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  1. Pretty much the entire Ted Christopher back catalogue.
  2. NICE

    Is it worthwhile joining facebook et al just so as I can by wee avatar to something that shows how much grief I have pouring from me online. What about twatter? Worth joining so I can 'hashtag' my psuedo grief? Obviously this online bandwagon grief would only extend to European countries cause I might have been to them on holiday and their flags or national colours are much easier to find. Or America. #impendingvigil.
  3. Why would you "hate" a tshirt just because a football team wears it? Infact why would you "hate" a tshirt full stop? Mental.
  4. And the Hearts get all Roseberry.
  5. Scummy restaurant 'chain' popular amongst the schemies.
  6. Semi finals

    The officials looking very foppish in their baby blue kneehighs.
  7. Semi finals

    Well thats France infront... And Schweinsteiger booked... And the referee was behind it all... Answers on a postcard as they say.
  8. We'll Be Coming On Bagpipes

    Is that not just a sneeze?
  9. Iceland v England

    I was thinking along the lines of only 3 posts and that's two of them.
  10. Is that like a series?
  11. Iceland v England

    So Woy wesigns, Brendan takes over and Sugar Puff teeth gets the Sellick gig. That right?