narrow street into the ground, only a few turnstiles open, it was dark and loads of stupid random multiple checks by the Belgian Police done at very strange places such as at the top of a set of steps - where people were beginning to get squeezed unnecessarily.
  11. San Siro was abysmal. Worse than Kaunas. San Siro tarmac around the ground looked as if the Sea of Tranquillity had been resurfaced by David Blunkett & Norman Wisdom on a bad day. The walls and staircases had moss and running water leaking down them, and were badly lit, with wifies and weans slipping as they tried to leave. For a stadium less than 15 years old when we went there - it was in abysmal condition. It was a complete dump of a ground. In terms of "how overrated?" - the San Siro wins by a country mile. But Kaunas is pretty atrocious.
  12. Ah, yes BD has previously displayed tremendous third person reference skills on numerous occasions. He - like Kanye West - talks of himself in almost ethereal and conceptual terms as if he is of a different plane. He will also - if crossed - ban more people from the football club than you can imagine. If he takes on Killie - it could make golden showers look like mere gnats pish in terms of gossip.
  13. Divisive, paranoid, toxic, IMO he breeds a terrible culture at a club. He doesn't care about investing in the future, any community activities or any engagement with the 1st team by non-1st team staff or players. Doesn't like reserve teams for example. He will create an unbelievable siege mentality in the dressing room, he will make Killie hard to beat and I think if they take him on, he will keep Kilmarnock up and get United relegated. But for more than say 6 months at a club, the players eventually become exhausted and weary as there is only so much good you can do convincing people that everyone is against you. Players then become sapped by the negativity of his approach. And his substitutions and approach to player selection is often baffling - too much rotation if players don't score every week for example, or bringing all his subs on when the game is lost with 10 minutes to go. But the players will be really well prepared and his dossiers and pre-match work is second to none; try and find an interview with BBC East Midlands Today where Natalie Jackson goes to interview him in Glasgow (his house has an unbelievable media editing suite where he would analyse games for days on end post-match and pre-next game). I hope I am wrong and he has taken the time out the game to mellow and be less nippy sweetie but I suspect he has still several life grudges from his time at Forest. God help anyone if his cousin gets involved at the he was at Forest. Billy Davies is just a very very strange wee guy. And wasn't anywhere near the player his brother John was.
  14. Believe it or not, how does 8 outfield players sound? Hazard, Kums, Defour, de Bruyne, Carrasco, Nainggolan, Batshuayi, Cavanda in the last squad they chose are all under 6ft. What they do have is a spine of big lads - Witsel, Kompany, Courtois, Vertonghen, Alderweireld, Benteke, Fellaini. They have a mix. Hazard and de Bruyne are arguably the two first players on the teamsheet - but are also under 6ft! Here's a name to mention now - this boy is apparently the bees knees - Youri Tielemens who is their most promising player is also under 6ft. Size is not everything; it can be an advantage but not essential for most positions - obviously a team of pygmies could play...... We never have had the biggest lads except the old tradition of a big boy at the back or a big boy up top. Impact footballers aren't just big any more - Technique, Awareness, Vision, Workrate, and an understanding of who goes where, who does what, and some idea of a system (the simpler the better in international football as you don't have the time to make them all into Iniesta over night. ) We can only make a silk purse out of a sow's ear at the moment - let's be honest, but the team isn't the worse it has been in the last 20 years but it hasn't been the best by a mile. With time, a cohesive approach with both Westminster and Holyrood governments, the domestic league, schools, and investment in infrastructure, ease of access (financially and proximity of facilities) to play football and probably summer football - will we see a likely upturn in our fortunes. Otherwise we will continue to be a once proud footballing nation which has one foot in the past and one foot clomping wildly & missing, while trying to step into the new era. We might even do well to invest in even more mental & lifestyle coaching in our lads at an early age at club and international level.
  15. I think he would be the last of the "He seems ok in Scotland, he should be ok in England" punts that a decent English club will take on a Scottish player (Look at the Crystal Palace chairman talking about Scottish strikers recently). He wasn't bad at United first time round; telling that they didn't want him after his second trip. I still can't believe he got allowed to take that penalty in Alicante. And the greedy swine should have squared it as well in the last 10 minutes which would have made it 3-2....