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  1. Is it not defemation as therevare no libel laws in Scotland? Or is that shite?
  2. While he will no doubt claim it for his 'god', this is his ultimate self aggradising thread. It really is scary people like him still exist. It's dark ages stuff
  3. Why the hell does anyone even give any time to this maniac? There are some people on this thread who really should know better.
  4. Aye the supporters dont help the boy but then for long enough the supporters gave him the benefit of the doubt. We were told he's young, he's learning, he'll come on etc. Fact is if Levein and Neilson hadnt fcked up at the start if the season with the goalkeeping position Hamilton would have been farmed out, learning his trade and taking the knocks at a level more suited to his experience and needs. It's not hus fault but theres a real call for him now to be dropped. There's a reason for that collective holding of breath.
  5. His confidence is shot. You can see the defence infront of him have no confidence in him. Id rather see them launch the ball out for a corner than risk a pass back to him but that said he flaps too much at corners. 3 times today at least he got away by the skin if his teeth. He's turning into a total bombscare.
  6. You mean he's a shite brickie?
  7. I remember watching that Nat Fraser thing and seeing him. Recognised the face but couldnt place him. Annoyed the fck out of me for months trying to work out where I knew him from. Finally read an article about him and the penny dropped. He also runs the youth teams at Partick. Article here but bear in mind its a Daily Mail article so be prepared for Romanian gypsies being blamed for him being ugly.
  8. WTF is so special about Ted Christopher being the "special guest" here? It would be far more spexial if he didnt turn up to one of these night.
  9. McGhee's a cock of thr highest standing. "Is that allowed?" Aye it is dipshit. An utter bellend of a man.
  10. Maybe 'Bomber' Brown is the more that they deserve.
  11. They got a price on John Brown?