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      ATAC produced a guide to Bratislava and Trnava prior to our recent visit. If you saw this, did you use it? Was it of any help?
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  1. That's a good question although I'm sure with Euro Champs qualification Northern Ireland and Iceland will have some cash. The thing I'm blindly clinging onto and placing all my hope in are the regional performance schools. I'm guessing these cost a fair bit to run and admin with every year bringing potential players.
  2. I read he was born in England and moved here only 4 years ago. Need to take into account strong family ties back to Ivory Coast. Celtic allowing all this to kick off was poor player support. He's 13 ffs.
  3. The "Tartan Army" can be described like the (non-Trump) Republican Party in USA. Male Pale Stale Needs a serious shake up.
  4. Excuses. Excuses. Excuses. Your like Humza talking about why the trains are so shit. But that doesn't impact you. In summary. We need the Sky money as no one will make up the shortfall and we have a pathetic number of full size indoor pitches. 4.
  5. You have only 2 reasonable suggestions. Kingstonians - train from Waterloo Dagenham & Redbridge - District line. I forgot they were now non league The above are practical. Gillingham, Maidenhead, Calais, Berwick all far away.
  6. I thought I heard the rustle of pom poms. People are advocating giving up millions from tv but not able to say how it will be replaced. Higher ticket prices? Nope. Not local government funding which is being cut by Holyrood and while going off on a tangent the Oriam centre looks brilliant but that's 4 indoor pitches in 9 years. Must do better.
  7. Tooting & Balham has some quality places to go out. You'd be better going there straight after game than fannying around in the centre.
  8. Kingstonian v Dulwich Hamlet. A South London derby. Easy to get to and still in London. http://www.kingstonian.com/contact/
  9. There's a good McDonalds near there.
  10. They could subsidise youth coaches, indoor facilities, performance schools etc then SFA does not need to go to highest bidder.
  11. Maybe the Scottish Government could make up tv money to fund football properly and that would allow games to be shown on terrestrial....
  12. Don't understand the obsession with McCormack. He's a decent player but where would you put him in the team and who would he replace?
  13. He's lost my support now. Why would you have your main striker defending a set piece when you'd be hoping to use his pace for a counter attack?
  14. FFS the kick off time is not set by the SFA. If is UEFA and its "week of football" that moves the days and the times. For people who follow international football how do so many people not know this?
  15. Forgot about Anya! Anya for Forrest then perhaps in my team..?