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  1. Over £4000 for Glasgow to Edinburgh. Love defending a commute and cost you have never done. You are in a better position. Makes sense you've been there decades.
  2. Typed all the way from Australia. Another Bonnie Prince Charlie.
  3. Looking forward to all the socialists in Scotland being socialist. "Socialist" with flags maybe.
  4. Thistle v Motherwell for me. Hoping Moult has an off day and Thistle get their shooting boots on. Need a win but I guess score draw.
  5. Tell them to go to a game instead of checking their accumulators on English premiership. Thistle v Motherwell on today. Then nip down to Munros (walk) or "Crafty Pig" (walk) or quick taxi to "The State", "Tennents", "Shilling Brewing Co" or "
  6. It's up to £3. A disgrace.
  7. I wrote to my MSP as i pay a shit load for annual season ticket only for train. No zones. Can't use bus, tram our deviate slightly from route. For a slow poor service. Stronger for Scotland.
  8. You mean SPT which has been around for decades
  9. If you walk to crossmyloof you may as well walk back into town via Cathcart Road as it's a decent hike.
  10. I heard it was khraigh and his Hearts supporting nephew the 2 people attacked. A real loss to the TA. Again.
  11. Ukraine weren't swept away. 2-0 early on with 2 great goals then 2-1 and it was nervey until Faddy scored 3-1.
  12. Agreed. Using Cathcart and Kings Park lessens some pain tho. What I don't understand is why scotrail and police do not let both stairs at Mount Florida be used so the trains get filled as often the back is full but people are not shepherded to all carriages.
  13. It's a very good idea and badly needed. For getting back the train stations to use are Cathcart & Kings Park to avoid Mount Florida crush. Buses - 5 mins walk away from Hampden away from crowds Aikenhead Rd - 75 Clarkston Rd - 4 & 6 Cathcart Rd - 31 Bit of planning will save a lot of hassle.
  14. Some absolute zoomers in George Square past couple days. Bikers For Indy... No Tommy Sheridan though.
  15. It's had a lick of paint. Was closed for a while but reopened. Still a Belhaven pub. Hopefully will have more staff. Never seems to be fully set up to handle the number of fans.