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  1. Once Upon A Time In America. Still never really worked it out.
  2. The Glesga humour is pure gallus by the way. Everyone in Glesga is a Glesga comedian. Its the pure Glesga patter from the Glesga people cause only the Glesga folk lived in the tenaments and Glesga poverty was worse than anywhere else that isnae the Glesga. Thats why the pure gallus Glesga humour is funnier than anywhere else. And its pure Glesga folk funnier in the Glesga humour palace called the Glesga pavillion where the Glesga folk that made up the Glesga audience who lived 70 to a room in the Glesga tenaments with a midden that no-one else anywhere else ever had, were funnier than the acts cause of the Glesga banter. Pure gallus.
  3. Pretty poor comparison really. New Zealand represent themselves and dont make up part of another team. I'd imagine that if it was an Anzac team then there would be far less Kiwis. Even less if it was say an Australasia outfit.
  4. You mean Kevin "Do You Know Who I Am" Thomas?
  5. Not a footballer but Chuck Norris used to post as McTaz.
  6. Id imagine if you wait a bit longer you'll be able to buy a green one.
  7. It gets better... This famous team and their run to that final in 1967 makes Celtic ‘A Club Like No Other’, which is why this timeless phrase is applied to the internal hem of the new jersey. Unfortunately we dont get to find out what it was about their "run" to that final which quite makes them "a club like no other".
  8. "Inspired by the colour of the 1967 European Cup final match ticket..." Is there anymore flogging this Lisbon horse can take. Makes the English going on about 1966 seem tame by comparison. Inspired by a ticket.
  9. Pretty much the entire Ted Christopher back catalogue.
  10. Is it worthwhile joining facebook et al just so as I can by wee avatar to something that shows how much grief I have pouring from me online. What about twatter? Worth joining so I can 'hashtag' my psuedo grief? Obviously this online bandwagon grief would only extend to European countries cause I might have been to them on holiday and their flags or national colours are much easier to find. Or America. #impendingvigil.
  11. Why would you "hate" a tshirt just because a football team wears it? Infact why would you "hate" a tshirt full stop? Mental.
  12. And the Hearts get all Roseberry.
  13. Scummy restaurant 'chain' popular amongst the schemies.