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  1. The last desperate attempts at financing a dying forum.
  2. Tempting... very tempting.
  3. Frame your own shirt- from £32.95 1967 Scotland retro jersey- £30 1967 Programme, songsheet and ticket- £25 £87.95 all in. £600 sheets
  4. There is something utterly childlike and cringeworthy about adults inserting an asterisk or two into the name of their rivals team. bzzzz used to do it with England. Might still do.
  5. I'm not aware that it is "The laptops" idea. Feel free to oorrect me though. What other "crackpot" ideas has he had? Do tell...
  6. "Rangers, "Celtic", "Facebook", "Twitter", "Radio Clyde", "Scottish Sun journalist". Think Ill give this a miss.
  7. WTF are you talking about? Anyone?
  8. Was just reading about him last night whilst re-reading the excellent The Management: Scotland's Great Football Bosses. Hugely complex man who deeply regrets the amount he put into Dundee Utd in contrast to time spent with his family. Ended up on anti-depressents after becoming Chairman, a role he feels he should never have taken up. Excellent book.
  9. 21st Century homoeroticism Leith style.
  10. The TAMB Bams Grand Slam.
  11. As world records go 'The Oldest Person Alive' must be the one you really dont want.
  12. What dominance would that be? Competitive Record P 334 Hearts Wins 144 - hubs wins 94 Overall Record (friendlies / local cups etc)... P 638 Hearts wins- 280 - hubs wins- 204
  13. As seriously as you can ever take anything posted anonymously by a faceless entity on an internet messageboard. "Ouch"
  14. Not that you're paranoid or anything ?