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  1. Does this theory not fall down when you consider that some of our team/squad are english? Why would the likes of Martin and Morrison play poorly because of an ingrained mentality that Scottish people have? At the end of the day we are just not very good. We can run big teams close through shear effort and determination, but in technical terms the Georgian players looked more accomplished on the ball than we are. We've got youth coaches up and down the country telling kids to 'play it long' or 'get stuck in' and we've got an under 21 manager who wants to pick tall players over more gifted ones. We are stuck in the dark ages. Look at England. If this theory was right they should have a great natural mentality. And yet despite their resources and population size they were straight out the world cup in the first round without a win to their name. Why? A yes vote wouldnt change our coaching methods and wouldnt stop our best young players continue to want to throw their careers away at the old firm instead of really testing themselves.
  2. My inlaws (aussies) couldnt believe it either. Then again, Aussies bottled their vote to become a republic (which had no risk at all) so they cant really criticise anyone.
  3. Result hasnt increased or decreased the likelihood of us coming back. We plan to move back next year. A yes wouldnt have speeded that up and a no hasnt put us off.
  4. Absolutely, but many of them will never change regardless of the arguments.Many of them dont care that the generations that follow them will be the first in history to be poorer than their parents. In fact a think tank recently said that as a generation, many over 55's have 'considerably more wealth than they need'. We live in a very selfish world now, and many (although certainly not all) in that generation are only after themselves. Got loads of sympathy for the really old people who were scared into voting no by the media, but your 55 year old no voter with the buy to let flats and the range rover wont change imo.
  5. Me too. Id never vote tory but you know where you stand with them. Labour now seem to be kiddie-on tories who are completely out of touch with reality.
  6. I think its too simplistic to say we were abandoned by the older generation. Within the no voters in that age group you will have several camps. The baby boomers with 4 buy-to-let flats who have retired with more money than they'll ever need abandoned us for sure. The pensioners who worked hard all their life to amass very little wealth may have been essentially bullied into voting no by big business and the media. If you cant afford your messages and you get told no means food prices going up you would be very worried. I think we were badly let down by some older people, but not all of them.
  7. Nail. Head. They wont come out and condemn the pondlife that are currently keeping the club in business through merchandise and season tickets.
  8. I wouldnt be keen on the euro. Its not currently a viable setup for europe in the long term imo and like the union the cracks are being papered over but wont hold forever. We maybe need our own currency. Whatever the solution there needs to be detailed planning and the public brought along on the journey.
  9. I clearly stated 'rangers werent responsible'. Making up stuff to desperately defend your club isnt a good look. My issue is the apparent refusal to be part of a solution.Plenty clubs have issued statements after much less serious incidents where people have been wearing their colours. Why not yours? And are you really saying photos from george square on twitter were of the london riots? Deary me.
  10. You equate friday night with a single citizen committing a crime in a football top? Ill leave it at that then so you can get your head back in the sand and fingers in the ears.
  11. They dont need to know who the individuals are. They just need to state that people in their colours embarassing our country on the world stage arent welcome at their stadium. Pretty simple.
  12. Rangers clearly arent the sole cause of what happened in George Square. However, they could be part of the solution and appear to choose not to be. The club should have come out yesterday and dissasociated themselves with the Rangers flags and tops seen contributing to the trouble on the night, clearly stating that they are not real rangers fans and have no place at Ibrox. They havent. Is that because they cant afford to bite part of the hand that feeds them?
  13. There must have been plenty folk like your friend. The most interesting stat of the night was the amount of snp voters who chose No imo.
  14. Great post and good to hear.
  15. If find this thread pretty heartbreaking guys, and I'm a Yes. Scotland needs us all, and to completely abandon it because some of our fellow Scots voted differently in a democratic process isn't great. I've spent the last decade in London, Australia and the USA so am all up for trying new place, but I'd be sad to hear of anyone leaving for good because of what happened this week. My only advice would be that almost every country these days is run purely for the interestes of big business and the finance sector. That's how the world is. There are Westminster equivalents everywhere. As for moving to NZ, have their government not just been accused of implementing a spying system on their own citizens?