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  1. If SNP take Glasgow I'll be represented at council, Holyrood and Westminster all by SNP. Members who sign an agreement to never criticise a policy or fellow member. Politicians bow to the leadership to keep their jobs. All those new councillors will be looking for a future Holyrood or Westminster promotion Don't understand why Labour are not boasting of past success, Garden Festival, City Of Culture, Commonwealth Games. City is transformed from the one I was born into with redevelopment - Merchant City, Royal Concert Hall, Hydro etc. Nostalgia. Minus education Glasgow works as a city for me. Loads of things to do. Lots for families and toddlers. An app to report refuse and other problems works. All my streets and roads have been resurfaced. Not sure if thats an election bribe or spending at end of financial year! The SNP have mooted expanding the Subway which will never happen. Too expensive. Every ward will get £1M to spend. So West End and Pollokshields get same as Drumchapel and Springburn. Should give it where its needed.
  2. "We'll Scrap The Unfair Council Tax" Billboard Salmond & Sturgeon
  3. I don't get the fuss either but its part of group think of evil and bad. Poll Tax was very easy to collect. There were rebates for many. When Council Tax came in my retired grandparents paid more on their 2 bed ex council in Maryhill. A tax on property is like something from feudal times with no relation on those who live in property. I think my council tax for Glasgow is terrible value for money especially when comparing stats of secondary schools. The constitutional question should have been settled in 2014 and SNP had ability in 2011-2016 to scrap it which they had campaigned on. They still have a majority with Greens to scrap but they wont as they are too scared of doing anything "radical".
  4. I'm a bit puzzled by this. Policy is to restrict benefits of people who have more than 2 kids. Makes sense to me. Why should taxpayers pay £ to someone who has kids they can't afford? Then it was flagged that it was not fair if someone had a child not through choice i.e. rape which is an evil evil crime. So a form is created to exclude the mother from this new rule. I wonder how many women this applies to? Seems all straightforward in a bureaucratic social security system. One that people should be changed by schemes like Universal Credit or Minimum Income or whatever. Then dozens of politicians start shouting "rape" like something from "Brass Eye".
  5. And its going to be interesting if SNP will say they are for the EU as they have talked about "single market" a lot but not EU. Think they will flip flop to EEA or some watered down set up.
  6. So why are current Labour on a hiding to nothing while the New Labour mirror aka SNP popular? It's amazing how nationalists will convince themselves they are "real" Labour especially those who have lived in England for decades.
  7. I'm laughing at the 2 who voted against as they know they'll be looking for a bew scam soon.
  8. Poor Natalie McGarry and Michelle Thomson. Managed a couple of years in the trough even when drowning in dodgy financial dealings. A huge loss to constituents and democracy.
  9. "Why is the pub so quiet?" Said regular loudmouth propped up at bar aggressively sharing views to all and sundry.
  10. There are limited hotels in the area. Best go back central and get a good hotel.
  11. A man in Australia talks Scottish football down. Aye Celtic are running away with it but there's a battle for 2nd, Top 6 and relegation. Scheduling is fine. Majority of games are Saturday 3pm outside OF and any games moved for me then frees up the Saturday for family. Entertainment. Skill is better than people say and nothing beats the feeling of a goal or win. You don't know what you're going to get. SFA? The don't run the league. Cost £20 with fan card at Firhill and all Under 16's free. Good value for family. The weather. Global warming!
  12. Dundee Utd player. Hearing his widow on his dementia had me welling up on the train especially at the end. A terrible condition.
  13. The mixed group of people I go to Scotland games with I am the only person to have a season ticket for a Scottish club. Some will go to a couple games a season including when I drag them to watch my team. Others don't even know some Scottish players. Its getting depressing. Then they rant about no young players coming through.
  14. Problem is that will highlight the interest of the Scottish viewing public. Far too many people have little interest in domestic game. That's why Scottish football internationals are becoming more like rugby ones.