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  1. Great, great player: I believe Forest fans have chosen him as the club's greatest ever player all three times they've been polled on the matter.
  2. John Collins was the best player in that side. The Levein of the mid 80s was on course to be one of our greatest defenders ever, but really bad injuries (in 86 and 87?) meant he was never the same again. Ferguson was not as good as legend would have it. Robertson was worthy of a good run in the Scotland team and with good service could have scored loads, but never got a sustained run. Boyd, of course, did have a long and pretty decent Scotland career, without being an all-time great. The rest - good club men.
  3. I was at the game and it was not so much an experimental line-up as cobbling together a working side from the people Roxburgh had available on the night. I already thought at the time that our decline as a nation producing great players was becoming evident, though: the guys in this line-up were all good club players, but few of them would make you think they could sustain a successful international career against top class opposition.
  4. The show didn't ask fans to vote for a captain, but I'm sure it would have been Bremner if it had.
  5. He was voted into the final 11 of the "Scotland's Greatest Team" tv series a few years back, which was probably the biggest ever survey of fans'm opinions.
  6. If there was a golden age, which I doubt, then it might have been the 80s, when we had people like Sadowitz, Bing Hitler and Bruce Morton emerging.
  7. "It is what it is!" Got a new boss, who is admittedly a decent guy, but he comes out with this shite every day as if it's great wisdom. I don't think I'd ever heard it used until about a year ago, and the same goes for "baby shower". I detest people saying "But...hey ho." "Shout out to" is another.
  8. Agreed: and I forgot to mention Leighton, who in the early-late 80s was magnificent behind Gough, McLeish, Miller and Malpas.
  9. Totally agree: Gough at right back was superb for us, and with McLeish, Miller and Malpas alongside him, we had an awesome defence. Pity the rest of the areas of the team weren't as dependable in those days.
  10. I only realised when I was in my 30s that he was Scottish. I loathed their programme throughout the 70s and 80s, yet really liked the two of them as performers and people ouwith the confines of their douible act. Having said that, the "Mastermind" skethc is excellent.
  11. Going to be heretical and say I thought both Mel Gibson in "Braveheart" and Johnny Lee Miller" in "Trainspotting" were good at Scottish accents.
  12. Great, great football man - defender of the genuine punters, an innovator, a good, honest and clear analysts, and he was a gentleman about his fling with Raquel Welch. I'm really sorry about the chant that vilified him for years.
  13. Totally agree with everyone point you make, other than SAF preferring Narey to McLeish in 86 World Cup - McLeish got injured and Narey had to replace him, and did, as you say, a great job along with the rest of rhe defence.
  14. I despise that saying. The recent one that also makes me loathe the people who use it is indicating being reluctant about something by saying; "But, well, hey ho..."
  15. This, this, this, this, this. People forget how solid we were at the back in the 80s; in fact, if the players in midfield and up front had been half as dependably effective, we'd maybe have got places.