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  1. aaid? He did decades ago. Made very good £. Pays less tax than me. A patriot.
  2. You can get Scottish Cup on BBC Scotland via digital including highlights and also Sky. Plenty of options. The Junior Cup is entertaining for atmosphere and sheer brutal violence. Limited skill is allowed to be shown with punters egging on players to "get stuck in" and not to "shite it".
  3. SNP budget has increased but they jave chosen to spend elsewhere while raising Council Tax (a tax they said was unfair).
  4. This last page. How many posters not living in Scotland agreeing with more tax for Scottish people with no sense of self perception?
  5. So watch the Scottish Cup then.
  6. It was a populist movement where for decades people had been fed lines on "betrayal" and "shame". Then the "Yes" campaign promises everything to everyone. Social media lies about "whisky export duty", "westminster peados", "secret oil fields" etc are straight out of US Presedential election. Even The White Paper was proven to be worthless. Still you saw people smiling waving flags on your tv at home in the Netherlands.
  7. Someone who wants my family to be poorer with no credible economic argument woooos the majority.
  8. ^^ Oh dear God. It's as if education never happened. Excuses, lies and falsehoods. ^^
  9. It's not going to happen. The global political culture of populism does not stretch enough to Scottish nationalism.
  10. I disagree with that. Youths all over play ball on the park. Prob is they lack competition and physicality. My team Partick Thistle try to play football as do many Premiership teams.
  11. Hostory revisionism due to nationalist politics always ends well. I wonder if there is a programme on Scottish history on slavery. That will go down a storm. All that tobacco wealth in Glasgow was not build via worker co-operatives.
  12. Malky MacKay was on talking about Project Brave last night (Thursday 26th). There is definitely a plan there. He's saying all the right things and it sounds like the clubs are buying into it and SFA are listening to their concerns and adapting. I'm on the fence at the moment but definitely agree there is a gap between youth, reserve and first team.
  13. How are the attitudes different?
  14. There is not much I disagree with in above comments. When I was canvassing and data entry during indyref the topics which consistently came up were economy and currency. I never saw EU. But way below the top 2 topics immigration woukd keep popping up between Yes and No voters. It is there and bubbling under. The great paradox is people will not be racist, will have no issue with the nice family on the street from xxxx but "the others from other countries, they are the ones we worry about." Its such a strong illogical feeling out there.
  15. Immigration is the elephant in the room in Scotland which everyone ignores. Scotland has similar social attitudes to England on immigration but its been repressed with a very small level of immigration into the country. Ignoring peoples concerns and saying "everything is ok" only leads to future issues. This does not make for pleasant reading This is not a British thing, a Tory thing, a Scottish thing etc. Its a development over past couple decades in Western society. For example Rossy - your home in Netherlands is going through some challenging times. The left wing parties are losing supprt and the place is getting more anti-immigration. When I met my mates friends from uni over for Ajax v Celtic every person would talk about Amsterdam and say "I'm not racist but....: