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  1. Media reports on his past views, membership of various groups, attendance at far left rallies, comrades and allies, voting record and his current views. Correctly. All unattractive to mainstream centrist voters across the UK including Scotland.
  2. Corbyn is not able to be elected as no one in UK and that includes Scotland subscribes to his old socialist views in reasonable numbers.
  3. One of the reasons shoddy legislation gets passed is no one in SNP backbenches criticises the leadership. In fact they sign an agreement never to do that. There are no backbench revolts. When it was majority government the committees were loaded with government MSPs so checks and balances failed.
  4. So GERS is wrong. But the SNP use it for economic reports and based the White Paper on it. So maybe it's not wrong? Anyone still peddling this whisky export duty info is peddling lies.
  5. From a man who has never lived in Scotland. This is how I can never get my head round nationalism. Actions and words do not match.
  6. It's true though. Parts of Govanhill are brutal with a lot of problems in their. Kids with rotten front teeth. Hilarious.
  7. None. We can see globally the move to nationalist, populist and nativist ideology stifles debate and allows people to hide behind flags. Supporters of nationalist movements start to resemble fans of pop bands praising their side, actively gushing at them, and ignoring facts and numbers. Everything is solved by independence is illogical especially in a globalised world.
  8. Why would anyone take their French girlfriend to the football?
  9. Totally agree. The only people who care are nationalists. The only people who really care are nationalists who have lived in England for decades. Our leaders shouldn't act. They should tweet, take selfies and attend supporting events. #socialjustice. I'm off to listen to Gerry Hassan and Kevin McKenna bemoan society in a talk at The Glad Cafe while eating cake and comparing best coffee shops in Glasgow #socialjustice
  10. The most powerful woman in Scotland who says "social justice" like a tourettes sufferer has no in influence on housing and health in her area from a man hundreds of mile away. Not. A. Cult.
  11. Ah the Govanhill defender from South East England. Without taking this off topic as you follow me on the board I would expect "Nicola" would be helping her constituents more with the many problems it has. Her office is 2 mins round corner from Allison St and I'm sure she hasn't walked down there for a long time. She can't sort out her own background with the housing and health crisis there. Always good for a selfie though # More back to Rt Hon Robertson. Moray came within 100+ votes to Leave so he's playing a dangerous game with his constituents.
  12. I didn't pretend anything. You assumed that through bias. I was highlighting some of the areas are not Westminster. Its a bit more complicated up here with 3 levels of government than what you are used to in South East England.
  13. Of course I do. For me Glasgow Council, Holyrood and Westminster all impact me on what to raise and what to spend in my area of Glasgow. Thanks for confirming that. I get some of your English based tax and you get some of mine .
  14. You know a lot of the above is under Holyrood or Local Government?