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  1. oh , hank, may I call you hank, you seem like a hank. I had forgotten the use of numerals 9 and 11 created such a jerk reaction. Remember that for the most of us date wise would regard 9/11 as the ninth of November , as in the wonderful day the iron curtain crumbled in 89. ah well. sure you can check out david hasselhof's role in it all.
  2. The farmers get me. They've been shipping over cheap labour for decades from Eastern Europe and now it's a problem for their tory ukip voters even though they still employ them. ? wtf
  3. I remember flying into Scotland the morning of the boot the tories out election in 97. Now , I must say I wasn't convinced . He looked like a tory , talked and smelt like one. This is a 'May be' chance for Scotland to lead an alternative in the western hemisphere against the Corporations Rule. The US and EU Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) will supersede national law and realise Corporate Power. Just as wee Scotland has in the past ushered an age of progress , so it is possible to do so with support from amongst others, BRICS led global realignments. I'm proud of the positive feed-back for Scottish Independence I have encountered from foreign sources the last couple of years and ultimately glad of the opposition, not the undecided, being who they are.
  4. Quite easy here. ] They've relied on vitamins C but they can fek off , as they have graduated to a vitamin D as in Do. So girfuy
  5. Fuk , that's serious. Now GS4 are gonnae sort Guantanamo out , it's falling into place. Hope the uk visitors to the Israeli terrorist areas of occupied Palestinian Westbank are tracked down by the Israeli owned security companies that control the ins and out of the uk transport systems.
  6. looking at the piccies suggests the bus driver thought wtf is that , veered away then countered steered into the strange big thing. or just pished
  7. Still. being egged by smbdy trumps a guilty verdict for twittering wanting to assassinate the First Minister of Scotland. the bbc telly say so